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Family Guide to Celebration of the Jewish Holidays

Family Guide To Celebration Of The Jewish Holidays is an informative book that educates readers on Jewish holidays, providing ample details to provide a full understanding and appreciation for the holidays. The author provides an overview while also sharing intimate details and comprehensive information about Jewish history and holidays as well as Jewish culture. All of the information is easy to understand, which helps readers at any level grasp the importance of these holidays.

The authors details Jewish holidays which include Sabbath, Passover Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, Hannukah, Tu Bi-Shevat (Hamishah Asar Bi-Shevat), Purim, and Tishah Be-Av, Yom Ha-Shoah, and Yom Ha-Atzma-ut. This may seem like a lot, but the text is organized in a way that makes each of these sections easily identifiable and accessible, which helped me to easily go to certain holidays that I was interested in. Every chapter on the holidays discusses the background, celebration, and themes of the holidays.

Leonard and Linda Chesler make learning about Judaism and the relationship Jewish folk have with God seem fascinating. The authors include biblical references throughout the text, and I appreciated how they were scriptures readers would be familiar with. Leonard and Linda Chesler also discuss family values, a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed. Reading this book was a wholesome experience thanks to how inclusive the authors are. I also enjoyed how the authors briefly delve into their life, as I thought it made the book feel more personal. After reading this book I am more intrigued by Judaism and Jewish traditions and customs. I think this is because Leonard and Linda Chesler’s superb writing has shown me the beauty in these traditions.

I recommend Family Guide To Celebration Of The Jewish Holidays to readers who want to learn about Jewish holidays, or to anyone who is interested in learning more about Jewish culture. I learned that there is pride in having an identity and that every culture matters. In addition, there is pride in being close with family and friends, and spreading love and unity. Family Guide To Celebration Of The Jewish Holidays is an enlightening book on Jewish history.

Pages: 82 | ASIN: B0792YWGHY

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No One Can Rescue Her

Phyllis A. Still Author Interview

Warrior on the Western Waters follows a young woman who’s abducted and taken to an angry Shawnee village where she must survive the dangerous west to return home. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

I loved researching the Shawnee culture and history online during the 18th century. There are many resources available, and some have updated since my access. (Apologies if I’ve misused or misrepresented Shawnee in my book. I meant respect and educational purposes)

Thirteen Moons on Turtles Back Instruction Guide found at:

Shawnee Moons-The Cycle of Life found at:

Shawnee Folk-Lore by J. Spencer found at:

Shawnee Mythology [archive] found at:

Shawnee Language found at:

Research related to the location of Fort Boonesborough came from online reports by Nancy O’Malley.

Archaeological Investigations at Fort Boonesborough found at:

Searching for Boonesborough found at:

Books edited by Neal O’Hammon gave wonderful first-person accounts. Also, his book co-written by Richard Taylor.

Floyd, John, The Life and Letters of a Frontier Surveyor. Edited by Neal O’Hammon. Louisville, KY: Butler Books, 2013.

Boone, Nathan 1781-1856, My Father Daniel Boone. Edited by Neal O’ Hammon. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, paperback edition, 2012.

O’ Hammon, Neal and Richard Taylor, Virginia’s Western War 1775-1786. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2002.

I enjoyed Mary’s character evolution throughout the story. What were some obstacles that you felt were important to defining her character?

Thank you.

Mary’s persona at the beginning of the story is one of vulnerability due to past trauma. She expects protection from the Boonesborough settlement and her father.

When ripped from her family in the dark, she must recall survival skills and rely on herself.

No one can rescue her. She must overcome fear of the Piqua Shawnee before she can learn their language, customs, and worth. Respect grows into bonds of friendship, but she longs to be reunited with her family.

When tragedy strikes the village, an evil shaman blames Mary. Friends betray her, but she refuses to accept marriage to a vile loyalist trader. Mary risks death fleeing down turbulent rivers and creeks.

A fiercely independent, self-reliant young woman arrives at a patriot camp. Wounded, but not willing to wait for an escort from the scout she knows as William McGuire, she determines to make it back to her family. William insists on accompanying her. A confrontation on the way ends with a curse that threatens her future.

