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Surviving Baby Loss While Battling Infertility

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Shortly before delivering her first-born child, Christina suffers a complete placental abruption, and her life is forever changed. She faces loss, confusion, and frustration as she tries to understand the hand she and her new husband have been dealt. Nothing feels like the loss of a child, and nothing compares with the pain it brings. An otherwise healthy pregnancy ending so suddenly creates a myriad of questions and tests Christina’s faith in everything she thought she once knew and understood. Her story is real. Her story is true. And her story is a painful one.

Surviving Baby Loss While Battling Infertility is a poignant true story written by Kiali Jackie Garrett. The main character, Christina’s, story is told in present tense making it all the more enthralling. As she moves through the moments leading up to the heartbreaking placental abruption that takes her first-born son from her, the reader is pulled into her world and witnesses the true devastation she feels and how deeply she mourns for the baby she wanted so badly.

From planning for her tiny son’s funeral to moving through the steps of grief, Christina’s story is one to behold. She learns to open her heart again and feel. The raw emotions and true challenges with which she is presented offer readers a clear and moving picture of loss and how others cope with such tragedies. Throughout the book, Christina makes clear her conflicting feelings and is open about her inner struggles. Readers will find her easily relatable and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

One of the most touching parts of Christina’s story is her frankness about her feelings. The fact that she and her husband struggle with even sharing their story is very telling. It is indicative of the world we live in and the criticism and questions they feared they might face. Theirs is an extremely private and painful battle. The author is to be commended for placing this story in the hands of readers who so desperately need someone on their side who does not sit in judgement.

Never have I read a more open and touching account of the loss of a child and the battle to overcome infertility. I recommend this book to any reader who needs to feel less alone in their world of pain and questions.

Pages: 148


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