Darrienia: A Fantasy Adventure

Darrienia: A Fantasy Adventure (Forgotten Legacies Book 1) by [Simmill, K.J.]

‘Darrienia: A Fantasy Adventure (Forgotten Legacies Book 1)’ is a perfect novel for readers who love fantasy and young adult fiction. The mild action in the book, great characterization, and swift development of the plot are some of the features that made the reading experience worthwhile. The reader is taken on an expansive adventure where only Elly knows the destination.

K.J. Simmill’s style of describing events paints vivid pictures for the reader to visualize the story. I love how bravery emerged from some unexpected characters. We’re introduced to Elly at the start of the book. She has lived many lives and has been through numerous experiences in her life. One of the most memorable things she had accomplished was to assist Marise, the aggressive assassin she had trained. I liked Elly because she seemed sharp and smarter than most.

I like how diverse K.J. Simmill’s characters are. They gradually, and unexpectedly, gain layers to their personality as their rousing journey continues and their backstories unfold. Acha, Daniel, and Eiji are extraordinary and play unique roles in the group. Elly and Zo stood out to me because, although they seemed similar in many ways, their interactions were consistently engaging and was something I always looked forward to. The mystery behind Zo’s secret was compelling. How can one not know that they have a dark secret?

‘Darrienia: A Fantasy Adventure (Forgotten Legacies Book 1)’ is an engrossing story with a remarkable cast of characters that inhabit an intriguing world. Love and friendship motivate the characters, but the mystery inherent in the story line is what kept me frantically flipping pages.

Pages: 744 | ASIN: B013ETP0RG

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