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Stories from Ecuador

Stories from Ecuador is a collection of short, well-put-together, and connected stories of the author’s experiences while living and working in Ecuador. The book consists of thirty-four different stories all about the beauty of Ecuador and its welcoming people. It follows Nelson himself as he sets on a journey to work in this foreign country as an English teacher there. He writes about his whole experience from arriving at the airport in Ecuador and needing to quickly switch hostels due to overbooking, to detailed and beautifully explained sightseeing experiences in and around Cuenca, to the everyday life and activities he did and his overall impressions of the country that he got to call home.

One of my favorite stories definitely has to be one of the first stories in the book, where he meets his first friends there, Sheik and her son José. It is a heartwarming story about people instantly coming together and it sets the comfortable and cozy tone for the rest of the book. Nelson did a fantastic job at describing all the beautiful sights you can see and experience in Ecuador.

The book also does a great job of conveying that sense of the unknown that comes with moving to a foreign country and all the love, positivity, laughs and friendships that come with it. In addition to that, the book is filled with pictures of all the people and sights that the author got to meet and see during his stay. This really helps readers to become fully immersed in the authors experiences and understand the beauty with their own eyes.

Stories from Ecuador by Tyrel Nelson conveys all the wonder and joy that comes with traveling and living in a foreign land. It will certainly make you want to visit Ecuador. This is an entertaining and educational book that will transport you to South America as it provides a clear and beautiful view at one persons time in an exotic country.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B08T9KMFV8

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An Outlet For My Heartbreak

Tyrel Nelson Author Interview

Travels and Tribulations tells your story of grief and travels, and how they have made you the person you are now. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Travels and Tribulations provided an outlet for my heartbreak after my mom passed away in May 2020. Losing my second parent wrecked me, and I felt an incredible sense of urgency to not only honor my mother but also my father, who is in several of the chapters. This book was a means for me to preserve their memory.

Working on this collection gave me a purpose too, keeping me from sinking even deeper into depression when I was laid off shortly after Mom died. It rolled me out of bed when I just wished to dawdle in my despair and let life happen to me.

Finally, I included lots of travel vignettes for a couple of reasons. I primarily wanted to show how such excursions shaped my course. But I further sought to give the audience a way to escape during a time when globetrotting wasn’t possible.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The section revolving around my mom’s death was the toughest for me. The emotions are especially raw in the stories because I composed them not long after she died. In fact, I still get a lump in my throat when I read those chapters because they transport me right back to such poignant moments. Yet I’m glad I wrote the narratives as soon as I did. Otherwise, I would’ve lost the perspective of my intense grief.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

My dad said the only way to change the world was through people. He’d stress that we can stand as many walls as we want, but we make a real impact by building relationships. I’ve taken volunteer trips to various parts of the Americas over the years, and his message has been a driving force behind my journeys. A lot of the projects have been interesting, but the individuals whom I’ve gotten to know in these places truly made them memorable.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

A few months ago, a reader told me that Travels and Tribulations inspired her to reconnect with her parents. That’s the reaction I hoped to evoke when I engrossed myself in this undertaking. I want my book to motivate others to not take time for granted, to do and say meaningful things before it’s too late.

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In the spring of 2020, Tyrel Nelson lost his mother. And he lost his job in the summer. Isolated by the pandemic and hamstrung by agony, he felt forgotten by the world as it marched on. Unhappy, uneasy, and unemployed, he began picking himself up by putting down his thoughts on a yellow legal pad.

Battling through his bereavement on paper proved to be cathartic. But he needed more – a writing project he could sink his grief into. So he sorted through many of the narratives he had composed over the last dozen years. Reflecting and reexamining his existence, Tyrel brainstormed what to do with the pieces which pulled at him the most. A compilation describing significant individuals, places, and moments during the past decade-plus started to take shape.

Travels and Tribulations is an emotional and chronological collection of vignettes, which commences in 2008 and concludes in 2020. While readers follow him on excursions in North, Central, and South America, they also accompany Nelson to the peaks and valleys of his personal life. Profoundly impacted by the deaths of both his parents, the author guides the audience through his anguish, depicting reminiscences and regrets as he openly tries to make sense of everything.

