Amelia’s Gold

Even in the midst of the Civil War, the Beaches stood as one of the richest and preeminent families in Savannah. As the oldest daughter, Amelia enjoyed all the luxury this provided, without being haughty about it. When her father entrusts her with the chance to save the family’s fortune, Amelia is thrilled at the prospect of serving her family. Her trip to the Bahamas opens her eyes to a world of new experiences, full of adventure, deceit, and a taste of freedom. As the fate of the Confederacy begins to decline, so does Amelia’s, eventually leading her to a life she would never have imagined.

Amelia’s Gold, by James Snyder follows Amelia Beach over the course of a year as she navigates the road paved by her father. The Civil War, the exotic allure of island life, and recovered pirate gold all combine to create an environment that completely unends Amelia’s world and what she always assumed would be her place in it. Nassau itself is a far cry from her home in Savannah in almost every way imaginable, but she navigates it, and its inhabitants, extremely well. Snyder does well to create an accurate snapshot of the world at that time with his meticulous research while still writing in a way that is both interesting and engaging. Although the pacing isn’t always solid, with some passages that just don’t do much to advance the story, it nonetheless never seems stuffy or tedious. Amelia, as well as every one of the supporting characters that filter in and out of her life, are all well written and compliment each other as necessary throughout the course of events.

Over the course of the book, Amelia deals time and time again with the theme of personal growth, both as an idea and an experience. The events play out over the course of only one year, and yet she faces an incredible amount of hardships, each one providing an opportunity to become a better and stronger person. She also achieves the balance of treating others with empathy and kindness without being played for a fool. Overall, Amelia is written as smart, capable, and still distinctly human. She almost serves as an anomaly of how women are typically considered during that time period, instead representing how many of them likely were. 

Amelia’s Gold kept me invested, always curious about what would come next. The character of Felix was especially interesting to me and I wish there were more of him. Snyder carved a path for Amelia that proved to be unpredictable all the way to the very end, and left enough mystery for a reader to ultimately create their own ideas about the rest of her life.

Pages: 376 | ASIN: B086HWJ1XR

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