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Author Interview
Melissa Owens Author Interview

Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons is a provocative collection of short stories that shows all the good and bad things that come with being an adult. Was there anything from your own life that you put into this collection?

My first story, ” 2 Imperfect people” came from my own personal experience. I am a Case Manager and a Mental Health Advocate, plus, When I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder, I was in a locked facility and I met a few good people there. 

I really enjoyed the story, ‘Love, Headache, and bad Timing’. Do you have a story that stands out to you from this collection?

My second story, “Country Carlton has taught me a true lesson in this thing called “Life”.  This story stands out because as women, sometimes we see what we want to see instead of seeing things for what they really are. We see the “RED FLAGS” and still continue to believe something different. I personally have a habit of turning my head to things that is so obvious, just so I don’t have to deal with it. It has “BACKFIRED” on me everytime.

What were some emotions that were important for you to portray in this collection?

As women, we naturally think with our heart and that is ok, but unfortunately severe heartache comes with it. Instead of being so quick to jump into a relationship, we should get to know the person and see if the situation is right for us and them. 

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Its ok to make mistakes in any relationship. Never feel ashamed for loving the wrong person. Never give up on love but just remember to love yourself first and everything will fall in place.

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Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons describes all the pros and cons of being an adult. As an adult, we make just as many mistakes as we did as a child or teenager, the only difference is now, we learn from it and take it as a “Lesson or Blessing”. You’re blessed to have experience passion, good sex and maybe “Love”. Or, you have learned a hard lesson on the difference between “Love and Lust “and “Need and Want”.
It seems as we get older, we always end up thinking with the “Wrong Head” and it always causes severe heart break or severe consequences.
One thing I can honestly say is, you’re not living your best life if you’re not making mistakes and you’re not truly an adult, if you’re not learning from them.

Literary Titan Gold Book Award Feb 2023

Literary Titan Gold Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing talent of these brilliant authors.

Award Recipients

Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

Literary Titan Silver Book Award February 2023

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing talent of these brilliant authors.

Award Recipients

Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

Loving Whiskey – Book Trailer

Tired of dating, Willow Lawson gives up on love and focuses on the expansion of Martini Girl Bar. She is officially on a man-strike – until she meets Colt. Colton Royce has his hands full raising his four-year-old niece and seventy-two-year-old grandmother. But when a chance encounter to play music again knocks on his door, he takes it. Lightning strikes when Willow and Colt are around, proving love enters when they least expect it.

What’s Not Lost

What’s Not Lost by Valerie Taylor is a heartwarming story about new beginnings. When Kassie O’Callaghan’s abusive ex-husband passes away, she puts the past to rest and gets ready to finally move on to the next chapter of her life. However, as she plans to start a new life, shattering, life-altering news is shared about Kassie, her ex-husband, and events of the past, which can impact Kassie’s ability to move on successfully. As family drama escalates, Kassie wonders if her chance for a new life with her fiancé may be derailed.

This romantic drama is filled with turmoil, heartache, and moments of nail-biting suspense. As Kassie tries to unravel the layers of drama around her, she must decide how to proceed with her upcoming marriage. Will she be happy with her fiancé, welcomed into his family, or will the impact of constant drama destroy any chance she has at a decent life? It’s a story about the complexities of life, with colorful characters and no shortage of excitement.

Taylor does a great job of developing the characters’ personalities, from Kassie’s indecisive, pushover ways and her failed attempts to become more confident to Chris’ habitual cheating and Lexi’s carelessness, creating a page-turning story. As Kassie weighs her options and how her life will be affected by getting entangled in the lives of everyone involved, she must decide if her engagement with Chris is worth the trouble or if she should break it off. While no decision is ideal, the storyline winds through several relationships, focusing on the portrayal of romance and the difficulties that follow.

What’s Not Lost by Valerie Taylor is a story about the ugly side of romance, and new love, when honesty isn’t valued, and tragedy follows. I found this book entertaining, dramatic, and the characters interesting. It’s a well-developed story and is a great option for fans of the romance and drama genre.

Pages: 321 | ASIN : B0BNLQS1DQ

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Their Journey Had Just Begun

Estelle Pettersen Author Interview

Lessons on Seduction follows a college student who becomes entangled with a professor with a secret life of affairs and lustful encounters. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The inspiration behind Lessons on Seduction was my readers in a writing/reading community. When I started writing the first draft, it was originally meant to be a sweet college romance. However, my readers wanted a steamy story with a brave heroine. I reshaped my writing into an erotic romance with a thrilling plot, a protagonist with a strong voice, and a love interest who is swoon-worthy, intelligent, and relatable. Without my readers, I wouldn’t have written the story the way it is today.

Sapphire and Julian are intriguing characters. What were some driving ideals behind their character’s relationship?

