Arlen’s Gun

Arlen is a young man who enlisted in the Air Force to dodge the Vietnam War draft. Unfortunately for him, he was nevertheless sent to Vietnam, where he was assigned to be a gunner in an aircraft code-named “Spooky 45”.

Spooky was shot down during flight. Arlen and the other survivors were stranded on an island, waiting for assistance from another army unit. He was so attached to his assigned aircraft gun that he removed the undamaged mini-gun from the wreckage. Even though he was chastised for ‘stealing’ it, he fantasized about returning it to his hometown. Arlen demonstrated his devotion and proficiency with the mini-gun in a way that gained him respect from his comrades that he wasn’t used to.

Arlen’s Gun, written by author Edgar Doleman is a story about a young man who learns that he and his mates need each other after they all suffered the devastating loss of fallen comrades in battle.

This story is excellent because it was told in vivid, credible detail while avoiding gore but still presenting a fast-paced thriller with a sense of warfare’s horror. That is a remarkable achievement in and of itself, but it is only reasonable considering Doleman’s background as a two-tour Vietnam veteran and a military man. In addition, he is regarded for exhibiting tremendous empathy for his characters and a thorough understanding of the subject of his writings.

This brilliantly written story was depicted as fictional but is clearly rooted in stark realism and also talks about the agony of philosophical and moral dilemmas these soldiers must have faced every step of the way. This novel is a masterful accomplishment in terms of its illumination of the soldier’s mindset during the chaos of combat and the fascinating reflections in its aftermath. This book is a tribute to the average Americans who served in Vietnam.

This would appeal to those interested in the military and war literature, but because it’s so brilliantly written, readers of action novels will also enjoy this book. Edgar Doleman’s Arlen’s Gun effectively illustrates that the sense of connection of facing difficult decisions is often what forges the bond between combatants.

Pages: 299 | ASIN : B08PXTQL61

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