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Reflections of Intimacy

Author Jewel Mensah takes readers on a photojournalistic exploration of intimacy and its different forms. Reflections of Intimacy helps readers take a deeper look at intimacy, understand the different levels, how we perceive it, and what it means to us.

Jewel Mensah takes a deep dive into intimacy and shows readers that there are many ways to be intimate and that the word does not need to be framed within the confines of an act. The act of being intimate is the act of being vulnerable and we do this through music, dancing, art, and by showing a piece of us that is private.

The author helps the reader view the word intimacy in a different light and I realized that the word is not just an act with another person but is the more private parts within myself. The author includes images in the book of a variety of intimate moments, some contain nudity, but all of them show the beauty of the intimate moments we all have. The combination of Jewel’s words along with these thought-provoking images makes the entire subject feel profound.

There were several times while reading that I stopped to reflect on what I had just read. This is certainly a fascinating book that expanded my view on this subject. Mensah’s knowledge and research on the topic shows throughout her book and is a perfect read for anyone who wants to open their mind and understand intimacy better. For me, I see intimacy in a completely different way now.

I highly recommend Reflections of Intimacy to those who are looking to explore a new and broader range of intimacy. This is an enlightening book that explores a beautiful topic in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

Pages: 96 | ISBN: 0578922835

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A Contrary Voice Of Reason

Michael W. Cook Author Interview

Meditations for Modern Man provides wisdom on morality, ethics, and everyday life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wrote this book at my son’s request. My book is a contrary voice of reason to an increasingly emotional and reactionary leftist society in America. For two decades I have been a parent, led Boy Scouts, and supervised military members. I have lived in several countries in Europe and Asia. I witnessed a severe decline in American critical thinking, rational thought, and historical facts. Contrary opinions to leftist (mostly Marxist and anti-Capitalist) dogma are literally being prosecuted as violating newly implemented company policy or worse prosecuted as a criminal without justifying the policy/law with facts, scientific studies, or logical argument. This is extremely dangerous and anathema to a free society.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

An old adage military leaders once professed was “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”. This maxim is no longer in vogue and is not a tenant of current Academia ideology. Contrary opinion is silenced and individuals espousing it are censored or de-platformed. “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it,” attributed to St Augustine of Hippo.

There are a variety of quotes I found valuable like, “When Logic fails, Emotion reigns.” What quote in the book do you find you most often refer to?

The quote I most often refer to is “An emotional mind is blind to reason, quick to anger, and intolerant of contrary thoughts.” This is the crux of the problem. Emotional people who cannot or will not think logically are easily manipulated. Rational people, on the other hand, question beliefs and behaviors while demanding those who profess them to logically justify them. Challenged emotional people quickly turn to anger.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Everyone must be able to challenge what they’ve been told, justify what they think, and logically defend what they believe. As Socrates wrote: “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Most critics of my book assume it is a “conservative viewpoint”. It is not. It is an unemotional logical viewpoint of traditional American values and principles. I hope people who were never exposed to contrary viewpoints are open-minded enough to entertain a rational belief.

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Filled with inspirational quotes…

… this is the book you wish your parents gave you.

Have you ever questioned what you believe to be true?

Many unasked questions are answered from nine topics: Leadership, Morality, Logic, Facts, Liberty, Criticism, Character, Education, and Politics.

Do you regret not asking a parent, grandparent, or mentor about certain life lessons?
Get this book now for the answers.

This book contains unapologetic content that could be emotionally and intellectually challenging to the reader.

If you are easily triggered, this book provides the opportunity to contemplate your strongly held beliefs and question your cultural conditioning.

An open mind is a free mind. Recent studies published in Clinical Psychological Science “suggest a trigger warning is neither meaningfully helpful nor harmful.”

A must-read for parents and children alike. Meditate on maxims developed by a loyal follower, moral leader, and compassionate parent.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The views presented are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Defense or its components.

Viglets – Time, Infinity, Eternity

Viglets III: Time, Infinity & Eternity is the final installment in Viggo P. Hansen’s series dedicated to what he has dubbed, humankind’s only hope for salvation in our deeply troubled world that is rapidly succumbing to computers and apps. Following on from Viglets Two which explored the happiness and joy of being dumb, we are transported to an analysis of the concept of time and essentially the human race against it.

