Life Cycles – Coincidences

Life Cycles by [Killion, Neil]

Neil Killion believes in the philosophy of a 12-year life cycle. It is the idea that big life events happen every 12 years with a sort of preliminary event 7 years into that cycle. He has examined this theory in the context of several human elements like relationships. This book examines life cycles with regard to coincidences and is the fourth book in the life cycle series. The author uses events in his own life as well as the lives of celebrities; he tells the story of how the Beatles were first signed by George Martin and the story of Star Trek among many others. This gives readers a chance to verify the facts for themselves as these are well-documented stories.

One thing that stood out to me in Life Cycles is how coincidence happen to coincidence-sensitive people and that these things are subjective. This idea adeptly stated by the author, grabbed my attention. What one person sees as coincidence, someone else may see as a logical progression. This book highlights the profusion of incidences of coincidence throughout history to convince the reader of the theory of life cycles. He uses a range of disciplines to challenge the popular viewpoints on life cycles and coincidences and bring about a new dimension from which to view life events and coincidences.

There was obvious evidence of extensive research throughout the book. Neil Killion has researched the subject and provides an abundance of evidence that, I think at least, will beg you to question and ponder the possibility. One thing is for sure, you will find yourself examining your own life for coincidences and trying to see if the life cycle methodology applies to you. I also found it intriguing how the author mentions coincidence-sensitive people. This book has a way of asking you to be one of those.

Neil Killion offers fresh insight into the subject along with an interesting new viewpoint and dimension of the methodology of life cycles and coincidences. I found his writing to be engaging and left me with little choice but to participate in the challenge that hides between the lines. The language is actually simpler than I would have expected for such a complex subject. The author has not written this book for academics. He has written this book for regular people. It seems to have a quality that pulls the reader’s interest and absorbs them in the subject matter. I was engrossed with this book within the first five pages.

Life Cycles is thought-provoking and makes you question things that you may have assumed were normal before. Life Cycle – Coincidences is recommended for anyone who might be curious about life, achievements, failures, pain, joy and everything in between.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B004I6DOVE

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