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Magellan the Magical

Author Krystal M. Harris’ Magellan the Magical is a beautiful children’s book that reminds us all about the power of dreams. It follows the life of Kodi, a child who has trouble fitting in, making friends, and even accepting himself. He sees himself as different and wonders if all his dreams will ever come true.

While his parents love him, he has no friends and is an only child, making him quite lonely. What’s more? He is bullied relentlessly. But as we continue to read the book, we see how his life changes when he meets Magellan The Magical – he teaches Kodi how to get his dreams to come true.

If there’s one thing the author does well in this book, it’s using fantasy to teach kids real-life lessons. Through the character of Magellan The Magical, Krystal M. Harris imparts wisdom that sometimes even adults forget. She particularly emphasizes the importance of writing down your dreams, believing they will come true, not wishing for evil things, and being grateful/happy as you wait for things to sort themselves out.

No matter your life stage, these things can help you be happier and more content. And the best part is that the author imparts this wisdom using such simple language. The book’s sentences and paragraphs are short, concise, and easy to read, making it suitable for the youngest kids. What’s more? Its graphics are engaging, and it has no spelling/grammatical errors.

Magellan the Magical is a well-executed children’s fantasy book. This story is filled with magic while helping children deal with many real-life issues they face. The author does a fantastic job of assisting children in seeing they can accomplish their dreams and that their imagination is something to cherish. Children and adults alike will find something in this beautifully written book to connect with.

Pages: 60 | ASIN : B09XB71HZJ

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