Inside Out

Inside Out by [Michael Tuberdyke]

It is amazing how people can be so different yet so connected by some cosmic force. Marge manages a building in an obscure corner. In the building three units are occupied. Each tenant leads a different life. Each tenant lives as though the next tenant does not exist. This is sort of a commentary on how most of the world lies today. Todd Brown likes his music. Mr. Andrews is lonely and possibly broke. Nick and Claire’s union might be on its last leg. They might as well be strangers living in the same space.

In this book thought-provoking book we take a look at the lives of average people. Have you ever walked by a building and wondered about the people who live in there? Inside Out provides the reader with an opportunity to be a fly on the wall. It satisfies a curiosity we have all had at least once. On the street, everyone seems normal. They are simply faces going about their businesses. In their own homes, they take off whatever masks they may wear out in public and let their true selves roam around the rooms. This book may be fiction but it is an accurate and intriguing representation of life.

Michael Tuberdyke is an excellent writer. His depiction of each of the characters is detailed and gives their character a compelling depth. The author lets the reader deep into the psyche of the characters to see how they think. As a reader, you can almost picture the look on Nick’s face every time Claire chooses work over spending time with him. You can hear the disappointment in his words. The characters in this book are relatable, perhaps because they so accurately represent the population.

Inside Out is quick read that will leave readers thinking deeply about the community they live in and the people they come across. This is book provides a fascinating look at the lives of some interesting people, and provides readers with a thoughtful exploration and character examination through the easy storytelling ability of author Michael J. Tuberdyke.

Pages: 73 | ASIN: B09JS5VCL2

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  1. Have you ever walked by a building and wondered about the people who live in there?

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Constantly. Even looking over at my neighbor’s house across the street I am dying to know what goes on inside the house when she is there with just her two small children. What cute / sweet things are said and done? Or my neighbors across the street. And older man and woman. What is their daily routine????

    I definitely want to check this book out! Sounds like my cup of tea. Thanks for telling us about it.


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