Night Air Descending

Night Air Descending: A Novel (The Life and Stories of Jaime Cruz Book 2) by [T P Graf]

Jaime knows exactly how fortunate he is to be part of his adoptive family. His past is riddled with trauma and hardships, but he has managed to persevere and grow close to a whole new group of people he considers his true family. He spent his childhood and good portion of his adult life feeling unwanted and unloved. No matter what happens, he knows that his new family supports him and will be beside him every step of the way even if that means watching him delve into his past. Jaime knows that this is one journey he will not need to endure alone.

Night Air Descending: Book II from the Trilogy – The Life and Stories of Jaime Cruz, by T.P. Graf, continues following the life story of main character, Jaime Cruz. A reunion with his sister has been in the making for a while, and in this second installment, it becomes a reality. When Jaime contacts Zoey, he doesn’t expect to hear from her much less make a lasting connection. Above all else, he never expects to hear about her life-changing diagnosis.

Graf has a unique way of making Jaime’s stories feel palpable for the reader. I always feel that I am side-by-side with Jaime, watching his life unfold. There is a different feel to Graf’s first-person narrative style, and I have to say I enjoy it immensely. It’s comfortable and laidback which makes for an easy and smooth read. Graf’s characters each have wonderful quirks and offer readers relatable little nuances at every turn. Jaime never disappoints. The way in which he handles each crisis in his life is admirable and makes for an engaging storyline. The dynamic that exists between Jaime and his adoptive family is a loving one, and the one between him and his sister is genuine and touching.

The backdrop of the ranch and life out west is a perfect setting for Jaime’s story. Graf’s descriptions are not overdone and blend perfectly with his characters’ personalities. I cannot see Jaime’s storylines working in any other setting. The idea that he has gained a new lease on life meshes effortlessly with life in the west–beautiful, untouched horizons and land that remains protected from change. It’s the ideal fit for Jaime.

Jaime’s story, simply put, makes me happy. For all the hardships he has endured, his outlook is positive and his temperament remains even and patient through the changing circumstances. He is a sweet spirit I have truly enjoyed getting to know in Graf’s series.

Pages: 222 | ASIN: B08R7PZ2FG

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