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Bill with a Will

Bill is an energetic character with a strong will and some cool rhymes. This lively children’s book follows Bill throughout his day as he tells readers how important it is to have a strong will, follow your heart, and never quit. This comes through with a host of other life lessons and great advice that Bill conveys through simple rhymes that children will enjoy singing.

This is an inspirational book with motivational messages and fantastic advice on nearly every page. Bill exudes cool. Readers will be able to relate to Bill in many ways. I was surprised by how much the author was able to fit into such a short book. Most children’s books focus on one ore two messages, but there is a lot of different things kids can learn from Bill in this book. There is even a ‘Reflection Time’ section at the end with questions that will inspire conversation between adults and children.

The vibrant graphic artwork will certainly capture readers attention, especially young children as their parent reads this story to them. I felt like this book should come with its own music so that it could be played while kids and parents sing the rhymes with Bill because they are lyrical and flow well. I enjoyed the diverse cast of characters in the book, which promotes diversity and inclusion, and I was very happy to see Bill helping his friends in the story as well. Which is yet another important lesson Bill teaches readers.

Bill with a Will is a fantastically educational rhyming book that will inspire and motivate young kids.

Pages: 25 | ASIN: B0BRNXJB1J

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