He Must Bend The Rules

Tejas Desai Author Interview

The Dance Towards Death follows a private investigator traveling the world trying to complete his mission. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The Dance Towards Death is the third book of The Brotherhood Chronicle trilogy–although each book can be read independently, reading each successively can help one understand the evolution of the main character Niral Solanke and many of the other characters in the trilogy.

In the first book, The Brotherhood, Niral has lived a life of dissipation but he believes he can redeem himself through religion and spirituality. He struggles with this quest throughout as he experiences more of the world including its deep corruption. Considering he is indebted to several organizations, he loses his faith and also reconsiders what a true “dharmic” path is.

So by The Dance Towards Death, he realizes he must bend the rules to get out of his entanglements and do the right thing. Not everything goes as planned, of course.

Much of the setup is based on my personal experiences and lots of research I did over many years. I’m first-generation Indian-American, born in New York City to Indian immigrants and raised in Queens, NY, so while there are many differences between Niral and me, I could base him on a real background. I was raised Hindu although I am agnostic, and I grew up in a highly multicultural environment, so I’m knowledgeable about many cultures and backgrounds. I’ve taken many trips to Thailand, India, Australia, and the American south, so that’s helped with the setting details and bringing them alive.

Finally, New York City was a very dangerous place when I was growing up (seems to be reverting back now), so I’ve had a natural connection to its criminal elements and the working class, but also to the wealthy elite, from financiers to lawyers and politicians. While the book is fiction, just being in that environment helped me with details and bringing it alive, although there was plenty of research done and the majority is based on that, but elevated by the imagination into fiction. And Hindu philosophy, a multifarious tradition which looks at life as a whole, with its elements of kama (pleasure), artha (wealth), dharma (duty) and moksha (enlightenment), provided me the ingredients that I could play and build with regarding the book’s drama, both internally within characters and externally in terms of the plot.

I felt that there were a lot of great twists and turns throughout the story. Did you plan this before writing, or did the twists develop organically while writing?

I usually have a two-tier process: I plan everything out, and then I just write and develop things as I wish, rarely staying true to the original plan. Sometimes it takes a few rewrites of the book to get to what I want. The Brotherhood was rewritten from scratch over 20 times, whereas The Run and Hide and The Dance Towards Death were written in one continuous draft, though I did rewrite the whole draft once more, to tighten up the action, and then did another run through to clean up the language. Then copyediting, proofreading, etc. So it depends on the work, but for the most part, I’m best when I do some light planning and then let things roll as they will.

Were you able to achieve everything you wanted with the characters in the novel?

That’s a tough question. I think The Dance Towards Death is satisfying, and most characters achieve their arcs, but not necessarily in expected ways. The book leaves a lot open too, just like in life. There will likely be a fourth book, but probably not anytime soon.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Bad Americans, the second book of my anthology short story series The Human Tragedy, will hopefully be available sometime in 2023 or 2024. I achieved my New Years Resolution in January 2022 by finishing the first draft–a whopping 300,000 words (the length of three full-length novels). It’s a very ambitious book–a 12 story collection within an extravagant frame narrative set during the Covid pandemic–parts Boccaccio, The Bachelor, Big Brother and Upstairs Downstairs. I’m getting great feedback from beta readers and the rewrite is going very well, but such a large book will take a while to perfect, and then there’s the publishing process…

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Author Facebook | The Brotherhood Chronicle Series | Good Americans/The Human Tragedy Series | The New Wei Literary Movement

Experience the thrilling action blockbuster that has been called “breathtaking” “awe-inspiring” “compelling” and “a must-read.”

Niral Solanke is on a mission, but he’s not sure who to trust: the terrorist organization that wants him to carry out a political assassination, the criminal gang that has him locked in perpetual debt, the drug dealer who wants his help setting up a new enterprise, or the religious organization that wants him to heal society.

The ingenuous way he balances these interests and survives is the core of this remarkable noir epic that also features the captivating stories of detectives, financiers, politicians, political radicals, military generals, strippers, hired killers and many others across the entire world including Thailand, India, Australia, Russia, the American South, and New York City.

