The Chronicles of the Virago

The Chronicles of the Virago: The Novus by Michael Bialys is a thrilling paranormal fantasy novel about a twelve-year-old girl named Makenna Grace Gold who lives in Southern California. She becomes a big sister when her twin brother and sister, Noah and Emilyne, are born. But these babies are special–they are The Gift that can save humanity. Makenna learns she is The Protector, tasked with guarding her newborn brother and sister and their parents from harm. But even with the help of the Ancient Weapon and three fairies guiding her, she doubts herself. How can a twelve-year-old girl protect her family from Evil and his minions?

Author Michael Bialys has written a spellbinding action adventure story that’s filled with middle school drama, but remains deeply compelling. One thing that strikes me about this novel is how fun it was to read. It was an adventure novel following an underdog that you liked to root for. I liked the main Protagonist, Makenna. She was spunky, and I loved that she was a skateboarder, which is much more commonly seen for male characters in stories. As Makenna tried to take on this huge responsibility of keeping her family safe, she makes mistakes, but it was believable because she’s still just a kid herself. I really felt like her character was authentic, although she rarely used words I thought were outside a kids vocabulary. I liked the three fairies in the story, cousins Bree and Dee, and Marigold, who worked together to mentor and train Makenna, and I liked the form that the Ancient Weapon took for Makenna, it was all imaginative and entertaining. I also enjoyed the addition of Makenna’s new friend at school, Stephen, who jumped in to help her despite the danger. Readers will be excited to discover Makenna’s continuing adventures to protect Noah and Emi in Book Two of The Chronicles of the Virgao: The Apprentus.

While I loved the overall story and arc of the novel, I didn’t think the inclusion of the Bible story about David and Goliath fit in a children’s fantasy novel with fairies and a talking earthworm. There was so much fantastic imagination that went into developing this world and I didn’t think that religion fit with the mythology in the book. Also I would have liked to see Makenna involved in more physical training before she was able to go head to head with such powerful adversaries and succeed against them. But this desire comes from the story being so grounded to begin with, and author Michael Bialys does a great job of providing good reasoning for things happening already.

The Chronicles of the Virago: The Novus is an urban fantasy novel that I would heartily recommend to young readers, and even adults, who are looking for a fun fantasy adventure that is easy to follow and is thoroughly entertaining.

Pages: 126 | ASIN: B07BN5T8CY

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