Unstoppable Zee

A young girl named Zee believes she has superpowers because her mom told her so. This well-written picture book shows Zee’s experiences with her superpowers. These powers are making flowers grow from seeds, drawing and painting, playing the drums, building tall towers, running fast, playing piano, singing, jumping high, helping to cook, and frosting cupcakes. Zee is proud of herself for trying her best and having fun while doing all these different activities.

In the feel-good children’s book, Unstoppable Zee by Reesa Shayne, young readers will identify with these activities and, at first, might not realize they are their superpowers too. Through watching Zee, children will learn they are able to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. They learn that having fun is important, and it isn’t a matter of how well they can do some of those things; instead, they enjoy it and try their best. It is a beautiful way to teach self-confidence to preschool and kindergarten-age children. Zee’s optimistic attitude is contagious, and teachers and parents will love reading this book aloud to kids as much as they will enjoy following along with the entertaining pictures.

Illustrator Juanita Taylor has brought Zee’s story to life with her imaginative and expressive illustrations. The wide-eyed look on Zee is welcoming and filled with joy. The graphics portray realistic expressions and activities that kids will be drawn to, even in cartoon form. In addition, the illustrations show a happy and engaged family all having fun together as Zee uses her superpowers.

Unstoppable Zee is an inspiring and uplifting picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten-age children. This fantastic children’s book will entertain young readers with bright and vivid illustrations, relatable subjects, and a can-do attitude. This is a welcome addition to a home or school library with its positive messages of doing your best and being willing to try new things.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B098MRD316

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