Boone & Jacque: Saddleton’s Secret

On his tenth birthday Boone is standing in his dirty, moldy, rat-infested basement looking out the window into the rain. His toes stick out of his worn-out shoes, and his clothes all have holes. Boone looks out hoping to see his only friend Jacque scurry across the fence as the sounds of his parents fighting upstairs filter down. Soon Jacque arrives, and they discuss how horrible they both have it in life. Their tales of misery are ended when a loud crash outside startles them, they watch from the window as a major storm bares down on their small town of Saddleton. Soon Jacque realizes he is late for curfew and rushes out into the rain across the muddy backyard. In the dark haze of rain, Jacque falls into a hole. Boone hearing his cries for help rushes out only to meet the same fate. Now they are both trapped in a secret room with writing all over the walls and a mysterious tunnel. Boone’s wish for there to be something exciting has come true.

The boys want to know more about the mystery room. They suspect something is afoot in their town. What could it be? As school starts up, the boys quickly make two new friends that also want to know what is going on in their little town of Saddleton. Forming a group, the kids all start to investigate and question everything, including the adults.

Boone & Jacque, written by A. G. Flitcher is surprising! From the first page’s readers are filled with questions, intrigue, and that sensation of hairs sticking up on the back of your neck. There is a lot going on in the opening chapters, orchestrating the cast of character with multiple plot lines. The theme of society classes is broached right away. Greed, corruption, and the hunger for power set the scene for the small town of Saddleton. A place where the rich want to be richer and the poor can never get a step up. This set up is important for the character development and understanding how this town ended up where they are.

This imaginative novel will keep readers guessing from one page to the next. The action is fast paced and chaotic, emphasizing the emotions the young boys feel during their investigations of the strange happenings. When the action does slow down, to give readers a mental pause, the narration continues to be deeply thoughtful. Readers will be able to envision all the characters in the Saddleton world, thanks to the authors detail-oriented writing style.

The characters, Boone and Jacque, were written very well. Jacque’s character really grew a lot in this book he went from being timid to brazen. Boone’s character developed well, but there were a couple of areas that feel flat, perhaps this is going to be expanded on in future novels. He had some feelings develop that he was unsure of, but he never had a chance to explore them.

Boone & Jacque is the start of what is sure to be an unexpected and unforgettable series. This riveting mystery adventure will fascinate young adults and those that are young at heart with a unique fantasy world.

Pages: 441 | ASIN : B07YZNH8LG

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