The Dance Towards Death is the third book of the bestselling The Brotherhood Chronicle series, but can be read independently.

Could This Be Real?

D. W. Eamer Author Interview

The Satan Gene follows two people that are searching for the code that will rewrite human DNA before those that want to use it for evil get it first. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Initially, my story outline was crafted to connect as many conspiracy theories together as I could, coupled with a foundational story behind the New World Order and their ultimate goal of controlling the world. Surprisingly (and scarily enough), I was able to connect many of the conspiracies together into what I would call a master New World Order conspiracy.

The heavy religious overtones came into play along the way as many of the conspiracy theories I studied touched on them directly or indirectly. From there came the idea of basing the story around the Book of Revelation, the Second Coming of Christ, and those who sought to bring it about in order to become supreme rulers.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The core essence of the book is founded on the mission of exposing the secret plans of those who seek to attain control over humanity whether by consent or conquest. It’s, of course, fiction, but it applies to real world events we are living today.

What research did you do for this novel to get it right?

The research portion of the creation of The SATAN Gene was incredibly exhaustive because I wanted to be as authentic as possible, forcing the reader to ask the question at the end: could this be real? It took a better part of three years to get it all together, and then approximately two years to tie everything up neatly into a linear and coherent story that flowed well. I love doing research, especially anything pertaining to religion, history, and archaeology, so the process was not really labour-intensive for me. In fact, it was probably the most enjoyable part of the process as I touched on countless historical subjects and modern technology. It was definitely a wonderful learning experience. In the end, it allowed me to write the type of novel that I love to read.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have two more planned that will be Gareth Blackwell adventures! Seeing as the research is quite daunting for both, it may take some time before the next one hits the shelves. At the earliest, I suspect the second one will be published in two years, although I am not a big fan of rushing to produce a book. I firmly believe that each story needs to be high quality, and I don’t think that fast-tracking a story just to capitalize on popularity is the way to go. I want to deliver a polished product. What can the reader expect? More codes, secret societies, diabolical villains, church mysteries, double-crosses, and surprising twists!

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The seals of the Scroll of Prophecy are about to be broken, unleashing Satan on Earth.

A modern-day deep state European group with mysterious historical roots dating back before the time of Jesus Christ is urgently bent on implementing a diabolical crime against humanity in order to fulfill a two thousand year old biblical prophecy giving them the power to become the divinely chosen monarchs, ruled by a supreme god-man king on earth.

Tracked by the group’s merciless killer who believes himself to be a direct descendent of the leader of an ancient group of assassins that existed two thousand years ago, quantum biology doctoral student Abriana Stratton and former priest Gareth Blackwell join forces in a perilous race against the clock to find and decipher a trail of codes left by a brutally murdered government scientist.

Within his cryptic texts are the clues to the secret hiding places of the components from a stolen military application that could stop the apocalyptic events of an ancient prophecy.

Or bring them about.

Travels and Tribulations

Travels and Tribulations by Tyrel Nelson is a wonderful and insightful collection of short stories following the author’s journey through various locations where he has lived, worked, or just passed through. It is full of lovely anecdotes and in-depth recollections of some of his adventures as he has traveled around the world and recounts some of the interesting characters he has met along the way.

Each short story provides excellent insight for the reader into some of the lesser-traveled parts of the world and celebrates each culture Nelson had the pleasure of experiencing. This memoir is an excellent guide for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge about various countries or looking for travel tips for their own explorations.

This book is the perfect way for the author to share some of his more personal travel experiences. By incorporating some of the local dialects and languages from his adventures, readers experience the culture in a more personal manner. Passages such as, “¿Qué piensan los estadounidenses de la muerte?”, which are then translated for the reader, have the effect of transporting you on Tyrel Nelson’s travels with him. Giving a more rich and authentic feel to the writing.

Tyrel Nelson has created an informative and influential travelogue and shared some fantastic stories and knowledge of local areas while traveling. However, I feel each chapter could have been a bit longer as I yearned to know more about the surroundings and other events that took place while he was in the area. I would definitely like to learn more about his adventures.

