Haelend’s Ballad

Haelend's Ballad by [Ian V. Conrey]

Haelend’s Ballad is an epic fantasy novel that drops readers into the middle of a war between the kingdoms of Daecland and Sunder. I feel like the story is influenced by colonial establishments, as seen in the etiquettes and ways of thinking of wealthy colonists. However, the clandestine movement, Silent Hither, and the dark horses are also making headway in Sunder, working hard to retrieve their land from the pale-faced Daecish. In the midst of the brutal wars and their horrifying repercussions, the harbinger of the long-sung events in Haelend’s Ballad, the apocalypse of evil, and the resurrection of the world are starting to emerge. The men at war who lust after influence are ignorant of the bitter day of reckoning that awaits them, accompanied by the bane of all evil.

With the author’s knowledge and experience in history & theology, and interest in ancient mythology, he has effectively used those subjects to flesh out the essential elements of Haelend’s Ballad. Religious contemplation is prevalent in the story as we see the characters in the novel, in times of confusion and crisis, question, contemplate and request the existence and grace of God.

The novel creates vivid images of war and its hideous consequences for everyone. I also liked the realistic portrayal of the picture of a country in the shackles of colonizers, with only the wealthy enjoying the evolution of their homeland. While depicting the barter system, invasions, and wars, it has also portrayed the dawning of technological advancements, such as the printing press, camera lens, steam engine, and voltaic power.

I was a bit confused at first as there was a large number of things to take in; events, characters, town. So as not to get confused later amid the eruption of complex plot twists, I had to note the names of characters and their towns. The map of Everwind and the World at the beginning of the book, however, amazed me and helped me visualize the kingdoms to a great extent.

While Haelend’s Ballad does not give the reader all the details upfront, as the story progresses the many characters and their interconnected fate reveal a deep backstory. I appreciated the details used to setup scenes whether it was the children in the orphanages or the violence and gore of war.

Haelend’s Ballad is a captivating story with something new and exciting in each chapter. The story explores an intriguing link between actions and consequences. Children and sensitive readers may be uncomfortable with some shocking scenes, but mature audiences will be engrossed in this epic fantasy novel.

Pages: 800 | ASIN: B091BSWD8D

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