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Rise Above And Overcome

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

Three Days to Darkness follows a man that dies and is sent to Heaven but then is sent back to earth to save humanity from renegade angels. What was the inspiration for the setup in your story?

The novel started with two characters that popped into my head. They are almost direct opposites except for their shared ethnic background. Darius starts out as a straight arrow and Javon is a street thug. Their interaction has profound effects on both characters.

Darius is an intriguing character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

When I originally wrote this novel, I was feeling downtrodden by my circumstances and the people around me. I believe the driving force behind Darius arose from a need to rise above and overcome my limiting beliefs and outer circumstances.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Two major themes revolve around building self-confidence and mentoring. Like most heroes, Darius begins his journey concerned mostly with his small circle of relationships and his career goals. In his spare time, Darius helps out as a mentor to at-risk inner-city youths. I believe Darius’ community work is a major reason why he is chosen for the pivotal role he eventually plays in the course of human affairs. There are two other themes, but revealing them would be a spoiler.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve just completed a sequel to “The Silver Sphere–No Time to Waste.” The second novella in the series is titled “Cataclysm–End of Worlds.” The book is currently in production and I expect to release it in early October 2021.

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Heaven isn’t the reward Darius McPherson expected it to be. For one thing, he’s too young to be there. And now the Archangel Aaron and the Board of Director angels are telling him he has to return to earth to save humanity from itself and an army of renegade angels. He’s not exactly in the mood after losing everyone he loves, including the lovely Rebecca, the soul mate he was about to marry before he was killed in a drive-by shooting.

No one seems to care that Junior Operative Darius McPherson is woefully short of adequate training and skills for the difficult task ahead of him. The Archangel keeps assuring him he’s the man for the mission, while Darius wonders where the more experienced Senior Operatives have gone.

As his mission briefing draws to a close, the Archangel calmly announces that Darius has three days to defuse what his superiors refer to as “The Big Emergency,” a budding cataclysm that threatens the orderly evolution of consciousness itself.

Reluctantly, Darius accepts his assignment. Immediately after the Hyperspace Conveyor Tube deposits Darius in a run down section of Miami, Florida, Darius meets the first member of his mortal task force: seventeen-year-old Javon Quincy, a street hustler on the run from a botched robbery attempt.

The Juju Girl

The Juju Girl: A Tale of Mystery, Murder, Magic, and Love in the Crescent City by [Nikki Marsh]

The Juju Girl by Nikki Marsh explores the unique magic of Creole identity and history. We are introduced to Gabrielle, a girl reemerging into a new life where everything once familiar to her is now entirely brand new. Her life is engrossed in turmoil as she travels to New Orleans at the request of her family. The fascinating magic of juju ensnares Gabbie and shows her an entire world that she had no previous knowledge of.

Gabbie discovers that she has a gift—among a family that can see signs of death and shadowy figures, Gabbie learns about her connection to the spirit world. This connection is tied to the magic of good juju, and the difference between it and conjure. While conjure is a natural ability that heals the body, juju is a spiritual practice that contains supernatural power. Gabbie’s Maman tells her all about the gift that has been passed from mother to daughter throughout their family for generations, and how Gabbie must make the decision to perform good juju and conjure.

I enjoyed that The Juju Girl introduced its readers to a cultural magic that isn’t often discussed in literature. As Gabbie grows and learns about the world through tutoring and the relationships she builds, we get to learn more about her intricate familial ties and the magic they pass between them. I loved seeing the spirit magic performed throughout the story, and that we experienced a metaphor for grief through the representation of juju.

The lessons that were taught throughout the book with discussions around curses and bad juju were so important. I loved watching Gabbie work through these issues, and I would have liked to see even more of these dark instances of magic explored. I felt that the ball scene took up much more of the book than I had expected it to and wished that we could have seen even more practiced magic among Gabbie and her family members.

