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Reclaim The Rebel

Reclaim The Rebel is a no-nonsense self-help book that will leave you feeling energized as the author’s charisma and advice leaves you feeling like change is possible. This enlightening book contains a lot of great information, but what I like most is how it’s all backed up by science and the authors personal experiences. This is all designed to help readers achieve the best version of themself. In this book author Lizzy Cangro zooms in on the problems that keep us away from loving our body unconditionally. She writes with so much honesty and kindness that it’s heartening and infectious. Her writing is simple and easy to understand, and more importantly it is so relatable. Congro lays out each topic perfectly – as readers you don’t feel lost and can keep track of everything.

This book is a fantastic resource for anyone that is struggling with self-acceptance. It will give you the tools you need to reclaim your power and live an authentic life with confidence. Cangro uses simple yet powerful words and quickly gets to the core of each topic without unnecessary filler. As a reader who is more interested in enhancing the quality of life both physically and mentally, I am impressed with Cangro’s reader-centric approach to writing.

Reclaim the Rebel is filled with actionable information, real life examples and exercises for readers to quiet their inner negative self-talk while practicing self-love. Everyone talks about self-love these days, however reading this book feels different and empowering. There were times throughout the book that I felt like Cangro was telling my story and guiding me personally. I had so many aha moments! Another positive aspect of this book is the length of each chapter. Each chapter is concise yet fulfilling, there are no long diatribes on how to life your life, just real advice for real readers trying to live a real life.

Reclaim The Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body is relatable, empowering and filled with pragmatic advice that readers can put to use right away to balance their physical health and mental health. This book has the potential to change your life, and is certainly one of the most engaging self-help books I’ve read this year.

Pages: 127 | ASIN: B09KB62YYX

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