My Day With Grandma 

My Day With Grandma by author Reesa Shayne and illustrated by Juanita Taylor tells the story of a little boy who gets to spend the entire day with his grandma. Together they play hide and go seek, read stories, go for a walk, color with chalk, sing, dance, and watch a movie till it is time for her to go home. Readers will see all the fun things they like to do together and see the special bond between a grandma and her grandson. Finally, the little boy declares that Grandma is his best friend, and he can’t wait till they have another exciting day together again.

Multigenerational families are a wonderful thing for a young boy to have. However, being able to share a day of fun and play with a grandparent is not something every child gets to experience. For children who do have grandparents, this is an excellent reminder of how special they are, and for those that don’t can get a glimpse of what it is like to have one and understand when people talk about those relationships.

Shayne’s writing style is magical, with cute and fun rhymes that make reading this story exciting for adults and children. The simple phrases are easy for preschoolers and kindergartens to follow and for young elementary aged children to start reading. This heartwarming book spans several age groups and can become a favorite for years to come.

The illustrations done by Taylor are vivid, bold, and colorful. Watching the expression on the little boy’s face with each new activity, you can feel the excitement and love he has for his Grandma. For children who cannot read the words yet, just flipping through the pages will allow them to understand what is happening and grasp the feelings portrayed.

My Day With Grandma is a beautifully written picture book about spending the day with Grandma. Children will find this joyful story captivating and will want to read it over and over again.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09HJRFS8W

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