Travels and Tribulations is the memoir of Tyrel Nelson. This heartwarming book is more than a collection of his travels; it documents his personal struggles and the challenges of losing his parents. What started as a project to pick himself up turned into a cathartic experience that he now shares with the world.

Pages: 101 | ASIN : B08T1R4DWY

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As The Story Dramatically Unfolded

Cinda K. Swalley Author Interview

The Golden Hearts Club follows two sisters as they take a road trip across the country where they find adventure, drama, and new friends. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My debut novel, The Golden Hearts Club, was inspired by a road trip my sister and I took when we were in our twenties. The first two chapters of the book have a lot of truth to them. We planned the trip for a year, saved our money, and bought a used red car. Our budget allowed only for camping, no motels, so we filled the car with all the necessities. During our year of preparation, many people we shared our plans with offered us names and phone numbers of their friends and family to visit if we were nearby them during our travels. Across the country we visited people; many whom we had never met before. We entertained them with our travel stories, and they offered us the sweetest hospitality as if we were part of their family. That made the trip very special, and as I started writing the story, I remembered the kindness that was offered to us. I wanted to use the premise of offering kindness to others in the book. I felt the characters and the story were leading me, and not the other way around. As the story dramatically unfolded, human compassion became the heart of the story.

After we left Texas, I got very sick. Probably from jumping in the freezing pool water in El Paso. Because I was so ill, we stopped at a run-down motel in Arizona that was listed in the Youth Hostel book we had with us. A Native American woman with a long grey braid greeted us and showed us to our room. As I started writing the story, I found my old photo album from that trip. One of the pictures was of our car parked at The Wagonwheel Inn. Our red car was packed full; the big red luggage box strapped to the top and our bicycles on an attached bike rack. The car was so weighted down I couldn’t believe it held up as we drove across the country. As I studied that picture, I began envisioning a story about the Indian woman that owned the motel and why she was living there by herself. Research about American Indians living in Arizona led me to create a detailed and emotional story about Rose and the tragic loss of her family. Chapter three has its own special story and left me heartbroken. From there, the story took wings and led me on a fictional and emotional journey that I thoroughly entrenched myself into.

There are a lot of memorable characters in this novel. Which character in the novel do you feel you relate to more and why?

I related mostly to Katie, and I put myself completely into her character because parts of her were me. Katie was the Midwest girl-next-door; innocent because of her small-town upbringing, and not wanting anything to change in her seemingly ideal life. I have always loved horses, so I wanted the main story to take place on a horse ranch … and the romance was imperative. Everyone will fall in love with Luke. During my years as a flight attendant, I experienced the lifestyles of wealthy people and thought that element could add intrigue to the story. In the book, when Katie trespasses on private property, she meets a family from a pharmaceutical fortune which includes dishonesty and discord in the family. Katie was introduced to an affluent lifestyle she had never imagined, and she didn’t understand why there were people who didn’t want her around.

I imagined each scene as if it was a scene in a movie; the way she stood, her actions, what she was thinking and feeling. Because I dream a lot, and sometimes I really do wake up laughing, I wanted Katie’s dreams to be a key element of the story. Katie had detailed dreams, but she didn’t know what they meant; were they just dreams, were they wishes and hopes, or were they visions of past and present. I also wanted Megan and Katie to be soul mates and best friends, but at the same time, I wanted them to have completely different personalities so I could play them off each other. Their relationship shines and people have said how much they love the commitment the sisters have for each other.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I wanted this story to be a journey of hearts, of learning and sharing, and I wanted to create a story that would share life messages. My focus was about love of family and how consideration and love can heal wounds and hearts, and even alter lives. I believe we can change this world of disdain and discord if we offer respect and kindness to others. I also wanted the story to be about having hope and how the decisions we make in our lives can affect many other lives.

One of the foundations of my book is about dreams and hopes, and as I started writing this story I was forced to look back on the various aspects of my life and how or why they happened. I recalled yet another coincidence—or fate—if you will, which has further reassured me that if you believe strongly in your dreams the universe will help you achieve them.