What were some ideas that were important for you to convey in this book?

I’m building my series by weaving in West Virginia and Kentucky historical events during the American Revolutionary war. In this installment, I’m showing the Shawnee side of things and how the British secured an alliance with them, thus seeding the devastating storm forming in the north and about to blow down from Fort Detroit in the real and fictional Mary Shirley’s future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Palisades of the Heart (Dangerous Loyalties Series Book Four) Sweet Historical Romance set in Western Virginia at Cooks Fort on Indian Creek. Strong-willed, Mary Shirley and the stubborn scout, William McGuire clash over Kentucky territory.

Mary says she will never return.

William desires her when she can wed, but longs to raise fast horses in the fertile grasses of Kentucky. A man from Mary’s past arrives to complicate matters. Mary must resolve the fear of a spoken curse before she can trust.

I hope to finish and publish by the end of the year.

In a sad note: My publisher died a few days ago, freezing her LLC company. I have no idea if my paperbacks can still be purchased from Amazon, or other places. I’m not sure when or if I’ll receive royalties from the eBooks or audiobooks.

However, I have eight sets of the series in my stock available on my Square Store called Book by Phyllis: Home | Books by Phyllis A. Still (

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook Group | Website

While foraging in the shadows around the unprotected Boonesborough in 1775, Mary overhears a traitor’s plot, but no one believes her. Daniel Boone’s new settlement is supposed to be a haven from Loyalists seeking revenge against her patriot papa, known as Cage Shirley. But when Mary is abducted to force his surrender, her dreams for the future are shattered. Instead of a British outpost, she is delivered to an angry Shawnee village. Can she survive the turbulent western rivers and return to those she loves?

State of Revolution

State of Revolution details the author’s fascinating journey through New Jersey. Frazza was highly interested in the history of his home state of New Jersey, he was especially fascinated by the historical monuments that were from the Revolutionary War. After he explored nearly 650 historic locations, he created the Revolutionary War New Jersey website.

Author Al Frazza successfully shows both his trials and triumphs on his journey. It is refreshing to read about the author’s passion for learning more about the history of his hometown. I enjoyed reading about the author’s process and even though he was unsure if he would be able to complete this journey he continued on.

It’s inspiring to see the author take his lack of experience as a historian and create a website that is dedicated to teaching others about the history of the New Jersey Revolutionary War. While I enjoyed this enlightening book, I would have liked to have seen some of the pictures that the author took on his travels to be incorporated in the book as I think it would enhance the reader’s experience.

Frazza does an excellent job of teaching readers about history while keeping the reader entertained with compelling storytelling. I was engaged from the turn of the first page. It was like I embarked on my own journey through New Jersey. This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to travel, readers who are interested in history, and anyone living in New Jersey that wants a fresh perspective on the state.

State of Revolution is a fascinating travelogue that colors an intriguing memoir with interesting historical facts. Author Al Frazza has written a fantastic book for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and learn something new about a place and a person they might not have known about otherwise.

Pages: 198 | ASIN : B09TD6R471

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This Is An Inspirational Text

Author Interview

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe is a compilation of writings on the history of Astronomy and its influence on history and cultural development. How much research did you undertake for this book and how much time did it take to put it all together?

I was in Prague in 2020 (during Covid time) and wrote two essays in quantum physics and astronomy, that are part of the book.

The first essay “The connection between Larmor formula and Niels Bohr model in the 2-D cross-sectional views of an atom” is an elaborated text on electrodynamics and quantum physics.

This is an inspirational text. Larmor formula phonetically means “love formula” in French (my mother language). The introduction is a journey in time, with a presentation of portraits of notable personalities i.e. W. Rowan Hamilton, Ludwig Boltzmann, James C. Maxwell, Charles-Augustine Coulomb, etc. providing historical support to the text.

I wrote the second essay ” Connection between the cosmic horizon and the ladder to the hypersphere” in the spirit of my travels in Greece and North Africa. The philosophical inspirations are presented in the first chapter of the book dedicated to ancient astronomies, covering the classical period, Hesiod and Greek mythology, the Ptolemaic period up to the renaissance.