The familial connections, lessons, and bonds that were continued along the course of the story were touching and felt relevant and authentic due to sharp writing. I loved seeing Gabbie work through her grief and suffering and turn it into something beautiful with her spiritual magic while continuing to honor her Creole heritage. The Juju Girl by Nikki Marshis the perfect book for someone trying to make peace with their pain, or anyone looking for a compelling young adult fantasy novel that has a well developed lore.

Pages: 400 | ASIN: B08Y62KJ2D

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Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience

Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience, by Bud Megargee, is the author’s journey of spiritual self-discovery. The book is an account of the authors opinions and experiences while figuring out what happens to an individual’s self and soul after life.  Many concepts are introduced throughout this book that explain what a soul is and how it is affected throughout many lives. Some topics discussed throughout the book include reincarnation, becoming human, and transcendence. One important concept discussed throughout the book is awareness. You must have awareness of yourself and your actions and how they affect your soul in this life and the next. The author’s purpose was to explore his self and soul through this life and the next, and I believe this goal was met and depicted in an interesting way throughout the book.

Megargee has a writing style that is comforting and relatable. Throughout the book, Megargee offers his own opinions and feelings about a soul in the afterlife. There is dialogue between the author and a channeled soul guide “Laz”. The dialogue present helps the reader understand the concepts being introduced throughout the book. Megargee has a way of exploring spiritual ideas that are foreign and presents them in a way the reader can understand.

I was able to easily get into this book and gain a deeper  understanding of my own soul. I felt it easy to connect with the author and it was easy to engage in his spiritual journey. The reader never feels like an outsider looking in and instead you feel as though you are side by side with the author applying the knowledge to yourself to find your own truth.

Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience is one book worth giving a chance. The writing style was comfortable, and if you enjoy this genre, this book will be an enlightening read. If you enjoy concepts in spirituality, a personal writing style, and looking within this book is for you.

Pages: 235 | ASIN: B085GM3HNP

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The Futility of Vengeance

The Futility of Vengeance is the second book in the Many Worlds series which follows Gary Jackson through a multitude of realities. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, the key things that you need to know are that the Many World series is a science fiction/crime series that follows protagonist Gary Jackson through alternate realities. The series second installation, Futility of Vengeance picks up right where Wordlines left off. In one world, Sinead and Gary Jackson are about to become husband and wife, where alternately they are simply friends, and there is another Gary who sits in prison planning revenge on the Gary that killed his girlfriend.  Additionally, as Gary explores these Worldlines, he aims to explore more worldlines as we see his obsessiveness continue to grow throughout the book.

Like the first book, the use of alternate realities is an entertaining plot device that can be enjoyed by a variety of readers, myself included. However, compared to Worldlines, Futility of Vengeance explains the science fiction elements better and we go deeper. For example, we can visit the future of one Gary and then the past of a different Gary. Expanding beyond real time, there is a lot more we get to see in the second novel which I enjoyed immensely. While I liked the idea of additional Worldlines I felt that they were sometimes hard to follow.

The supporting cast of characters continue to be interesting, Gary Jackson’s character goes through a drastic change. In the first book, I found myself rather sympathetic towards Gary, but in this book he’s less likable. This could likely be attributed to the events that are taking place, as I felt that the way he treats the people in his life in Futility of Vengeance can be cruel at times. This gives a different dimension to his character that I was not expecting. Author Adam Guest continues to expand his creative sci-fi world in the second installment so that it is even deeper and more complex, and will appeal to hard science fiction fans.

The Futility of Vengeance has a story that is fascinating and takes readers in unexpected but entertaining directions. The story has a lot of substance, with a storyline that is intellectually invigorating. This is a story that has the potential to be massive in scope. Fans will be thrilled to continue the Many Worlds series and see the story go in some very intriguing directions.

Pages: 320 | ISBN: 1913777057

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Worldlines: A “Many Worlds” Novel

Worldlines: A "Many Worlds" Novel by [Adam Guest]

Adam Guest’s Worldlines: A Many Worlds Novel invites the reader to consider the idea of the multiverse and the consequences of actions that take place across multiple timelines. This science-fiction novel stars Gary Jackson who is passionate about the Many Worlds theory and exploring these parallel universes. However, things quickly go awry as Gary gets caught up with crimes committed by alternate versions of himself through lucid dreaming. The results of all these mechanics is a thrilling sci-fi novel that raises some big questions for its readers.