This has the blueprint of brilliant poetry: Imaginative. Creative. Descriptive. The first pages greet you with an illustration named ‘Time in a Bottle?’. It was the vivid, descriptive imagery that lacked in the first and second Viglets books. The image immediately pulls the attention of the reader by eliciting an almost psychedelic thought provocation. Its position was tactful, working recall memories of related experiences in the reader.

Included in Viglets III are yet again, interactive exercises. Hansen has done well to improve these activities; they are clearer and more encouraging. They are complemented by laying the foreground for the reader to consider their own beliefs, values, and morals.

An obvious difference in Viglets III is the mischievous tone and upbeat rhythm in comparison to Hansen’s previously cynical outlook on the development of the human race. The metaphoric symbolism was drastically better used. The notion of the relationship between the purpose of life and time was philosophical and exquisitely flowed powerfully into Hansen’s signature free verse poetry and varying stanzas. The sincerity is felt through the lines.

With a sub-theme of faith – particularly mythical gods, fallen angels, and self-trust – the seeds are planted inconspicuously enough that the reader cannot help but think deeper about what each of the ten sections means to them. Highly recommend it for those who enjoy a thought-provoking read on the elements that make up the daily life of humans.

Pages: 90 | ASIN : B079587BR8

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Viglets: Ode to Dumbness

While Viglets One provided insight and blessed relief from irksome events that befall us all – at one time or another, Viglets Two – Ode to Dumbness is exactly what it sounds like: a dedication to Dumbness in general and Dummies in particular. A clever spin on the ordinary dictionary definition, this read smashes the stigma attached with success and failure through intricate verses of poetry and narration.

In what is referred to as the ‘Dummy BERP’ (those in business, education, religion and politics) the book explores the happiness and joy of being dumb, in some ways dubbing it a human right. A particular highlight was ‘Professional Dummies’ and the clever analysis on themes of education, industry, taxation and physical appearance. Hansen throws in a witty perspective on gun laws and continues his distaste for technology.

Divided into twelve parts, Hansen continues his signature writing style which favors free verse poetry and stanzas with various poetry lengths. Once again, we see creative exercises appear throughout the book and an almost satirically humorous tone color the pages. There is a fantastic consistency and flow in this installment. A clearer and well incorporated theme with a relatable and realistic outlook covering everything from the likes of work and politics to heritage and knowledge that allows the reader to engage with Hansen’s hypothesis.

For readers who want a break from real world chaos to energize their own happiness by poking fun at themselves. With a step-by-step guide on how to create Viglets, Hansen helps to bring the reader back into perspective and rejoice in the good company of billions of others who are experiencing the same wonderful thing – being dumb.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B07958DQF7

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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

Brurce Barcomb Author Interview

The Change Agent – Paradigm Shift in Consciousness teaches readers how to live a life through personal values by evaluating their life experiences, genetic makeup, and social programming. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I watched in horror at the Jan. 6th, 2021, US Capital Insurrection wondering how as a Nation we could have gone astray. What messaging had these individuals internalized so that they would attack our beloved Republic. For if Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

What you see you learn, what you learn you practice, and what you practice you become. And if, Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

That we have the ability to Change, create paradigm shifts in prior thinking or behaviors that we may have once believed, espoused, supported, or lived. These paradigm shifts are the difference between repeating patterns blindly, or conversely inspiring us to future growth.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have no current ideas, but I do take notes when something inspires me, mental book notes, so that when the right moment of inspiration is there the next natural logical write will transpire. Inspiration, not perspiration – – – always.

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The Change Agent – Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

The Change Agent – Paradigm Shift in Consciousness by Bruce Barcomb is an extensively researched philosophical book that will get you thinking. The author provides an enthralling capsulation of the fundamentals of philosophy, mythology, and religious ideologies as they apply to governing human affairs that are precise and to the point.

The purpose of Barcomb’s work is primarily built on inspiring the reader to bask in self-reflection and inspire one to live through personal values of holistic autonomy. An outstandingly devised structure greets the reader with the first section of twelve: The Template You’re Born With. It evokes a conscious reassessment of one’s life from childhood to the present and the influence of genetic makeup, psychology, spirituality, and social programming. The final chapter, A Nation Gone Under, was a stellar placement. It rounded out Barcomb’s work with a scrutinous, inquisitive eye on the Reagan era and Trump empire-turned-government using the hypothetical correlation between religion and politics in America.