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to be a flight attendant more than anything and I applied to many airlines. I envisioned myself flying around the world and meeting new friends. But the airlines were not hiring at that time, so I went to college. But something that is not in the book, is that we actually did drive through a dust storm, and we ended up stranded in El Paso, Texas because our car broke down. We had to get jobs to pay for the new transmission. During our time there I met a man that worked for Continental Airlines who said the company would be interviewing for flight attendants and if I came back to El Paso in six months, he would schedule me for an interview. After we finished our trip, both my sister and I returned to El Paso. I interviewed and was hired as a flight Attendant. My dream came true.

Looking back on this, I questioned how this had happened, whether it was a coincidence, or destiny, or were my dreams leading me. Was it not completely ironic that my dream of being a flight attendant came true because our car broke down and we were stranded in the west Texas desert? We had no intention of stopping in El Paso. How intriguing is it that in a place we had no plan to stop, I met a man that offered me an interview for the job I dreamed about? So, I became convinced that destiny does exist, and I wrote about it. “Nothing in life happens by accident. Paths cross for a reason and for every action there is a reaction.”

Writing this book was a tremendous learning experience for me. It was exhilarating and fun, nerve-racking and exhausting; and because I was rooted so deeply in the story and inside the minds of the characters, it was emotional. I didn’t realize when I was writing it that all the random pieces of the puzzle, that sometimes felt insurmountable, were being custom fitted for me; not only for the content of the book I was writing, but at the same time, different puzzle pieces were coming together to form a new foundation for my life. I was finally able to appreciate and believe that the sensations I was experiencing during the research and writing process were being designed specifically for me—to create a blossoming new adventure for me.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

At this point I have not started another book, although I do have some ideas. Right now, I want to tell women to follow their dreams no matter where they are in their lives. I was in the third act of my life when I finished writing this book and I know the universe was leading me. As I wrote in the book, “Destiny is your potential waiting to happen, and when you’re ready to accept it, you need to be open for a change. It’s the grandest of possibilities—where your dreams come true.” I want women everywhere to know that no matter what the circumstances in your life are now, and no matter what your age is; your dreams can still come true if you reach out for them.

I wholeheartedly stand and say out loud with my Dream Weavers message to all women, “Dream Beyond. Love Beyond. Live Beyond.”

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“A charming story about dreams, hope, and how human compassion can help make the world a kinder place. This magical journey is rich with sweet life messages and inspiration that lead a young woman on a quest to discover her destiny. It is a memorable and meaningful story I didn’t want to end.” Angela Aja, author of Summoned To Soar.

The cross-country road trip began innocently enough–but unexpected detours lead them down a road that will change their lives.

Megan and Katie Summers are leaving on their long-planned road trip and are thrilled when the departure day finally arrives. But Katie is apprehensive because her dreams are confusing; a mysterious fire, two sisters screaming, an Indian woman with a long grey braid, a white horse, and trees that want to hurt her. She didn’t know how to interpret them.

Katie believes her mission in life is to spread the word that kindness toward others can change people’s lives, so she creates a club called The Golden Hearts Club and initiates new members when they do something nice for others. When she becomes ill, they stop at a run-down motel and meet Rose, an American Indian woman who nurses her back to health. The sad story of Rose’s family lost to tragedy sparks Katie’s determination to return to Arizona to help Rose find a new home so she will have a family again.

Things get complicated when they trespass on a California horse ranch and meet Jay and Luke Larone. Suddenly they are entangled with a family of a pharmaceutical empire that also includes a world of deception and family struggles. But when a tragic accident threatens to destroy many lives, the family unites to help a young woman they hardly know.

The SATAN Gene

The Satan Gene is a historical fiction novel by author D. W. Eamer. It combines mystery and thriller elements in which the protagonist of the story, Gareth Blackwell, searches all over Italy for clues and specific USB devices. The information combined within those USB devices is going to wreck the whole world. They contain the coordinates of The SATAN Gene program launch codes. It is a program that modifies the human DNA and can activate certain biological phenomena by sending specific frequencies. The instruction and information for all the processes are contained in those USB drives. The dying professor Ashcroft hands over the clues and one piece of the device to Abriana Stratton, who later meets Gareth Blackwell to commence on this quest of solving the clues and retrieving the complete program.

