Create Destruction

Head… Boulevard… Six… Park… Right… Flower… Worn… Ciao…

Thomas eagerly wants to help the world. Presented with an opportunity to do just that, he joins a government experiment led by Dr. Larson. This brilliant scientist believes Thomas can bring peace and order to a chaotic world. However, the method he chooses to achieve this aim is nothing Thomas was prepared to face. After enduring carefully crafted experiments, Thomas emerges as a powerful weapon. Yet, even after crushing conditioning, Thomas is left with questions about meaning, free will, and destiny. In the darkest moment, Thomas must decide his identity and step into his ability to choose.

Create Destruction, by Ryan A. Kovacs, is a brilliant and chilling philosophical exploration of humanity. The reader witnesses Thomas’ thoughts and experiences as he endures mental conditioning. Yet, even while being taught rhetoric and actions by Dr. Larson, Thomas remains contemplative of life, time, and humanity. Thomas’ father is the one voice that sheds light on this swirling darkness. He presents a competing philosophy to Dr. Larson’s worldview that connects Thomas to his humanity.

Free will and choice, as they relate to destiny, are the driving themes of this story. Can one truly have a choice in events if destiny has already chosen it for you? The writing style is utterly unique and intriguing. Poetic, vibrant, and succinct – the author conveys both the temporary and the eternal in a few lines. The immaterial ideas are infused into concrete events – reverberating increased meaning with every layer. Additionally, how the book is sectioned into poetic movements supports these themes.

It is important for readers to note that this book gives the most relevant details from Thomas’ perspective and allows readers to fill in the gaps. This is a powerful writing technique as the reader considers the philosophical implications of the events. Ultimately, the most personal theme was the idea that choice is still available even in the most crippling circumstances.

Pages: 159 | ASIN : B0BRNW1JY7

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