The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship

A dragon named Dan lives high on top of a mountain called Marbled Mountain in Cloud City. Next to the mountain is a beautiful place called Sparkle Land, where a unicorn named Fran lives. They are both excellent and caring creatures who think they have everything they could ever need right where they are. Then one day, a big storm sweeps them both away from their homes, and they wind far from their mountain home. When the storm stops, they find themselves lost and hurt. Can these two different creatures become friends and work together to get home?

The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship, written by Charly Froh, is a magical adventure story that will captivate children. The first thing that caught my attention with this children’s book is the vivid and beautiful images created by Zuzana Svobodova. Children will love the bright colors and playful images that greet them with the characters Dan and Fran. Teachers and parents will love how the characters embody the characteristics of helping others, being bright, and appreciating the life they have.

One of the important lessons this magical book teaches kids is that it is okay to ask for help from others. Both characters had a problem after they were stranded by the storm and could not find their way home alone. Using teamwork and making friends made it so they could travel home safely and have fun along the way.

The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship is a well-written and illustrated picture book that will inspire children to imagine and teach them it is alright to need a helping hand sometimes, even from someone you don’t know well. This touching story of a dragon and a unicorn building a friendship and taking an adventure together is heartwarming and will become a favorite with children and adults alike.

Pages: 40 | ASIN: B0BNVLP3RC

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