The Third


Aryan is a prodigy–there is no one around him who can deny it. From the age of four, he can out think, out reason, and outwit any adult in his midst. He is introspective and analyzes the most minute details. He is a wonder among wonders and precious to his beloved and adoring family. As the years pass, Aryan advances not just in his ability to theorize, but in his position compared to those around him. Unlike so many people, Aryan is more than willing to sit back and contemplate his own undoing and the cost for himself and others. This is a trait that never leaves Aryan for the remainder of his life.

The Third, by Amar Singh, is the fictional story of Aryan, a unique and stunning mind. Fascinating from the beginning of the chronological telling of his life, this account leaves nothing to the imagination. Author, Amar Singh, takes care to develop a gentle and engaging character he deftly manages to shape and mold as the pages pass by. It is easy to become swept into Aryan’s trials and tribulations and to see quite clearly and painfully through his young eyes.

Throughout The Third, Singh includes simple but moving poetry penned by his main character. This beautiful verse comes to readers in the form of diary entries. Singh has created a wonderful amalgamation of narrative meshed with increasingly insightful verse. Dispersed throughout the book, the diary entries help drive home the point that Aryan remains, for his entire life, a truly brilliant and amazingly creative young man.

Taking nothing away from the skillful writing by Singh, I do have some issues with the organization of thought. At times, I struggled with following parts of Aryan’s story. Flashbacks and references to past events can, at times, interfere slightly with the cohesiveness of the writing.

One of the most striking takeaways from The Third is the ongoing explanation of the caste system. Singh’s writing style effectively describes the complicated system in a way readers will appreciate. Though fraught with sadness and hardship, the existence of the system further molds Aryan and adds yet another layer of meaning to his exceptional life.

Though a fictional story, The Third reads like a biography and gives readers a unique perspective through the eyes of Aryan’s friend. A brilliantly penned account of the life of a prodigy and tortured soul, this book is sure to interest anyone seeking a quick read containing elements of cultural diversity, drama, and adversity. I would love to see more from Singh and more from the life of Aryan and his beloved–that is a touching story Singh could easily build upon and provide eager readers and fans of his amazing character, Aryan.

Pages: 140 | ASIN: B082S3DQZP

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