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I Sang That

I Sang That is a memoir by Sally Stevens looking back on her life as a session singer and later a vocal contractor spanning the decades from her upbringing to the present day and the recent global pandemic. The book provides a unique insight into the inner workings of the Hollywood music industry as it develops over the years and is brimming with all of the biggest names in the music industry. Written in an approachable and extremely humble manner, Sally charts her career progress and its impact on her personal and family life.  

I enjoyed reading this book and this incredibly talented lady’s fantastic adventures. The book like Sally’s career, spans over six decades and the writing provides a fascinating look into the entertainment industry and the broader social and political context of the time. Her writing reveals the sexism experienced by women in their lives, insights into the changing nature of the music industry, and the different political climates over the years.  

I found the letter to her mother after the birth of her first child and her first marriage particularly illuminating. Not only does the book provide an excellent window into Hollywood and its stars, but Sally’s emotional journey. She gives an honest look at being a single mother while trying to forge a career in a highly competitive industry.  

The book is written honestly and openly by Sally, whose achievements are far-ranging and well deserving through the dogged perseverance of her passion. Her work with the union is particularly inspiring, and she is a true role model. However, her writing also offers a pearl of hard-won wisdom on both life and romantic relationships that can only be gained from hindsight and life lived and is a privilege to read and learn from.  

I Sang That it is such an exciting and inspiring memoir. Sally has such a remarkable life to cover; it is a long story but well worth the read. Readers will come away from this true story with much to thing about and a greater respect for all that Sally has endured and acheived in her carrer.

Pages: 403 | ASIN : B0BK5NPYW6

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