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Silver Heels

Silver Heels is a sequel to the book Silver Lights by author Michelle Lynn. The protagonist Skylar Lynn is a realtor who also makes a living dancing at Silver Lights, which is often frequented by influential and powerful men. The relationship between the character and the silver heels is similar to the analogy of the silver lights. The silver heels represent the confidence Skylar needs to walk her path, as well, as the silver lights accompanied her with the same intent. However, the dancer’s ambitions go beyond this; she wants to succeed in the movie business. After catching the eye of a billionaire at the club where she dances, she finds herself getting closer and closer to fulfilling her dreams.

This contemporary novel has a slow-burn start drawing the reader into the lives of the eccentric characters. There are a lot of key players that need to be introduced in this compelling story. From real estate agent to exotic dancer, Skylar will do anything in the name of getting her screenplay in the right hands and will put herself into a position to be seen.

Readers will be given drama, sexual content, exotic dancing, and dangers to keep the action flowing. However, the things Skylar craves for herself, romance and fame, are not the only focus. Corruption and its agents, the mafia and powerful billionaires, make this well-crafted book a page-turning experience for the reader. The author gives readers passion and the tension one feels from the high-stakes aura that permeates Wall Street. The mafia’s intrigue and mystery will pull readers in to see how Skylar navigates this new arena.

Silver Heels feels like the start of a bigger story. The action, romance, and drama will appeal to readers that love a narrative driven by a strong female character. This is a captivating and sensual novel that is an excellent choice for those who want a quick and exciting read.

Pages: 166 | ASIN : B085S6MN35

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What Comes Before

Rosa Jordan
Rosa Jordan Author Interview

When a group of writers come together In Search of a Happy Ending, they discover the stories they write down are not the stories that need to be told and together they discover their own happy ending? What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Actually, the stories they write ARE the stories that need to be told, but not the COMPLETE story. Pi, for example, writes cops-and-criminals stories with no indication that they reflect his own background. Eve is trying to write about the relationship between Fidel Castro and Celia Sanchez during Cuba’s Revolution, but is having difficulty because she has never been either a revolutionary or deeply in love.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

This is a story about stories. Everybody has one (or several.) Caring enough to find out what other people’s stories are is a way of connecting with people who on the surface seem very different, and there’s much to be gained from those connections. Those too self-centered or judgemental to take the time to learn other people’s stories impoverish themselves unnecessarily.

Another idea this story is meant to dramatize is that of “present-time comparisons;” that is to say, the value of comparing what they are doing right now with what else they might be doing right now, and choosing the activities that are most satisfying, instead of comparing what they’re doing now with things they used to do which are no longer options. When 35-year-old Eve becomes dispondent about no longer having the stamina she used to have, Scott gently points out that if he compared his present soccer skills with those he had when he was 25, he’d never show his bony legs on a field again. But he can still get great pleasure by comparing how much he enjoys seniors soccer with, say, sitting around the house doing nothing.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The importance of finding ways to make life meaningful, regardless of how long we have to live or imagine we have to live. As Eve tells Raynee, who is always insisting that stories be given a “happy ending,” it’s not the end that counts, it’s what comes before.

Because so many elements of modern life tend to isolate us, it’s important to be pro-active about developing connections with others. Not only do such connections enrich our immediate life, they make it more likely that we will have the support of others when we need it–as each of us do at some point, no matter how self-reliant we try to be.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m three-quarters through a long “creative nonfiction” biography of the Cuban revolutionary Celia Sanchez, Fidel Castro’s “significant other” throughout the war against the Batista dictatorship, and for the next twenty years when she more than anyone else worked to create a Cuba that conformed to revolutionary ideals of social justice. It has three sections: Clandestina (the years she was working against the dictatorship before she met Castro, Guerillera (the two years she during the war when she lived with him in the Sierra Madre), and Architecta (the twenty years following victory when together they pursued revolutionary goals: his to make Cuba free of US domination, hers to build the infrastructure (homes, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, and much more) to enhance the quality of life for everyday Cubans. CELIA: THE WOMAN WHO SAVED CASTRO & THE CUBAN REVOLUTION (working title) will be finished by the end of 2022. As for when it will be available, that’s up to the publisher. By now I have enough experience to know that finding a publisher can take several years, and is likely to take two years after that for the publisher to bring it out.

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Vancouver Sun | Nelson Review | Rosa Jordan

Six months in the life of a Vancouver writing group; each member has three stories: the one they are writing, the one they are living, and the one they are hiding. Eve tells no one that her cardiologist has indicated that she is in danger of imminent death. But if she, only 34, is running out of time, what about the others? The group leader, Hector, is 86, and his wife Golda is even older. Celebrity-seeking Chelsea’s recklessness is so extreme that no one wants to ride in a car that she is driving. High school dropout Raynee thinks five huskies are all the protection she needs for solo mushing in the mountains. Perhaps Pi’s bloodthirsty stories peopled with characters who always end up dead are not fiction? Is Scott’s prostate cancer really in remission? And why is enigmatic Lisette convinced that if the family she has fled ever locates her, her life will be over? As the novel unfolds, a theme emerges from the very different pieces of writing presented for discussion. Each is a reminder of the tenuousness of life. As members of the group discover each others’ past secrets and current crises, unexpected relationships develop that may save some of them, but lead to the death of others. The stories they are writing will be altered, the ones they are hiding will be exposed, and the ones they are living will be given entirely different endings.


