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Stand Apart From The Crowd

Haelee Moone
Haelee Moone Author Interview

The Rules of a Little Boss shares positive messages to help children gain and improve their self-esteem. What lessons were important for you to share in this book?

The most important thing to me was the being kissed by the suns brightest rays. If I was younger I would’ve taken that very nicely considering I didn’t like the color of my skin so my hope is that children of color take that to heart.

In the book you state that readers ‘must be willing to do the work’. What is one way children can implement what they learned in your book?

By not giving into peer pressure and by consistently telling themselves not to they’ll learn stand apart from the crowd.

The art in the book is wonderful and bright. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Arsalan Khalid?

He really understood what the message that I wanted to share in the illustrations. He went the extra mile to make sure that the art matched to give a good visual representation of my words.

Do you have plans to write more children’s books?

I may create a series out of them under the umbrella of The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love. They will be more fictional if I do.

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This award winning book is published by the Rules of a Big Boss LLC. It is a manual to help school aged children gain and improve self-esteem. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and Ebook formats. While it will help, it won’t help them achieve higher self-esteem by itself. They must be willing to do the work expressed within to achieve higher self-esteem. The things contained within are what helped me when I was your age. My hope is that these things help you as they did me. Good luck, Godspeed, and thank you for your purchase.

The Heath Cousins and the Ruby Lantern

Heath Cousins and The Ruby Lantern by Eileen Hobbs is an enchanting adventure tale where we are taken into a whimsical land with the main character Addie. B, a bright and imaginative child who with the help of a moonstone ring can translate other languages. Addie and her mother head out to do some shopping, during their adventure Addie spots an opening into another world, which she had visited before. In this world there is a garden of choice which leads them to Ambra, the main part of this other world. Addie enlists the help of her cousins, then they head off on a whirlwind adventure where they solve problems and discover clues that cause them to be riddled with curiosities and ensure many more visits to the garden of choice in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this imaginative adventure novel by author Eileen Hobbs. This is a classic adventure story that took me back to my own childhood and filled with me the same sense of wonder that I had back then. Overall, I found the characters to be charming and a joy to follow through this adventure. I liked the author’s voice and enchanting atmosphere that she effortlessly creates in this novel.

While I heartily enjoyed the story, I felt that the child sometimes felt older than their age, hopping on planes and running off on their own. But how else would you find yourself into and out of these compelling adventures.

Heath Cousins and The Ruby Lantern is a book I can see myself reading as a child, curled up at night with a night light, reading until I fall asleep. This is a well crafted and fun sword and sorcery story that will appeal to anyone looking for a timeless children’s fantasy story.

Pages: 166 | ASIN: B08XTST3MZ

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What’s So Great About Silent E?

What’s So Great About Silent E? is an entertaining children’s book that teaches readers about the importance of silent E and provides various fun examples of how silent E modifies words. Every amusing example shown throughout the book is accompanied by a brightly colored picture that hilariously shows how the modified word can alter the world.

This charming picture book is filled with hand drawn art that is colored in with markers and is very appealing and relatable to children. Talking about the English language to children can often be abstract, Author Deanna Thompson provides readers with a fantastic book that will literally show readers how silent E works to modify words. The silly imagery accompanying each example will certainly capture the attention of young readers and ensure the lesson is learned well. The combination of sketch art and fun lessons reminds me of the old children’s cartoon Schoolhouse Rock.

This is a fantastic addition to any parent or teachers reading comprehension lessons as it is filled with easy-to-understand words that will build a new readers comprehension skill. What’s So Great About Silent E? is a crazy fun book that teaches readers about the important of a single letter.

Pages: 28 | ISBN: 1449092748

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Green Toenail Soup and Bat Fuzz

Green Toenail Soup and Bat Fuzz by [Sharon CassanoLochman, Lucy Belle]

The town of Madwacky is experiencing a bout of bad weather, so the citizens head over to the local wizard to ask him for help. Unfortunately, the wizard feels under the weather. It is up to the youngest wizard trainee to put his skills to the test and see if he can bring good weather back to the town by waving his wand and stringing together wild and wacky magical words.

Green Toenail Soup and Bat Fuzz uses sharp but simple sketch art to really bring this fun children’s story to life. The wizard trainee tries several times to bring good weather to the town, and each time he can’t seem to get it right, and brings about even more bizarre weather. The color schemes change and the townspeople run around in a flurry. I really appreciated the full range of emotions the diverse cast of characters show throughout the story.

Kids will love the wacky words included in each chant, ensuring a giggle every time a line is read. I really enjoyed the ending scenes with the strong contrast between darkness and light. As with all of author Sharon CassanoLochman’s children’s books there is a lesson hidden in this enchanting story. With all the magical spells cast, the most powerful magical word of all brings everything back to normal, ‘please’.