For the writing of the chapter on ancient astronomy, I referred to some on my notes, my visits to the British museum, and travels in South America.

Did you find anything in your research that surprised you?

Yes, quite few things surprised me.

For example, the finding of an elementary formula for Planck’s constant, a fundamental constant of physics, that matches so closely the actual measurements. A large portion of the tiny difference between the predicted Planck’s value from formula and measurements, can be explained by the relativistic effect of the electron, i.e. by a mass gap adjustment of the electron.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

​​​I had new ideas coming. I recently added a new chapter to my book, which now has 7 chapters. This chapter is dedicated to the Hubble’s constant. It’s main contribution is the derivation of a formula for the Hubble’s constant from the time-invariant Schrodinger’s equation.

The Hubble’s formula matches most accurate measurements of the constant, and provides some insights on Hubble’s law from a quantum perspective.

My ambition is that “Kelvin and the Age of the Universe” be a reference for quantum astronomy.

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads

This booklet is a compilation of texts from the author covering a variety of themes as the cosmic-distance duality, the cosmological ladder, quantum electrodynamics, the connection between Bohr model and Larmor formula, the ladder to the hypersphere, the connection between the cosmic horizon and Bohr radius, ring theory, etc.

Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus

Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus is an illuminating scholarly work on the authentic Jesus and his teachings. Dean lays out three important questions in the beginning of his book about Jesus, his existence, his teachings and what he offered to humanity; all delivered through a critical lens. Dean sets out on a daunting journey of finding the ‘authentic’ Jesus without any bias and only sticking to available evidence.

The beginning of this informative book contains information on different sources the author used and then the book dives into the Gospels, Jesus’ disciples and other topics, to make his case.

Each chapter has an intriguing question at the beginning, which is then followed by compelling arguments. Readers are not made to take sides on those arguments, but are allowed to critically think and decide for themselves.

The simple use of language throughout this book ensures that the information being conveyed is easily understood by anyone, and I think the text is much more powerful because of it. Photographs and other pieces of historical evidence are provided in this book which breaks up the long pieces of text. They are great visual additions that make this book much more engaging.

While I am spiritual, I certainly don’t have the level of knowledge of Christianity that the author does, and I had a bit of trepidation going into this book because of that. But the author provides readers with all the necessary information they need in order to understand the book. I feel like I walked away from this book with a lot more information on the subject, which will allow me to confidently partake in a discourse on this topic with other people.

I was mesmerized by the cover of this book because I felt like you are playing a word puzzle and finding Jesus in the scramble; which I think is a metaphor for this book, or maybe life too. While I think the book contained easy to understand language and the chapters fully covered a topic before moving on, I feel like this book is not something you finish in one sitting. There is a lot of thought-provoking information in this book that takes time to absorb. Going through the book, there were several ‘aha’ moments for me about Jesus and his teachings.

Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus by Jonathan Geoffrey Dean takes on a controversial topic in a way that is comprehensive and impartial. This is an enlightening book that provides the reader with the critical information they need to unravel the mystery of Jesus.

Pages: 211 | ISBN: 978-1-03-913143-9

I Love the Element of Surprise

R. J. Corgan Author Interview

Mammoth Drop follows a scientist to the Black Hills where she finds herself knee-deep in mammoth bones and a murder mystery. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The Black Hills, and South Dakota in general, is heaven for geologists. In fact, most geologists have to do a field season out West as part of our degrees. I studied in South Dakota and Wyoming in the early 90’s and was blown away by the beauty of the landscape. I’ve also worked with paleontologists who have spent their lives studying mammoths and they’re just as marvelous as the animals they study. I wrote Mammoth Drop to celebrate both their legacy and to share the breathtaking scenery of the region with readers.

Kea Wright is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

Kea is smart, kind, and terrible with people. Like many scientists that work in the field for months at a time, Kea suffers from broken relationships, a low self esteem, and bouts of depression. I wanted to create a heroine where those attributes, both good and bad, are superpowers: they’re external to the group, often forced to think differently, and wind up in places they shouldn’t be. While a reluctant heroine, I love Kea and I hope that readers will as well.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book (and what can readers expect in Book 4)?