It is a fast-paced mystery and escapes a thriller with a killer constantly behind them. They are later on joined by the DARPA chief and other officials, but as they begin to unravel the clues, more secrets tumble out.

The writing style of this book is interesting and fact-filled. The author has talked about symbols, motifs, and religious allusions throughout the book. The clues were also based on the symbols and motifs related to religion and several religious sects and cults. The protagonist Gareth Blackwell is well-versed in bringing out the historical and symbolical importance of a particular symbol or action. It is interesting to read about all these symbols while staying on a continuous chase that might destroy the world if gone wrong.

There are a lot of characters who remain in focus throughout the book. The special attention remains on Blackwell, shared by Abriana Stratton for a large part of the book. The DARPA chief also gets his fair share of attention in the plot along with the assassin Sicarius. How the author has interlinked the past information and the story’s parallels are brilliant. The story moves smoothly and is fast-paced while pausing to explain the religious and pagan symbols in great detail. The book reminds me of the writings of Dan Brown, except the intervention of local police or security remains minimal in this book.

The twists and turns in the story keep the readers on edge. The sudden revelations and the chase through Rome and Italy lend an insight into the beauty and religious relevance of the city. The symbols and clues solved by Gareth Blackwell provided deep insight into the overall religious history of Christianity. This book does contain some gruesome details about violence and murders that occur, with no lack of visual details. It might be upsetting to some readers.

The Satan Gene is a riveting novel that fans of thriller and religious mystery will enjoy. The action and adventure of the chase, the mystery of solving the clues, and the thrill of evading the killer will have readers on edge and looking for the next clue.

Pages: 411 | ASIN : B09NCC5R9N

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Caravan of Pain

“A successful failure, and the honor of a lifetime.” The single line sums up the author Scott Alderman’s thoughts perfectly regarding his tour project for 2000, ‘Tattoo the Earth.’ In Caravan of Pain, Scott Alderman shares the many escapades that followed the catalyzing of his dream, ‘Tattoo the Earth’ tour, the first concert tour to combine tattoo and metal music worlds. As an initiative taken when tattooing was still underground and illegal in many parts of the U.S., this, however, wasn’t the only setback in the 2000 tour. The upfront memoir acquaints the reader with the behind-the-scenes resilience and determination involved in operating the unprecedented multi-day festival and tour.

A ten-chapter narrative, the book follows up Tattoo the Earth tour from its conception to completion, along with the many in-betweens of the challenges encountered along the way. From the unbosoming the seed of the concept to handling its various aspects, including the selection of bands and tattoo artists, and not to mention setting aside their skepticism and emotional weariness about being a part of something that’s practically a virgin idea, these chapters open the lid on stress, depression and the effects on those involved.

Caravan of Pain presents blatantly the stark image of musical bands and tattooing industries, and the genuine reaction from the audience in the late 1900s. It covers many prominent musical bands like Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Seven Dusts, and Slayer, along with the twenty metal brands of the time, and the eminent tattoo artists, all of which help to convey the pop culture of the time in a way that could not have been conveyed any more energetically. The images from the book, including those of the band artists as well as the tattooists, convey the colors and culture of the time while stirring readers’ interest in the various artists even more by letting them connect to them.

While depicting every aspect of his novel tour, the author has worn his heart on his sleeves. He has been open and sincere in his judgments on his associates, his corporate jobs, and even his questioning of the righteousness of his own conduct while putting the dream tour together. While bringing the reader closer to the reality behind the cool and hunky tattooists and band artists, as well as their lively and carefree lifestyle, the reader is also shown their true struggle to navigate life’s internal politics.

Caravan of Pain is a genuine story of perseverance, courage, resilience, and the harsh realities of the entertainment industry’s ruthless dealings. I recommend it for its candid narrative accompanied by witty comedy that covers a good deal of the history of music and tattooing. It’s a must-read for fans of 1990s pop culture and metal music.

Pages: 182 | ASIN: B09P5RJ9L5

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