This is a fun kids book that will surely delight young readers and get them thinking of their own silly magical chants. This will help children develop a strong understanding of sentence construction and inspire the imagination.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B082MVKGB1

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Ellibot and Aunt Maple

Ellibot and Aunt Maple by [Sharon CassanoLochman, Lucy Belle]

Ellibot and Aunt Maple follows a young boy who is supposed to spend the day with his aunt but dreads the inevitable boredom of it. He hatches a plan to construct a makeshift robot that will take his place with his aunt so that he can go play in his room. But he realizes that the fun he seeks cannot be found alone in his room.

This is a charming and imaginative children’s book that speaks to the boredom some kids feel when spending time with their aunts and uncles. But it also shows that, while it can be boring sometimes, our aunts and uncles also take care of us and can be fun as well. The art in this book has a wonderful sketch art style that keeps the focus on the action with vivid colors. Ellibot is a hilariously constructed ‘robot’ that takes on its own personality throughout the story. I loved that the story also shows the aunt being sad, as this provides an opportunity to learn that adults have emotions too, and that we need to be mindful of that.

Ellibot and Aunt Maple is a delightful picture book that teaches a valuable life lesson in a short but amusing story. Children will love seeing Ellibot in different situations throughout the story and will be able to relate to Elliot as well.

Pages: 16 | ASIN: B08CY73D5Q

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Hugo Deani Runs Late

Hugo Deani Runs Late by [Sharon CassanoLochman, Pearly Lim]

Hugo Deani Runs Late if a charming children’s story about a boy who is given a task by his grandmother to get some cake and flowers and hurry home. But along the way he gets distracted by all the fun things happening around him.

This is a fun and relatable children’s book that really builds a sense of urgency. After he’s told by nearly everyone he meets that he must hurry home Hugo, l like any child, just wants to have fun, and has plenty of opportunity to do so. This is a fantastic children’s book that teaches kids to stay on task and not get distracted. The words in the story are simple, in context, and repeat so new readers will have an easy time reading the story and building their vocabulary. The wonderful graphic art has a spray-painted feel with lots of depth that really catches your eye.

Although Hugo often gets distracted he know he must hurry and his race to both have fun and get home gets the interest of those he encounters along the way and I loved that they all followed him home, creating a parade of characters near the surprise ending.

Hugo Deani Runs Late is a fun kid’s picture book that is reminiscent of classic children’s literature. This is a great book for parents and teachers that want to educate their young readers to stay on task in a fun way.

Pages: 33 | ASIN: B095J4M7R1

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Impatient Patience (What I Tell Myself)

Impatient Patience (What I Tell Myself) by [Michael A Brown, Lovyaa Garg, Michelle Mathews]

Impatient Patience follows a little girl named Patience who is very impatient. When in line, or ordering food, or riding her bike she is a very impatient child who is about to learn why patience is a virtue. A simple and colorful rhyming book brings into focus a quality that a lot of children often struggle with. Being patient is not easy, but being impatient can bring painful consequences as Patience soon learns in this educational picture book.

Patience represents a lot of children, or all children in at least one moment in their lives, when they want everything now. With easy rhymes and repetitive words, this charming kids book also serves as a great beginners reading book.

This marvelous book shows Patience being impatient throughout the story, it then shows the consequences of being impatient, and it also shows several moments at the end where her mother is speaking to her, in very calm terms, about patience and why it is important. This was my favorite part of the book because I think this provides a wonderful opportunity to show children where their parents fit into their life lessons.

Impatient Patience easily conveys a singular but important lesson to children in elementary school with cute imagery throughout. Talking to children about patience can often be abstract, but author Michael A. Brown gives parents and teachers a fantastic tool to teach children that sometimes slowing down can be a great thing in this fast paced world.

Pages: 17 | ASIN: B08LQY4VB1

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Stay on Track!

Stay on Track! (What I Tell Myself) by [Michael A Brown]

Stay on Track! Is a colorful, and lyrical, children’s book that follows a train, and an engineer, as they shuttle passengers to Oakton Park station, learning a valuable life lesson along the way. Will Eddie the Engineer know what to do when the train takes a wrong turn? Luckily Travis the Train is there to support his friend and provide sagely advice to get them back on track.

Author Michael A. Brown adds another beautiful book to his What I Tell Myself series that helps kids understand that mistakes are normal and, while it’s okay to aspire to be like others, everyone is different and take different paths in life. The art in this book, like in many of Michael Brown’s books, is vivid, cute, and emotive. This story is reminiscent of Thomas The Train, but readers will enjoy the modern suburban feel in this story.

Kids’ books rarely surprise me. I knew that something was going to happen to challenge our character, like many stories do, but I didn’t see this one coming. I was like Eddie the Engineer, distracted by the fun time and Oscar the other Train Engineer, that by the time the turn came and Eddie missed it, I was just as shocked.

The story is easy to read, with rhymes throughout, ensuring that new readers will easily be able to follow along and build their vocabulary. Stay on Track! is a fun children’s picture book that conveys a valuable life lesson.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B094HLM5DG

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