Each book in the Kea Wright series has a unique theme. Cold Flood examines how being put under intense pressure can and release something inside ourselves that we never knew existed. The Meerkat Murders examines the concept of altruism, Mammoth Drop explores extinction, while Murder on Masaya examines sacrifice. Each book also has a different tone. Mammoth Drop is absolutely a camp romp full of drinking and dancing to celebrate a scientist and his life’s work. In contrast, the final story, Murder on Masaya,(released in 2021) is a much darker story about the hazards that scientists undertake to gather data and the sacrifices people make for their family. These changes in tone are deliberate because, growing up, my favorite television show was Doctor Who – you never knew where the next story would take you, it could be the distant past or the far future, or be a comedy or a tragedy. I loved that element of surprise. These books are very much in the same vein and I hope readers enjoy the variety.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

During Kea’s visit to the Black Hills, one of the scientists in Mammoth Drop Caverns is brutally murdered. Determined to unmask the killer, Kea takes up residence in nearby Woolly Hole, a gay campground filled with boozing drag queens and bottomless mimosas. Knee-deep in mammoth bones and potential suspects, Kea soon finds herself in the killer’s sights . . .

Slavery 101: Mercer Moments in American History

Slavery has always been a topic that is usually only covered in school, but to understand a piece of American history, slavery is something we cannot look past. Ken Mercer, in his book Slavery 101, does an excellent job of educating his readers about the origin, practice, and various crucial events related to slavery. The author delves into how slavery existed in the old days and how we are impacted by it even today. 

Every chapter begins with a question. It is then followed by the historical origin behind it, where the author debunks myths popularized in American society and the education system. This demystification of history is what makes this book unique. Describing slavery as heinous and evil, Mercer traces its origin back to as early as the time since man first appeared on earth. 

The author has described the key events and the historical facts in a lucid yet intriguing fashion, so that it is easy to comprehend for everyone. While it is definitely not an exhaustive study on the topic, it manages to make the reader aware of events that are often excluded from history lessons. 

From Islamic slave trade practices to white slaves, the author covers all facets of this evil practice. He also talks about modern-day slavery, i.e. human trafficking. As a devout Christian, he urges fellow Christians to raise a voice and battle against this modern form of slavery.

The author sets out on a scholarly pursuit, but the book is not as heavy on bibliography as you would expect it to be. Nevertheless, the thorough research and the to-the-point narrative are commendable. Slavery 101 is an enlightening read for anyone who wishes to understand the past better and look beyond what revisionist history has taught us.

Pages: 224 | ASIN: B095BW51FH

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Revelation Through Science

Revelation Through Science by author James Martin explains the connection between science and religion. Using Christian values and spiritual philosophies that are separated into four parts, we explore the relationship between science, religion, and the creation of the world. Martin asks one crucial question: ‘Does science undermine personal faith, or can it reinforce faith?’

The author writes in a conversational tone and presents the information like a teacher would. The author has written his book so that the reader can jump to different chapters without feeling lost. The reader can go back to another chapter to get more information or clarity.

The author does take a deep dive into religion as well as science; however, the use of illustrations and occasional humor keeps the reader engaged. These features provide a wit that is not always present in non-fiction pieces of work and provide a refreshing take on the subject.

I feel that readers with a background in political science theory, Christianity, or evolution may understand these concepts easier than those just starting to explore this area of study. Martin effortlessly weaves the two subjects together throughout his enlightening book, providing a good balance of information.

The author touches upon many topics in science, from astronomy and biology to physics but not in a way that should be intimidating. Instead, he offers explanations in a manner that non-scientists can understand. In addition, Martin provides evidence of topics that he touches upon in his book, which are relevant to his theories. I also appreciated that the author is not out to convince you to be religious. But instead, he inspires readers to question both science and religion.

Revelation Through Science is an intellectually stimulating read that will get you thinking about your world. This book is a must-read for those fascinated by science and religion and those who question how the two relate.  

Pages: 415 | ASIN : B0793PGV2C

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