Fresh from a breakup, Sapphire turns away from her family’s expectations, and she chooses to pursue her own goals. She meets her best friend’s brother, Julian, who gives her the freedom she needs to be herself, and he encourages her to let go of her inhibitions in their relationship. I was inspired by the concepts of freedom, equality, and empowerment to bring Sapphire and Julian together. Their relationship—though far from perfect—is based on trust, faith, and love.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the themes that were important for me when I wrote the book include:

  • Love and faith. From a romance standpoint, it was love at first sight for Sapphire and Julian. They had the instant connection both physically and intellectually, but their journey had just begun. A deeper and more protective love developed throughout the story.
  • Forgiveness and redemption. Julian made some big mistakes. After facing his dark secrets, which had become exposed, he went through a period of atonement, while Sapphire’s character developed to reach a higher maturity level. When the timing was right, both characters were reunited at an event. This is where forgiveness and redemption came into play.
  • Love triangle. From a romance perspective, Julian and Sapphire were trapped in a love triangle involving his former flame, a wealthy woman who had no scruples about breaking up the two characters.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I recently re-edited the sequel to Lessons on Seduction and have submitted the manuscript to my publisher. I hope it will be available this year.

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Fresh from a breakup, Sapphire Blake embarks on a new journey as a college student. Freeing herself from the expectations of others, innocent Sapphire experiments with her new casual lover, Vera Richland.

Handsome, smart and intimidating, Julian Richland finds himself enthralled with Saira Quinn, a powerful woman willing to pay top dollar for his time in the bedroom. To pay his debts and continue his lavish lifestyle, Julian discovers a world filled with sex, drugs, and lies.

Vera introduces Sapphire to her brother and sparks fly. Julian sees a sexy vixen who he wants despite her conservative background. He desires to school her in passion but he must keep his budding relationship secret.

Will his secrets and his desires put Sapphire in danger?

Colton’s Terrible Wonderful Year

Colton, a 14-year-old boy, lives with his dads. Being an only child, he is adored and doesn’t need to be corrected very often. Colton is dealing with the difficulties of adolescence, which can be challenging. The year seems to be jam-packed with events, from him and his best friends becoming involved in a shoplifting case, losing his cousin, and him developing a crush while on vacation. Colton yearns to see his surrogate mother, and his fathers are unsure of what Colton’s sexual orientation will be. He will experience a mental shift as a result of the pandemic and his encounter with the Saxton family. In any case, his parents are committed to guiding him toward becoming a good person.

Colton’s Terrible Wonderful Year is a emotionally-resonant account of a young black boy who experiences racism and discrimination. Having two gay fathers does not improve the situation in a society that once forbade homosexuality. This impassioned book provides thoughtful insight into what it’s like to encounter prejudice based on race. Colton is a wonderful character. He’s smart, curious, compassionate, and adventurous. His parents’ unique love story and complementary personalities make for a compelling read all on their own. Colton is determined to avoid disappointing his parents, despite the ups and downs of adolescence. The author has done a fantastic job of accurately conveying the emotions of the characters which makes them feel authentic and relatable. There were many fascinating characters whose presence elevated the story and I think readers will be drawn in by the young character’s youthful mischief.

Colton’s Terrible Wonderful Year is a compelling mix of teen drama, romance, friendship, and love. The well-crafted plot moved along smoothly, and the characters felt familiar yet unique. This stirring coming-of-age story is short and easy to read, making it accessible to a wide audience. Young adults will find this LGBTQ romance novel relevant and entertaining. I recommend Colton’s Terrible Wonderful Year to teenagers and adults who enjoy reading young adult fiction that has heart and something to say.

Pages: 239 | ASIN: B0BRVFQLWM

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Off Kilter

Book Review

In the thriving and evolving art scene of Los Angeles, a mystery envelopes the community, and James Terra, a well-known artist, seems to be at the center of it all. With one minor accident after another, James begins to realize that everything that is happening to him and his loved ones may all be connected, but the reason for such intentions always leaves him blank. As he begins to connect the dots, he slowly realizes that someone powerful has other plans for the art community, and his role in the scheme of things is far larger than he expected.

Off Kilter, by M. Lee Musgrave, is a compelling novel that packs the right amount of art, romance, and mystery that keeps its readers intrigued with every chapter it throws. From the start of the book, the author’s writing style will have readers drawn further into the storyline and drama. The author has a fantastic method that mixes creative and descriptive writing, beautifully enhancing the imagination of readers for each setting and what takes place in it. Furthermore, the way each clue was gradually given was well thought out, unlike some mystery novels that offer a “savior” in the novel that immediately solves the mystery. Instead, this allows the audience to piece together the mystery in their own time, identify the culprit, and bask in theories based on what they have read.

For somebody unfamiliar with fine arts, I could comprehend the parts of the novel that heavily feature it and dig up clues that the author wanted me to get from the conversations and descriptions. Moreover, I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys mystery novels. The setting of the story is one of the most famous places in the world, the City of Angels. It takes place in current times, during the rise of COVID-19, so it will be easy for readers to imagine the world the novel built. 

Off Kilter is the exciting sequel to M. Lee Musgrave’s first mystery novel, Brushed Off. This romantic thriller keeps readers engaged and on edge as the mystery slowly unfolds. Readers will love following along as James discovers who is behind all the trouble that plagues him in this fascinating new mystery thriller.

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