The Fluke: Sex and Crime Short Stories

The Fluke is thrilling crime story that is engaging from the first chapter. Strange things are happening around an old mansion and I was certainly intrigued from the first chapter. This short book definitely could have used some breathing room, but as it stands at 65 pages it’s packed with compelling mysteries and fascinating characters that together easily invite you into Dorothy’s gripping experience. Honestly if it was a longer book I would have kept reading, and I am actually amazed at how much of a thriller this short story was!

This type of book is not one I would usually read, having a little more sexual detail, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not feel uncomfortable at all. It was very well written, and in a diary/memoir format, making it even more alluring.

I love that from the beginning it seemed just like a typical memoir and then it surprisingly turned into a murder mystery. To me it seemed like such a quick change but the story was so captivating that both themes came together really well?

I enjoyed the puzzling mystery at the heart of this story. It certainly keeps you guessing with a Twilight Zone-esque aura to the weird happenings around the alluring mansion. Usually I’m not one to uncover how a mystery could conclude but I was quite proud of myself when I found out what I assumed was correct – not many people would find a story being predictive to being a good quality but it entertained me no less. 

At first I couldn’t see where the title tied in with the content of the book but it does eventually come to light and I quite liked the way it did tie in altogether.

Overall, The Fluke is a provocative yet delightful crime thriller that fans of suspenseful mysteries will surely enjoy.

Pages: 65 | ASIN: B087P1MZRL

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  1. This sounds amazing! I am a sucker for murder mysteries is every format available! I will definitley have to get this haha


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