Struth! The debut novel of Ava Forme isn’t your traditional novel. Instead, it’s an unconventional blend of scientific propositions, theological musings, and philosophical reflections all wrapped into one highly innovative package. For the most part, this exciting book follows three main characters, Don, Ed, and Les. Each character represents a different theological viewpoint, as well as sexual identity and social attitude. For example, Don is a fierce atheist who revels in trying to prove God does not exist, while Ed is his opposite, a staunch believer. Les is somewhere in between, an agnostic who keeps an open mind.

The book begins with all three characters expressing their individual beliefs. They are then murdered in suspicious circumstances before finding themselves in heaven and being fast-tracked through the induction process, labeled as the “three wise men.” However, they soon come face to face with God and must wrestle with the fact that She and heaven, in general, is completely different from what any of them were expecting. In doing so, they discover the real spiritual truth, which Forme refers to as the Struth.

The author has structured this intriguing book to allow the characters to openly explore their own beliefs and how they relate to the world. Furthermore, in attempting to create a “theory of everything” that blurs the lines between science and religion, these alternative viewpoints are, in many ways, seen to converge and be equally valid.

The author tackles these big ideas with a grounded sense of humor, and as the novel’s plot gets increasingly offbeat, it also gets increasingly funny. At the same time, while the three main characters might start out as templates for different theological arguments, Forme succeeds in fleshing them out as likable characters. There are certain parts of the book that those with particularly orthodox religious views will likely find offensive. Forme does an excellent job of signposting these book sections and warning readers, but an open mind and a sense of humor are must-haves for this one.

Struth! is an incredibly innovative book, and Forme excels at asking big questions while making the reader laugh. This is one story that will have readers pondering their beliefs, laughing out loud, and questioning the universe.

Pages: 383 | ASIN : B078GHDSZ5

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