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Rainstorm of Tomorrow

Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy by [Renyuan Dong]

In his book Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy, Renyuan Dong introduces many ideas across various disciplines that help us explain the world around us. To do this he explores three basic themes: truth, ethics and aesthetics. He surveys each of these topics in three different parts throughout his book, using science and philosophy to gain a more holistic understanding of the human world, the different things that have been motivating us and what exactly we shall be looking forward to in the future in favor of human evolution.

The writing in this book has a great flow. Dong explains multiple complex ideas in a way that’s easy for the reader to understand, making the subject in question a very interesting one. Throughout his book readers will be challenged to think in depth about everything they know concerning the way in which humans operate and their understanding of philosophy. In each chapter Dong continuously asks questions and tries to give new answers to these questions, supporting each of his arguments with references that are compelling to the reader. He offers great insights that force us to think about the world and to doubt every piece of knowledge that we have been taking for granted. The part that I found to be the most captivating about this book was the one surrounding the topic of ethics. Dong challenges us to seriously think about our values to improve morality and make this world a better place for all of us, fighting the preconceived notions that will make many of us discriminate against others out of fear or feelings of inferiority. To achieve this, he proposes to strive for perfection and enjoy the journey along the way. This book made me appreciate humanity and how far it has come, and gave me a new lens through which to view the world.

Rainstorm of Tomorrow is an thought-provoking book written in a way that’s accessible to average people. It serves as a guide to help humanity understand what will possibly be best for us in the future. It traces a line that covers our past and makes us think about the evolution that we will have to maintain to guarantee that the world will continue to grow and become a better place for the future generations. Rainstorm of Tomorrow is an enthralling and brief history of the evolution of humanity that will give you a better appreciation of the human world as it centers around our individual and collective search for truth, ethics and beauty.

Pages: 193 | ASIN: B08DDGC4LT

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Ethics for Everyman

Author Interview
Fred Fox Author Interview

To Tell The Truth asks some hard questions and explores answers to those questions that will help readers improve their lives. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I had a Peak Experience (see Maslow) in ’93 or whenever. It was profound and affected me greatly. It led to the book.

What were some sources that informed this books development?

The Peak Experience, mostly. Also my studies of ethics during writing my MBA thesis.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Ethics for Everyman. Utilizing one’s built-in resources. Thinking for oneself.

What do you hope is one thing that readers take away from your book?

They have the ammunition. They only have to load it…

You are the most important person in your life. Having stated the obvious, where do you go from here? To Tell The Truth

Expressing My Extreme Disappointment

William Hanna
William Hanna Author Interview

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land delivers scathing commentary on contemporary society. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I am 81 years of age: and I don’t want to depart from this woebegone world without at least expressing my extreme disappointment, if not utter disgust, with the hypocritical double standards of western nations — including the US and its ethnic cleansing Apartheid “overlord” Israel — who over the past five centuries have dominated world politics with realpolitik foreign policies — politics based on practical situations and needs, rather than on moral principles or ideas — so that they can exploit everything and violate basic principles of law to achieve their political and economic objectives. Western nations have repeatedly committed war crimes and crimes against humanity on every continent in order to achieve their mercenary and often xenophobic objectives.

What kind of research did you undertake to complete this book?

Apart from the personal experience of growing up in various African and Middle Eastern countries — due to my parents living and working overseas — and witnessing how the indigenous populations were regarded and treated by so-called civilised European settlers — I first began serious research at the Toronto Reference Library in 1970 while living in that city and wanting to learn about the role played by religion in the historic persecution of human beings in “God’s Name.”

What were some key ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

All such ideas were based on the fact that that the concept of “human rights” cannot be either “conditional” or “selective” and will never become a universal reality unless applied to everyone, and by everyone, including those claiming to have been chosen by “God Himself.”

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That the ideals and rights they demand for ourselves, will never materialise so long as they stand by and do nothing while others are being denied those same ideals and rights.

