The Blue Chameleon

The Blue Chameleon: The Life Story of a Supercop by [Cinquanta, Daril]

Retired Detective Daril Cinquata gave decades to the Denver PD. He earned commendations, awards, and medals throughout his career. He meted out justice by arresting thousands of felons. He was a hard-working cop who played on the edge of legality to ensure that justice has been served. Even the best TV cops never play by the rules. His adherence to the law and commitment to the service for all was admirable and used as an example. However, not everyone liked his brand of justice. Many people would have liked to see him fail. This only worked to increase his thirst for justice.

The author plunges the reader into a fast-paced world of police work and the politics that lace the police force. You will get a first-hand account of actual events during Detective Cinquata’s service. You will get an insider’s look. This book is like being cast deep into an intense episode of NCIS where it is all action and tough-talking detectives. The narration is so vivid with clear descriptions and masterful settings that the reader will take a virtual walk through the precincts and have a bird’s eye view of crime scenes throughout the book. From the tone of the book and spirit that lurks within the pages, you can feel the passion that one man had for his work. You cannot help but admire his bravery. At the end of this book, not only will you greatly appreciate Detective Daril Cinquata but also have a newfound respect for any man in blue.

The way this story is told, with all the rough cuts and the gruff way only a cop can speak, you will feel like the author is narrating the story in person. He has done nothing to mask the true cop in him. There is a certain honesty in this book that is simply unmistakable. The story of this man’s life and the events throughout his career are told with absolute frankness and transparency. The events are corroborated by local news stories. So honest that he does not hide his imperfections either. He regales the reader with an embarrassing account of being caught pants down (or at least open). The author is not afraid to show his blemishes. He is not afraid to admit that he was scared at times, to reveal his vulnerabilities. This adds a layer of excitement and reality to this book. It lets the reader connect with the author and the story in a special way.

Rarely do we get to see an unairbrushed version of police work. The Blue Chameleon is simply a gem. Kudos for his enthusiasm and commitment to the job. Utmost gratitude for allowing an inside look into a decorated detective’s service and life in the force. The Blue Chameleon is definitely worth a read.

Pages: 322 | ASIN: B075BP3XXN

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