The Taming of Lions

The Taming of Lions (Lions Trilogy Book 1) by [Jaye, Danie]

The delightful and serendipitous story telling of Danie Jaye’s The Taming of Lions is a heartfelt, compelling tale of determined love, fate, the quest for purpose and so much more! From the ability of the main character, Charlie, who spins a masterful yarn himself, to Edward, who at first, seems like he will be a stereotype, but finds his own story in a wonderful way; there is so much to love about The Taming of Lions!

A sweet, satisfying and engaging story that is also, by turns, bittersweet and wistful. At times, the direction of the story feels as disjointed as Charlie’s memory, but the author never waivers from penning characters that are beloved, very human and people I would want to be friends with!

The joy of reading Danie Jaye’s novel is more than just her ability to turn a phrase or bring a theme back around in a organic way; it’s the humanity of her characters and the ease of her ability to pull the reader in and make them feel as though they are watching it all unfold; a picture coming to life around them.

The story embraces all of life practicalities but still remains optimistic and full of love and possibilities. It makes me think of stories we would read in English class and would have a group discussion about the thoughts and perspective of each character. What is their value to the story? Do you agree with their choices and points of view? Who do you identify with the most? What’s great about The Taming of Lions is that it’s so easy to identify with any of the characters; we have all felt the way each of them feels at some point. Unsure of the future, out of place in our environment, scared of what we have lost or will lose, afraid to be alone, concerned about a loved one. I know I have!

Jaye is penning a sequel to The Taming of Lions and I can’t wait to read it and see what happens next! It seems that is more than a little sadness ahead but with the struggle, I am sure, there will be more of the warmth and perseverance coming also! This is a great book club addition to discuss what you would do if you were Isabella, Charlie or Edward.

Pages: 397 | ASIN: B07DW1PTGY

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