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The Fox’s City

Francis is a real piece of work and has been since he was a young fox. Known for his greedy ways and the bullying he inflicted on others, he grew into an even more selfish adult. When he finagles his way into becoming the acting mayor, his plans to run the city are no less conniving and self-serving. Erasmus, the mayor’s good friend and trusted assistant smells a rat and sets out to put a stop to Francis’s scheme. The days of Francis getting what he wants may just be coming to an abrupt end.

The Fox’s City, written by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Andrea Alemanno, is the delightful tale of one fox’s plan to outwit a city and have his way. Francis is your typical literary fox–sly, selfish, and always scheming. He is a fantastic main character and has every possible flaw needed to make him memorable and make his story worthy of rereading time and time again. Erasmus, who seems so unassuming, is the ideal sidekick to the mayor and gives readers someone to root for against the calculating fox.

Pere’s tale is well-written and engaging, and I was enchanted by Alemanno’s beautiful illustrations. Between the little element of mystery in Francis’s tale and the softly-lit illustrations, this story is a true delight to read.

The Fox’s City would make a wonderful addition to elementary teacher’s collection. I can see Francis’s story as part of a classroom unit on trickster tales. Cover to cover, Pere and Alemanno deliver a wonderful story with an important lesson in cooperation and teamwork. Suitable for both read alouds and independent reading in mid to upper elementary grades, I highly recommend Pere and Alemanno’s work to teachers and parents alike.

Pages: 22 | ASIN: B07HYYX99R

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