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Zionism . . . promotes the narrative that the Nazi holocaust is exceptional in human history – despite it being one of many holocausts from Native Americans North and South to Armenia and Rwanda. It sets Jews apart from the victims and survivors of other genocides instead of uniting us with them . . . Billions of US dollars flow annually to Israel to sustain the occupation and Israel’s sophisticated and brutal army. The war machine they fund is a leader in the global arms industry, which drains resources craved by a world in desperate need of water, food, health care, housing and education.
– International Jewish anti-Zionist Network Charter

. . .Palestinian dispossession and occupation are by design. Zionism has meant profound trauma for generations, systematically separating Palestinians from their homes, land, and each other. Zionism, in practice, has resulted in massacres of Palestinian people, ancient villages and olive groves destroyed, families who live just a mile away from each other separated by checkpoints and walls, and children holding onto the keys of the homes from which their grandparents were forcibly exiled . . .
– Jewish Voice for Peace in its “Approach to Zionism”

What will be seared into the consciousness of the world will be the image of Israel as a blood-stained monster, ready at any moment to commit war crimes and not prepared to abide by any moral restraints . . .
– Uri Avnery, former Zionist Irgun paramilitary member

To Tell The Truth . . .

To Tell the Truth by Fred Fox is an inspirational book with one grand promise: it will help guide you, the reader, to a better, more informed life. It highlights how a lack of trust between people, the government, and the world around us can create a divide within yourself. By acknowledging truth and getting to the root of what this word means to each person, we are able to learn who we truly are deep down.

To Tell the Truth asks the tough questions. Who are we? What do we want? How do we want others to perceive us? These are questions we all encounter on a daily basis, but whose answers can feel intimidating. While we each exist as unique beings, we still have to face the fact that we are a part of a larger whole. To Tell the Truth poses a statement that sticks with the reader: You can’t know anything that isn’t true.

I found this book profound and impactful. As a society, there are always categories that keep us separate, and so many points of view floating around that sometimes it feels difficult to understand what the truth is. I loved the idea that community is founded in truth, and that together we understand what makes us ourselves but trusting others.

While the philosophy in this text is straightforward and encouraging, I would have appreciated more real life examples. I think the book could have benefitted from some personal stories or evaluations of individuals, examining how their thoughts might reflect the idea of truth over everything.

To Tell the Truth is the perfect book for those who might feel lost in life as an individual piece of a whole community that feels like it might know all the answers while you’re left in the dark. The philosophy in this book is encouraging, reassuring, and educated. It’s a great text to help you discover who you truly are.

Pages: 120 | ISBN: 1105257363

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A Theology for the Rest of Us

A Theology for the Rest of Us is an eye opening book that will help you learn more about religion and various religious practices. The author discusses in depth the roots of theology, different faiths and beliefs, and how different religions differ from, or are similar to, each other. I loved reading this book because the discussions are objective and the author does not force the reader to subscribe to his beliefs. What Arthur Yavelberg does is write about different topics and lets the reader choose the path they want to follow themselves. A Theology for the Rest of Us is a great book for readers that always yearn to learn new information about cultures, societies and religion.

Readers will love this book because it answers a lot of questions that bothers believers. Spirituality is widely discussed in the book and the author goes the extra mile to write about how it affects believers of different religions and why it is crucial. In this book you will read about western Christianity vs. Eastern Christianity, compare notes and get to learn of the impact each had. The reader is also educated about concepts and practices in Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism among other religions. I really enjoyed reading about the different religions. By the end of the reading, I realized that in a way, we are all the same despite having slightly different values as humans.

The author also addresses the complexity of certain things in faith, and gives the reader a guide on how to follow your instinct. The author also answers intricate questions about God and his persona. I appreciate the discussions on free will, reincarnation, who to believe, the identity of the divine and why we need to be good. The text in the aforementioned topics will enable you to understand humans and their characters, and make you reflect on self and how you have been living.

A Theology for the Rest of Us is not just a religious book. You will get history lessons from the book and also learn more about humanity. Every reader is guaranteed lifelong lessons once they are done reading the book.

Pages: 59 | ASIN: B0947CYS7Y

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The Broken Promise of a Promised Land

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land by [William Hanna]

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land is an informative book that will teach you about the history of the world, religion, politics, wars, iconic individuals in history and how events in the world shape humanity. I enjoy William Hanna’s writing because the author gets to the root of the subject before expounding on the topic being discussed. This book is great material if you want to understand religion on a deeper level, Zionism, Christianity and why believers trust the deities they worship.

