The Treachery Of A Weasel (The Roar of a Dragon Series)

The Treachery of a Weasel by Robert Blanchard is a sequel to The Roar of a Dragon, a fantasy that continues to narrate Aidan’s journey to fulfill his destiny. As a knight, Aidan quickly adapts to a life of travel and battle, establishes an alliance with a dragon, and stability in various kingdoms worldwide. The story begins at a quick pace, detailing the conquering of Delmar and the creation of new kingdoms and regions throughout the realm. Narration is rich and detailed, with flashbacks of Aidan’s mentor, Garridan Winslow, and the impact of the training on his psyche.

Despite his inner turmoil and recurring nightmares, readers can still make a deep human connection with Aidan and his struggles to fight and endure. His mind quickly darts back and forth, connecting the horrors of his past with ongoing challenges that lie ahead and how he will charge forward. The author consistently draws the reader in with lively dialogue and character development. As a reader, you’ll be immediately drawn in, following Aidan, as he takes you on his quests across the globe.

If you’re looking for a story full of adventure, The Treachery of a Weasal is an exhilarating tale from beginning to end. The flow is quick and sharp, keeping readers engaged in Aidan’s human approach amid even the most grizzly and challenging aspects of his quest. It’s a page-turner that keeps an even pace of dialogue, steady narration, and excerpts of written correspondence between the characters. The description is bold and easy to visualize, without too much detail to lose the reader, which is ideal for the story’s pace.

While the book is a fast-paced and enjoyable read that doesn’t slow much, giving readers a marathon that keeps them turning one page after the other, overall, the story is excellent. However, there are times when a slight change in pace may give the reader a much-needed chance to reflect on the story and prepare for what’s next.

The author creates interesting and relatable characters that give the overall tale lots of dimension for an entertaining read. The Treachery of a Weasal is an excellent book for fans of the series or anyone looking for a riveting fantasy tale with deep lore. It gives fans of the series exactly what they’re looking for: further plot development and a continuation of an exciting adventure. The Treachery of a Weasel is filled with thrilling plot twists, exciting characters, and engaging battles.

Pages: 204 | ASIN: B07GMDZCW2

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