Although this novel focuses on a somewhat complex scientific plot device Guest has written a novel that is accessible and enjoyable for a variety of readers. I found the theories that contributed to the plot highly entertaining. Another way that Guest provides an ease of access for its readers is by providing a color association for each timeline. Considering this simple but effective method, I found myself getting lost in all of the twists and turns Guest was creating in these worlds. All of the versions of Gary Jackson’s struggles were slowly becoming struggles I experienced alongside them.

As a crime story fanatic, combining science-fiction and criminal activity was extremely fun to read. Dealing with parallel universes that contain multiple versions of yourself is one thing, but when those versions are committing crimes on your behalf, there is a new added sense of depth and urgency. Ultimately, it raises the question of what separates the unconscious and the conscious, and are our dreams just an extension of a different reality?

The anchor throughout the novel is the role of friendship and relationships. I genuinely enjoyed the role of Sinead and Michelle. I also enjoyed their stableness presented throughout the novel despite whatever version of Gary Jackson was in control of the plot. Both Sinead and Michelle are likeable, and they are good friends despite the actions that Gary Jackson takes, which leads into another big theme in the novel. As the reader experiences these alternate versions of Jackson, they are invited to think about having the choice to decide who we are despite all of the events that happen. This was by far the most interesting aspect of the novel. Although Gary’s life takes drastic turns, and the course of events have changed him, he ultimately is in the driver’s seat of who he is, which I believe is reflected in his friends.

By creating a story that is rich with intriguing questions and uses a unique plot device the book is the most unique read for me this year. The world building, plot mechanics, and characters were bursting with life. I felt as if this was a story with recognizable people experiencing unreal problems.

Although Worldlines ends abruptly without answering many of the novel’s big questions, I am eager to read more from the series. I think given more time to ponder the big questions that Guest presents in Worldlines, readers will have an excellent series that will leave them pondering the possibility of alternate realities. Worldlines is a visionary science fiction novel with an intriguing storyline and engaging characters.

Pages: 349 | ASIN: B089G7YCDD

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Clarity Around Those Universal Truths

Michael McGinnis
Michael McGinnis Author Interview

The Essential Revolution gives readers an inspiring story that reveals the possibility of human awakening. Why was this an important book for you to write?

As I started this book four years ago, I knew what was coming and felt compelled to write this due to the situation we are in right now. To be honest, I couldn’t not write it. It was as if I was being pushed every day to get it done.

I enjoyed the stories you shared in this book. What were some themes that were important for you to focus on in these stories?

It felt important to include themes that surrounded the struggles all of us go through in daily life. By doing this, my hope is that it has helped those who read it move through those struggles in a more efficient and smoother way.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That they are responsible for the level of joy and contentment within their lives, or lack thereof, and that their perception of what is happening, happened, or might happen, is key to the experience they will have. Equally important, is that they understand that their perception can be altered (by choice) at any time once they step into a new way of speaking to themselves internally. NO ONE else can do this for them, as they must be at cause for this shift to occur within. Once they get clarity around those universal truths, they have not only already changed themselves, but have shifted the world. It’s that easy.

Do you plan to write more books on this topic?

I am putting together the rest of the story right now. There are two more books in this trilogy. As well, there are some workbooks that are being formed in my mind, so stay tuned.

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The voice of the awakened warrior will be heard by all, and he will be known as 
The One.

For Marcus Ogabi, policing is life, though life hasn’t been that great lately. While on a call, he ends up shooting a young man, Dimitri Tanomeo, in the roughest part of town. What he never imagined was that this poor, mute, street kid could change his life, and maybe even the world. 

Over time, Marcus ends up joining Dimitri and Zach Markland, a technological wunderkind and son of one of the world’s richest men, as they spread a new consciousness jump-starting a dynamic global revolution.

