A Cowgirl’s Stories

Sallie Geermann has been asked to document her life. It’s not something she ever set out to do, but this is a request from the people she loves most; her family. After all, she knows that hers is a story worth telling because it involves all of them. From her childhood to her days in the Vista Grande rest home, Sallie puts on paper her life story; warts and all. Everyone who knows Sallie knows her tale will depict her days as a ranchhand and an aunt who loves unconditionally, but not one of them can possibly predict how profound her words will be.

A Cowgirl’s Stories, by T.P. Graf, is a companion book to the author’s trilogy featuring main character, Jaime Cruz. Having read Graf’s trilogy and having fallen for Jaime and the entire cast of characters, I was more than excited to see Sallie with her own book. Sallie is one of the standout characters in Graf’s works, and I could only see good things coming from a book featuring the story of her life. I was not disappointed–Graf more than delivers with this look back at Sallie’s days on the ranch.

There are books you enjoy, books you find relatable, and books you recommend to friends because you think they are well-written. Then there are books like Sallie Geermann: A Cowgirl’s Stories. T.P. Graf has crafted a tale that envelops readers in a warm blanket tightly woven from the perfect combination of beautiful memories and difficult truths. As Sallie reminisces, readers will find themselves drawn into her life on the ranch as she both cherishes her family and struggles to help them overcome their many hardships over the years.

Sallie is such a special character. She is open, honest, and possesses all the best traits readers seek in a main character. Her ramblings are random and, at the same time, completely captivating. I adore that readers do not necessarily know where Sallie will take us next. The unpredictability of her tales is endearing in the best possible way.

Graf’s companion book is a perfect addition to the Jaime Cruz trilogy and, in my opinion, can be read before or after the first three books. This is a must-read for anyone who has read Jaime’s trilogy or a great way to introduce themselves to Graf’s work. Sallie’s life story is one readers will not want to miss.

Pages: 250 | ASIN: B0B8Y48TYP

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