In a magical neighborhood, a friendly pumpkin comes to life. She can not wait to go and explore the neighborhood and see all the wonderful sites around her. Unfortunately, not all magical pumpkins are nice, some are scary and mean, and a group of them quickly sound her and scare her. Just when she thinks it is about to end, a group of teenagers arrives, but they are not the good samaritans the little pumpkin had hoped for. They start smashing pumpkins left and right. The friendly little pumpkin knew she was a goner until a small girl showed up and stopped the teenagers from smashing her. Gently the little girl picks up the friendly pumpkin and takes her away from danger.

Halloweenie is a captivating picture book by Amanda McCann and illustrated by Simone Fohl. This heartwarming children’s book teaches children about standing up for people, and that friend can come in any form. The friendly pumpkin learns that not all humans are evil and out to harm her, and the little girl shows kids that even when you are small, you can still stand up for others and do the right thing.

The illustrations in this picture book are awe-inspiring. The story alone is magical and wonderful, but the images bring it all to life. The details on each page are eye-catching and will keep children actively engaged in the story. Each page in the book enhances the story without being too scary.

Halloweenie is a spellbinding picture book about friendship and fears. Children will learn about being a good friend, doing what’s right, and being okay when you are afraid of something. This is a captivating storybook to have at home or in a classroom to introduce the fall holiday season.

Pages: 42 | ISBN : 1667863320

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