Storm: Book 1 by [Steven Paul-Germané]

Steven Paul-Germane’s Storm is an intriguing mix of erotica and mystery. It follows the life of Philip Stevens (Storm), a young man born into privilege. Born on a stormy day in June, he is a triplet, his two brothers are almost identical to him. It’s therefore no wonder that each triplet was hell-bent on having an individual personality separate from the rest while growing up. Unfortunately, Storm’s major personality trait is that he is a player, using both men and women as sex toys. As such, a big part of the book is filled with his sexual exploits. That aside though, there’s a serious mystery plot taking place concurrently – someone is stalking members of Storm’s family. This escalates from page to page, leading to a series of unfortunate events. Ultimately, there are many casualties and broken hearts. What’s more? The plot twist at the end is not only unpredictable but also downright disturbing. If you are a reader into books that leave you wondering what you just read, Storm is for you.

Another great thing about this book is the fact that its dialogue and prose are written in light, simple language – there are neither long-winded paragraphs nor heavy vocabulary. This makes the book easy to read. Also, the fact that the book is written in the voice of the main character from the beginning to the end gives it a uniformity that makes it a breeze to read. The disclaimer on the first page letting you know that there are a lot of erotic scenes in the story is not an understatement, readers looking for a hardcore erotica novel will have their fill with this book. If you are a reader looking for a vivid erotic novel then this is for you, as it very descriptive and this sometimes overshadows the mystery at the center of the story, making it feel like more of a subplot.

While the premise of the book is incredible, its outlandish story will entertain readers who are looking to read shockingly provocative carnal literature. Storm: Book 1 is an easy book to get into and has an interesting premise, with a little editing, this book has the potential to take fans of Fifty Shades of Grey to the next level.

Pages: 394 | ASIN: B0792JG5HQ

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Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes : A Tale of Joe's Addiction by [Seamus Corcoran]

Behind Blue Eyes by Seamus Paul Corcoran is a psychological fiction novel that takes readers through an authentic life journey filled with stories of healing and recovery. Joe Marley has a successful and prominent career, but the death of a son and the end of a marriage leave him feeling numb and empty. As many in his position do, he eventually falls into the arms of addiction, abusing alcohol and drugs. Due to the wrongs committed under the influence of addiction and rage, Joe ends up in court, accepting to go into rehabilitation to avoid jail. Hopeless, he arrives at the Janus Clinic where he struggle to turn his life around against all odds.

The description of the Janus Clinic is simply splendid: a health center with the true mission of helping and curing people, giving them love and tenderness. Through Joe’s eyes, we get to see the power and importance of meaningful human connections, which Joe gets to fully live, experience and appreciate after a few days at the clinic. Dr. Janus has a big heart and uses all his ability to provide a safe haven for those unfortunate souls that have forgotten how to live and have given up on life. This is a story of a man’s path through recovery, where the soul awakens and the heart starts to feel alive again. The story is centered around the Janus Clinic. The outsiders don’t seem to understand how it is possible that only one place seems to have the ability to cure the minds and hearts of so many people. The mystery though, is no secret, there are no magic words nor strange drugs involved. The Janus Clinic’s success is due to its wholehearted dedication to its patients, where love, attention, understanding and companionship are given priority, portraying a natural and healthy mindset for the medical approach to mental health.

The story is beautiful and meaningful, with characters that excellently present the intense emotions that come with life, making the reader feel a variety of sensations throughout the book. The intrigue also increases when unknown forces try to sabotage the fame and success of the clinic, introducing a mystery into the plot and letting the excitement grow. The story is highly entertaining and the reader almost gets to heal alongside Joe. The reading experience is a absorbing one that awakens the human spirit, and reminds us to reconcile with ourselves and with life itself. It’s very calming to read about Joe’s recovery path and readers will be able to relate to him.

A plus is Corcoran’s writing which is very beautiful and poetic, making the story even more enthralling and captivating. There’s pain and hurt in the story, but there’s also love, hope and healing, mixing all the human emotions into a wonderful experience. Behind Blue Eyes is an impassioned novel that brilliantly portrays the real path to recovery and the path to life, with a beautiful narration style that’s soothing and reminds us of what truly matters.