I love what the author did in the first chapter. William Hanna started the book by talking about the origin of the universe, planet earth and life. This chapter is crucial for any reader that is curious about where human beings came from. The author discusses in detail the origin of man and how the world has evolved. Chapter one was one of my favorite chapters in the book. Other chapters that stood out for me include the chapters on Christianity’s pagan origins, Islamic schisms and sects, weaponization of anti-Semitism, western democracies and the erasure of people’s histories. I particularly loved the chapters that focused on these topics because the information in the book was both new and refreshing to read.

When reading this book, you realize that William Hanna is not afraid to speak his truth. The author is bold, direct, and open minded. He calls out vices in today’s society and passionately talks about the ills committed by renown figures and societies in history. This book will teach you more about what history has hidden from humanity. The author is not only a great writer but also a great story teller.

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land is an illuminating book with poignant commentary on society and religion, all delivered with sharp writing and a depth of understanding that ensures any reader will be able to grasp the ideas explored within.

Pages: 498 | ASIN:‎ B09C2SWGNY

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The Noble Edge

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time by [Christopher Gilbert, PhD]

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time is a remarkably inspirational self-help book that will provide readers with the tools they need to make better choices in their lives. Author Christopher Gilbert PhD discusses an array of topics that range from personal development, to the corporate world, to politics and a number of isms. What I enjoyed about Christopher Gilbert’s writing is that it triggers curiosity in the reader. As a reader, you get into an inquisitive mode and begin to examine different things in your life and the spaces that you share with others. The author also takes time to define and explain new topics in an appealing manner.

This was one of the easiest nonfiction books I’ve read this year. The language is simple throughout and ideas are expressed in ways that anyone can understand. This also helps the reader connect with the writing, especially when the author narrates past experiences and how he dealt with issues. Christopher Gilbert writes as if he is having a one on one conversation with his readers.

The book explores sensitive topics in ways that never feel derisive and remove the confrontation from the ideas and provides a basis where we can have a candid and open discussion. Which is remarkable in a book where I thought we would just be given some advice and sent on our way. The author provides real world examples to apply the lessons that he’s teaching.

Some of the chapters that I would recommend everyone pay more attention to include chapters on the wisdom of ethics, truth of ethics, subjectivism, relativism, transformation and the chapter where he discussed The Philosopher’s Vs. The Practitioner’s Ethics. I found these topics to be enlightening as well as illuminating.

With The Noble Edge, you are able to look and scrutinize your background, ask questions and challenge systems without fear. By the end of the reading, you will learn how to live ethically and make something out of yourself. This book is also great for psychology and business students. You will get tons of knowledge on how to navigate the aforementioned fields and learn of things not taught in the classroom.

Pages: 254 | ASIN: B09215ZSZQ

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THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SECRETS: The Hidden Power in Our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge by [Ramzi Najjar]

Ramzi Najjar wrote a remarkable book that will enable you to not only think about your existence but also question things that are considered the norm in society. The Ultimate Human Secrets is a valuable book that will help readers identify with what it entails to be human and how society and the environment one is raised in shape their views of life. Readers get to enjoy the content in Ramzi Najjar’s book because he writes based on facts and proved theories. I enjoyed reading this book mostly because the author was raw with the facts and data presented in the book.

A lot of people like living in fantasy. Some people do not want to embrace reality nor face facts. When you read this book, you learn that there is no escaping reality forever. In chapters that the author discussed reality and realism, I was able to learn about being responsible. As a functioning adult, you are supposed to take care of your mess. The author explains in detail why being a responsible human works best for you. This book has a dozen powerful life lessons.

Spirituality is a topic that is intimate for many. While reading this book, you get to learn why people choose the path of spirituality and how it works for them. The author is objective throughout this chapter and doesn’t show bias when highlighting his points. The chapter on awareness of dynamics and spirituality was so significant to me that I went through the text more than once.

By the end of the reading, one only thinks of prospering and how to align positive energy around self. Ramzi Najjar’s words are powerful.. The impact the author has on readers is massive. I appreciate the author for the wholesome content in the book and for writing about truths that many people are afraid of facing. This book will give you the confidence to face your fears. As a reader, you learn that the world is too big to be focusing on trivial issues.

The Ultimate Human Secrets is not only enlightening but also inspiring. This book takes readers on a thought-provoking and profound journey that will ultimately help readers take control of their life.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B095PD5NLX

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