Fits Her to a T

Maher has always known something was different about his mind and his body. Living what amounts to a lie, Maher begins to understand what it is his mind is trying to tell him, and he seeks help to sort out his life. Making the necessary changes to live a happy life won’t be the difficult part. The truly hard part will be telling his family, friends, and coworkers. Maher, wanting very much to move forward and leave the trauma of his past behind, becomes Zoë and a new life begins.

Fits Her to a T, by Alice Xavanéro, chronicles the life of Zoë van Vixenhoven, a transgender woman in the process of leaving behind the life she has always known as a son and brother. The feelings she has battled since early in her life have haunted her and made for a troubled existence. Once she decides to pursue transitioning, there is no turning back even though the obstacles in her way feel almost insurmountable.

Xavanéro has chosen to tell Zoë’s story primarily through diary entries. The diary entries are thorough and read much less like a journal and more like a first-person narrative. I especially enjoyed the author’s choice of writing style. The reading flows smoothly and creates a connection between readers and characters. Readers are taken on a journey through Zoë’s experiences leading up to her decision to seek counseling in preparation to make this life-altering change. The author’s ability to draw readers in via Zoë’s journal is unique and, honestly, an incredibly effective technique I appreciated immensely.

The author’s knowledge of medical terminology, processes, and counseling procedures and advice are all especially thorough. She leaves no stone unturned and allows readers to see the entire experience of transitioning from informing family members and making the necessary changes in the work environment to hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. It is clear that Xavanéro wants her readers to understand the struggle from making the decision to dealing with consequences along the way. She does not shy away from difficult topics like hate crimes and estrangement of family, friends, and coworkers. This is just one aspect of Xavanéro’s writing that I truly appreciated. The author’s willingness to be frank and open with Zoë’s entire experience is impactful on many levels.

I am giving Fits Her to a T, by Alice Xavanéro, 5 out of 5 stars. Xavanéro’s story is an important one and in no way tries to make light of the decision-making process transgender women must face as they choose to be themselves. Though very different from most books I usually choose, I found Xavanéro’s work to be one well-worth reading. Zoë’s story is captivating, and I found myself completely wrapped up in her experiences. I recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves questioning the experiences of loved ones who may be transgender. The author, as she reveals in the book’s afterword, knows whereof she speaks–her novel reveals a truth most of us will only come to understand if we take the time to listen to those who are living it.

Pages: 434 | ISBN : 9798402791947

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