To Bring Depravity In To Life

C.R. Endacott
C.R. Endacott Author Interview

The Blue Butterfly is the second entry in your thrilling Heroes of Afflatus series. What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that was different from book one?

In this book, I wanted to play around with elements of gender-neutral language. When I think of fairies, I think of a people type that are difficult to physically distinguish their gender, and I thought, why not? As well, Depravity, in all my books, is a spiritual being bent on making all things unhappy, sad, and depressed. But, in the same breath, Depravity doesn’t just “make” people evil – we all have the ability to bring depravity in to life, just as we all have the power to bring good.

Your characters continue to be compelling and well developed. What were some obstacles you felt were important to defining their character in this book?

The biggest obstacle was what to do with Garon and Carson’s relationship. In the first book Garon finally admitted to himself and others that he was gay and in love with Carson. But, Garon is in a fantasy world, where reality seems a long ways away. So, he comes to the realization that it will come to an end at some point. He doesn’t want it to end, however.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

In Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, we are given a tale that does not end heroically, rather, it seems like the dark side of the force is fully in power. I wanted to achieve a similar dynamic. But the challenge is, how to create a satisfying ending and climax, but have the reader fully aware that evil is in control at the end? I think I achieved that will a thrilling ending.

What can readers expect in book three of the Heroes of Afflatus series?

At the end of The Blue Butterfly, Depravity reverses the time continuum. In all the other Afflatus adventures, Jared, Avery, and their companions could adventure in Afflatus without fear of time passing in their home dimension. In fact, they could spend weeks in Afflatus without any time passing back home. However, with this reversal, there are consequences they will have to deal with when they return home.

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A deadly virus has entered Faerie World and it dissolves a fairy’s wings. It is highly contagious and creates political friction. What’s worse, the Dark Lord Depravity is responsible, because his sole purpose is to destroy a blue butterfly, protected by the fairies. If he succeeds all of his power will be restored and he will be free to walk the earth and all dimensions. Avery Noble, a wizard, and with the help of her boyfriend and protector, Jared Swagger, must stop Depravity by finding a way to the Faerie World.

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