Raymond Graf’s Treezz is a novel that touches on some of the prominent issues of our time, and sees sentient trees, or Treezz, making the decision to work alongside humans in order to combat humanity’s greed and propensity for environmental destruction which threatens their existence. Jeremiah Simpson and Becca Carlsbad, the duo chosen as representatives by the Treezz, join with wealthy entrepreneur siblings Robert and Elaina McAlister, who have put together a team of scientists to devise free herbal medications and establish environmental conservation areas to protect the Treezz. Along the way, they build relationships and antagonize corporations.

Treezz is a poignant sci-fi story with an important message concerning the sustainability of humanity’s treatment of our planet. It gives a telepathic voices to the Treezz and asks what they might say if they could communicate with the species which is cutting them down for profit. Interestingly, given their willingness to take physical action when the need arises, the Treezz choose to work collaboratively and peacefully with humans through their champions.

Characterization in Treezz is good overall, with the main characters having distinct voices. Becca is one of the more believable characters as a quirky young woman who speaks her mind, often to the surprise of other characters. I felt that the emphasis on how young she looks coupled with how attractive she is (only after a makeover) to be a belabored point that is reflective of narrow societal views on femininity, and the author does a great job of showing the objectification of females frequently throughout the story, which causes readers to reflect on how points of view change our perspectives of individuals.

Dialogue from one of the most important parties, the Treezz, is rare as they are reduced to the role of an overseer, sharing whatever secrets Jeremiah needs to drive the work of the scientists forward in moments that are told to readers. I would have loved to have seen the important message of environmental awareness and conservation expanded on because what the author does give us is very interesting and the idea of interspecies communication is throughout-provoking and begs to be explored further. However, I did enjoy the herbal remedies focus, as I did find it intriguing and felt that it did provide some structure to the storyline.

Treezz is a unique science fiction adventure novel that looks at some of the current-day environmental issues we are facing. The relevant topics combined with genetic engineering and science fiction make this a fascinating read for those that love environmental thrillers and want to see a glimmer of hope for restoring the environment to its healthy state.

Pages: 352 | ASIN : B09N4QX8K1

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