Unfortunate Cycles of Pain

Longoria Wolfe

Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg follows a girl who’s haunted by disturbing visions and finds she has a connection to a supernatural tribe. What was the inspiration for the mystery at the heart of this thrilling story?

Well, there was a white conservative county that I lived in for a while. The banks, the courts, churches, social services, and police department operated with extreme bias through an interconnected gossip circle. Businesses could be destroyed and people singled out and ultimately ruined. This even happened in the family courts. Where it was not uncommon for a parent to hear law advisors and officials tell them, “You have to understand that you will never win in this county. You have to try and take your case somewhere else.” Children were lost and parents socially vilified to the point of being provoked towards some illegal response. The society we live in has a big hurt about parents who don’t stick around in their kids life, but there are some places that aid in ruining that fragile bond and alienate parents from their kids. I thought what was going on in that town couldn’t really happen. It seemed completely monstrous and unreal. I learned that the social services department had been investigated by federal authorities for sharing privileged client information by leaving open files on desks for other people to read and from their the community started their campaign of ill will against the client. It was done that way so negative community experience could not be traced back to officials with direct access to client information. Essentially it was a lynch mob experience.

This core idea developed about an internal group in the political structure that abused its power. Such an internal power could motivate elections and get people murdered if they tried to expose what was going on; or kill themselves out of desperation. Unfortunately, the most innocent would lose tremendously as the cabal pursued its agenda. And of course they would think they were always doing the right thing.

Evah is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character development?

I feel very deeply for children who come from broken homes. The kids who get the worst part of an unsettling dispute between parents. It has the potential to lead to social alienation and a loss of trust in any redeemable human quality. It’s a condition that permeates into adult life, causing unfortunate cycles of pain. Above that she’s a girl that just feels different and her differences scare her a little. I guess that’s a struggle for many kids. It was for me at certain stages. We seek to understand what is different about us or why and if our differences have anything of value to them for the world. I personally believe that everybody is called for something in this world and we can all feel more than a little lost before we find some purpose and a tribe. With Evah’s story I wanted to share with the reader that they are not alone and sometimes there are extraordinary factors stranger than fiction that goes on in a persons life. Sometimes we find answers that bring us peace and sometimes we don’t but there is love in the world.

I enjoyed the balanced themes of good and evil in this story. What were some themes that were important to you to explore in this book?

Thank you. Good and evil is something I believe really is a conflict on a most essential level. I’m glad you found something in that that clicked in a personal way. I wanted to write a story that dealt with challenging issues and at the same time keeps the reader entertained. There were three different thematic nexuses. Those of personal, social and political. This is a book about the marginalized (even among the elite), how they respond to their conflict and where grace may be found. Where hope may be found. In many ways that grace is love but even the bravest love has its obstacles and sacrifices. This is a book focused on the feminine development in relationship to the world as a child and as a young adult. The struggle for identity is a universal one though, too. At the core of the tale is how innocence either in a child or the innocence remaining in grown ups can be taken advantage of. For me it begs the question how shall innocence persevere and what will become of a society void of innocence? There is, at one of the most difficult times for Evah, a meeting with the divine. As we go through our lives even as believers in God or the spirit world we wonder if a higher power cares at all and the mystery of it rips us apart when our struggles are deep. 

We are living in a world where things we believe in are falling apart before our eyes. We are challenged to believe in priests. The heroes we look up to are exposed as perverts, even murderers. What’s worse now, is that we don’t even know what is real with the current use of misinformation and deep fakes living in a post-truth world. What is innocence to do? Where is its refuge? 

There were many themes in the book and they were important to me but if you’re a reader know that there is a lot of fun too. I was just taught as an artist that work should be informed with relevant issues. There’s a talking animal, adventures on strange worlds, supernatural battles, the discovery of awesome abilities and some cool technology but there are important themes too. Here are just some of them. Women’s struggle for identity in a universe that longs to fall back into convenient male modes of control, wrestling with cultural and social alienation, the complexity of living with coexisting spiritual or religious structures, colonialism, abuses of power that destroy lives on a personal and social level, unexplained connections between people who love each other such as psychic phenomena, the struggle to find personal perspective and agency as one matures despite external influence, the dead end choices many people of ethnicity and lower economic strata have to wrestle with and the loss of accurate cultural history that has been rewritten by historians of conquering parties.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

 Some readers have expressed an interest in reading a sequel to this book. I’m working the kinks out of the outline for the second book now. It’s titled Kahtura and the Magmakyte Cult and tells the story of the new tribal queen’s rise as it coincides with cataclysmic events in the Spirean planetary system. But right now it is questionable whether it will be completed. Unfortunately, I am dealing with cyber stalkers on Goodreads that seem to be pretty dedicated to destroying my book ratings with one star reviews. Unless Amazon and Goodreads are able to stop what is going on I have the feeling any new book produced may only be killed getting out of the gate. Essentially these circumstances could turn the next book into an expensive unsalable product. I am happy that I wrote Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg as a stand alone. It was important to me that the book had a satisfying resolution. So, though there is a great deal of story that can be added and explored it has a finale that leaves the lead characters transformed and Evah’s greatest personal struggle is resolved. Thank you for talking with me and happy reading. Stay safe out there as the country reopens.

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A blend of dystopian sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and thriller, Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg tells the story of Evah Ahtochi, a bullied girl troubled by haunting visions and strange phenomena, who discovers her connection to an ancient supernatural tribe vanquished at the hands of the ruling technological race. The tribe may reemerge through her but she will have to navigate a system of control and murder. She is endangered by more than mysterious phenomena that she must go head to head with to survive. There is a dark history she must find resolution with if she intends to claim her destiny.

Even the whimsical characters in this story have strange secrets, axes to grind, and big objectives to conquer. As the story moves from world to world and past to present the solar system of Spirea’s moral ambiguity grows thicker, mythology and supernatural power swell to heights beyond scientific comprehension, suggesting Evah’s ancient tribe may have had the power to do things technology could only dream of mimicking and there may be no way to measure what Evah could achieve.

Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg is rich with heroes and villains, action, exotic mythology, diverse characters, and supernatural content.

This novel has mild graphic violence. Also, look for the text manuscript paperback.

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