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The Islander

David W. Berner’s The Islander is a poignant and thought-provoking work of fiction that delves into themes of grief, healing, and companionship. The novel follows Seamus Damp, an aging writer seeking solitude on a remote island to escape his troubled past. However, his attempt at a monastic life is disrupted by his painful memories that continue to haunt him. On the island, he meets a young woman, Maddie, who is also struggling with her own past. Together, they embark on an emotionally-resonant journey of healing and find solace in each other’s company.

Berner’s narrative style is engrossing and creates a vivid story that makes the pain and struggles of Seamus and Maddie tangible, if not relatable, to the reader. Through his skillful writing, he captures the beauty of the isolated island off the coast of Ireland, immersing the reader in its lush landscape. I’ve never been to Ireland, or been isolated for too long, but this book gives both an air of intrigue and a fascinating appeal.

The author’s sensitivity in handling matters of the heart is evident in the deep conversations between the two main characters, which lead them to explore their past traumas. The compassion and kindness that Maddie shows Seamus during his health emergencies are both heartwarming and gratifying. I was surprised by how deeply thoughtful this book is and was pleasantly immersed in the story after the first few chapters.

The Islander is a short but impactful read that explores the human condition in a compelling way. The book’s message is powerful, and the characters’ journeys are relatable, making it a highly recommended read.

Pages: 141 | ASIN: B0BWWZMR5Z

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