The ongoing ideological theme of the book is this: “What you see you learn, what you learn, you practice, and what you practice, you become.” This theory is explained through the use of data tables and diagrams. Providing these visually engaging charts and tables brought logic and order to Barcomb’s work, bolstering the overall high-quality piece.

Readers without an adequate background in either political science theory, spirituality, or evolution will be able to enjoy the concepts intended to be followed in this book. In addition, research materials that are publicly accessible and verifiable will help readers make sense of Barcomb’s assertions and thought patterns. However, this is not a light read and will give readers much to think over as they go through the text.

The Change Agent – Paradigm Shift in Consciousness is an enlightening, thought-provoking, and informative philosophy book. This is a must-read for those knowledgeable in politics or philosophical principles and interested in the intercept between historical events and psychological influence and religion. 

Pages: 263 | ASIN: B09ZPZWT46

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Meditations for Modern Man

In Meditations for Modern Man author Michael Cook provides readers with inspirational quotes that cover a variety of enlightened and humanistic topics from logic to morality and more. These intellectually stimulating quotes empower readers with timeless wisdom that anyone can use in their daily lives.

Author Michael Cook has written a unique and thought-provoking book that many readers will find encouraging and uplifting. While reading the quotes in the book you feel as though you are getting advice from a mentor or someone who has experienced so much in life and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

I encourage readers to, as I did, stop and reflect on what is read, because while some quotes are subtle but potent, like this one “When Logic fails, Emotion reigns.”, I found others to be layered and profound. I’m sure that some of these keen aphorisms will echo in your mind as you go about your daily life.

This is a great book for readers who are looking to grow as a person and for those seeking an enlightened opinion on how to be the best version of themselves. I enjoyed the author’s candid and unapologetic voice in his book. Readers will be able to sense his personality, and I think these aphorisms hold more value because of it.

As I was reading, I found myself agreeing with many of the maxims, but I would have enjoyed a bit of an introduction to each section if only to dive deeper into the authors thoughts on the topic. There may be some quotes in the book that readers may not agree with, but I like that the author’s writing can spark debate, either within a group or within your mind.

The author has written an observant and enlightening book of maxims that can easily become common adages. I recommend this book to parents and to young adults who are ready to go out into the world on their own and find out what kind of person they really are. This is a fantastic book for anyone that is about to embark on a personal transformation journey, as these will help guide them.

Pages: 167 | ASIN: B09BQ9FWW1

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Living Now With Eyes Wide Open

Bailee Walker Author Interview

If I Only Knew provides readers with critical life skills not taught in school that will help them improve themselves and protect their family. Why was this an important book for you to write?

The information was my therapy/journal that took on a like of its own. After a 30+ years I wanted to share what I’d learned, as a former sheltered individual, living now with eyes wide open.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

Knowledge is power.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Open your eyes, and look around you, and understand that if you want to hit the ground running in the right direction, you need to have a plan of action. I left home 45 years ago without a clue about life skills, I bumped my head several times, but luckily was smart enough to not lose my freedom or my life along the way.

What is a common misconception you feel many high school graduates have about life today?

That you can do what you want, when you want without consequences.

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If I Only Knew: Life Skills Not Taught In School

There is a lot in life that isn’t taught in schools. Yes, we get our basic education in school, but what about life skills? Understanding how the real world works is a skill that needs to be learned in order to become a strong, well-functioning member of society. Those leaving high school, sometimes even college, are shocked at how the world works because they were not prepared. Knowledge is power. Learning these important life skills will prepare you for the real world. It will help keep you safer and may help protect those that you love and care for.

This book is a collection of stories and news from around the world set out to show you and teach you the skills you were not able to get from school. Learn about ways to protect yourself and your family by reading tales of those who didn’t know better. Better yourself, be stronger, be aware, and stay diligent.

Some of the topics covered:Critical Thinking
Healthy Relationships
Better Research Skills
Street Smarts
Basic Life Skills
Manners and Etiquette
Domestic Violence
Living In Bad Neighborhoods
Avoid Being A Victim
Black-on-Black Violence
This collection includes 3 books for the price of one. If I Only Knew is broken down into three separate books with tons of information, stories, and news.
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