But what about the mysterious old indigenous woman, Ana, who always seems to be one step ahead? And who’s behind the curtain pulling the strings of the so-called leaders, focused on controlling the world, as they stop at nothing to prevent Dimtri from helping free every soul on the planet?

From the grim housing projects in the ghetto, to the seats of governmental power, through the depths of prison life to affluent Malibu mansions, The Essential Revolution takes the reader on a journey of inner evolution, friendship, and the struggle with evil. 

Into the Macrocosm: Short Stories of the Dark Cosmic, Bizarre, and the Fantastic

Into the Macrocosm: Short Stories of the Dark Cosmic, Bizarre, and the Fantastic by [Konn Lavery, Robin Schroffel]

Into the Macrocosm by Konn Lavery is a collection of thought-provoking short stories about an unknown character who is the observer of 22 deaths. At the beginning of this intellectually invigorating collection readers are given intriguing theories on life after death. Konn Lavery addresses these theories in multiple ways, all of which are fictional in nature but spiritual at heart. Although the character is more of an observer in these stories, I like how I can still feel the personal connections while reading along. It was easy to get entangled in these insightful stories and there was a sense of adventure that was consistent throughout these stories. I also appreciated the subheadings in this collection because it helped me keep track of special events that lead to the plot twists.

Into The Macrocosm has so many fascinating stories that it will be impossible for readers to find at least one that speaks to them. None of the stories are overly horrifying, nor would I put these stories in the horror genre, there is just an ever-present ominous feeling that permeates these stories, enough to give you goosebumps rather than frighten you outright. This is a metaphysical exploration that leaves you with thoughts that are hard to shake. The way spiritual transformation is portrayed was enough for me to set the book down and ponder the implications for a bit. I loved that this collection used these dark stories to highlight the importance of self-awareness. I also loved how the author showed how much the darkness within us and around us can weigh us down.

Konn Lavery’s Into The Macrocosm is an exceptional short story collection that explores some provocative ideas through a darkly imaginative lens reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft.

Pages: 420 | ASIN: B08SLM9DRX

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The Essential Revolution

In his latest book, The Essential Revolution, Michael McGinnis gives us an inspiring story that reveals the possibility of human awakening. In a world filled with hatred, violence and hurt, The Essential Revolution is here to invite anyone who reads it to learn how to live life with love, compassion and peace.

Marcus Ogabi is a black American cop going through a divorce and financial problems. In a tragic event that will change his life forever he meets Dimitri Tanomeo, a young adult that despite growing up in some terrible circumstances seems to have a secret knowledge, one that he wants to share with the entire world so humans can finally evolve and reach a new reality, one filled with truth and love. Through what Marcus experiences throughout the novel, the reader is shown the teachings of Dimitri. The same teachings that change the characters’ lives for the better are available to each reader to change their lives as well.

Most of the story develops inside of a prison. It is there that Dimitri Tanomeo will start his spiritual revolution as he tries to change the perspective and attitude of each of the inmates, an act that will be recognized to be the greatest rehabilitation experiment ever. Human awakening is possible, and in this book you have the chance to learn how to achieve it.

I truly enjoyed the way the author shared all of the problems that humans around the world are currently having, showing, at the same time, what are the steps that the collective need to make to finally get rid of them once and for all and find healing. Spirituality and its importance in everyday human life are explored, giving us, the readers, the chance to learn more about what we need to do to live more spiritual lives and why we should do it.

The characters that McGinnis created are endearing and easy to connect with from the very beginning. They portray struggles that we all have to deal with as humans regardless of our different circumstances and upbringing. The story is gripping, feels very real and will probably resonate with a lot of people. Prepare to be challenged to change your life for the better and to question everything. Leave fear behind and learn to do what is right with this book, change is in your hands.

As fiction meets reality, I was able to learn more about myself through this story, and will surely apply many of its teachings in my life. The Essential Revolution is a story that showcases the importance of love, compassion and forgiveness, and encourages everyone to live authentically. This is your invitation for awakening, so get ready to be the change you want to see in the world.

Pages: 484 | ASIN: B08MYBCN8R

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