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A Quest Called Life

A Quest Called Life: An Anthology of emotions, moments and people that define life by [Mehrzaad Mogrelia]

Many of us at some point in our lives have wished we could go back in time and talk to our younger selves. Mehrzaad Mogrelia has spoken to his younger self in a series of beautiful evocative poems. He covers all aspects of life from childhood to travel as a young person to young love, friendships and eventually settling down with ‘the one’. He covers devastating failures, the journey from those ashes to the top, and even an enlightening, albeit a tad embarrassing, fall from grace as well as recovery from that. These are all moments that make up our lives from birth to death.

This book is not your run of the mill biography. It is beautiful with a smidge of poignant. It is evocative with every intention of spurring action from the reader. You read through this book and realize that there is so much you wish you had known when you were younger. It makes you want to dwell less on your failures and more on getting back up from them. You will find yourself wanting to change how you live your life now so that if ever you want to write a letter to your younger self in the future, it will say- You lived right.

The poems are long enough to communicate but short enough to leave the reader craving a little more. This is a small book. With only 50 pages, you can be done quickly and reread just to enjoy. It does not have any glaring typographical mistakes. The language is not flashy. The book has a laid back vibe. It is welcoming. The very first poem makes for a good opening as it sets the tone for the rest of the book. The title is apt for the content between the covers.

A Quest Called Life is a brilliant set of poems. It reads like a letter from an older inspiring and experienced friend.

Pages: 49 | ASIN: B08BTYZ1NB

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