Pages: 295 | ASIN: B098KBHVXS

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Echoes of Light

Echoes of Light by [Jani Viswanath]

Echoes of Light, by Jani Viswanathis a compilation of poems and short stories with the common underlying theme of hope, compassion, and love for the world around us and the people in it. The book consists of five poems covering five major themes of death, mortality, uncertainty, nostalgia and love. Additionally, there are six short stories that are set across the world with a common thread of compassion and humanity that perfectly sets the tone of the book. The stories take us from pandemic struck Indonesia to the caste system of India, and each story manages to stir up deep emotions of humanity that make us feel for all the people that Viswanath talks about.

The short stories evoke deep emotions. Written beautifully and in sweet, simple language that is easy to consume, these short stories talk about ordinary lives and their struggles. In less than twenty pages, the author makes us feel for the characters, empathize with their struggles and bring the story to a satisfying conclusion about how they conquer them. A cherry on the cake is the individual brief introductions to the theme before every poem and short story and the epigraphy to the book, which help set the tone for the upcoming story or poem. These small things, this focus on details, provides an overall soothing literary experience for the reader. Everyone indeed will find something that they cherish in this book.

Echoes of Light is an impassioned book with wonderfully immersive stories and beautiful overarching themes. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read, which connects with their heart and soul and truly speaks to them. The poems touch upon the futility of human life and bring up a myriad of emotions, so the readers are in for a emotionally-charged journey of discovery.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B097P8N83S

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Inside Isla

Inside Isla by [Liz Breen]

Inside Isla by Liz Breen, is an impassioned tale following Isla, a suburban mother of two children who is living in a loving home as a writer. Inside Isla, as the title suggests, is a peek inside Isla’s life as she herself writes a novel about Gem Fallon, Isla’s fictional main character in the story she is writing. This emotionally charged women’s fiction story takes place in modern day London, where Isla is a busybody, navigating through the struggles of being a writer and a homemaker, raising children and keeping everything together at the same time.

This is a simple but poignant story of a writer experiencing the travails of life. While not filled with nail biting tension it is a delicately woven story that explores deeply emotional moments in life. The story slowly reveals Isla as a complex and stirring character that goes through an enthralling transformation.

At first glance, the pacing of the story is slow. Not only do we sit through Isla’s thoughts, her struggles with her kids, and a marriage that is falling apart, we also see the things, Isla’s main character Gem, is going through. Isla, our novelist, pours her soul into Gem. When she wants to escape her life, she sits and writes. Words flow through her fingers as Isla escapes into the world she has created. With her emotions, she breathes life into Gem. This methodical exploration of a writers life is compelling and provides a unique insight into a lifestyle few live.

My favorite parts of Inside Isla were when Isla would think about Gem, especially when she thinks about ending her own book and how she will have to part with her own characters, I love that, but I may be biased being a writer myself.

Inside Isla is an emotionally resonant book that invites readers into a personal story that feels authentic and meaningful.

Pages: 218 | ASIN: B091KVMGCJ

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Lives That Are Gradually Destroyed

Nooshin Mohajerin
Nooshin Mohajerin Author Interview

Where I am Standing is a thoughtful collection of short stories that provide subtle but potent commentary on life. What inspired you to write this collection of stories?

The book is about a hometown which, little by little, witnesses ruins in all aspects there. It is a narrative of valuable spiritual and worldly lives that are gradually destroyed and turned into ashes. The name of the book “Where I am standing” illustrates the place a human is born and stands on his root, hometown. This can be interpreted as every human being’s life status encompassing all sorrows, joys, struggles and desires.

Did you write these stories specifically for this book or did you write these stories over time?

I have written the stories over time since each story was an inspiration through gradual degradation of human’s life around me.

My favorite story from the collection is ‘Human Being’. Do you have a favorite story from this book?

As you know generally it is almost impossible to choose one of them, but I can tell you some of them are different; Scarecrow-The Alley- Titanic, War, Lost, and My Shadow.

What are some themes you wanted to explore in this book?

The themes mostly deal with the human values which are about to vanish as well as all symbols of life in every individual’s life span.

Author Links: GoodReads | Amazon

Her head was full of words; the words to be spoken every day, to be heard every day. But now, there was neither one to listen nor to talk to. She was experiencing a miserable downfall every day. She was born in the capital and had lived there for a long time. Every day, little by little the city went toward devastation in years. In fact, she lived in ruins. The city descended in all aspects.I can see how has an ugly new city been constructed on my city; my ruined city. The small trees were planted and the stout trees were cut and left just as a decayed log. Sometimes I can find an old tree with cut branches, ashamed, faded in a run-down alley.I am lost in a city that looks other than mine. I feel I am drowning in a swamp. I have only strong roots while all my branches have been cut; so even with a hand, I can do nothing. The crows fly above my life, I just observe how they feed on this slough. The Oriental Planes, the trees of my childhood grown and rose with me. The trees with whom we spent seasons and left the springs to the winter. The trees made four seasons with you.To say goodbye means you enter a new chapter of life; means something pushes you and, inevitably, you have to continue your way. Sometimes it seems bitter than a simple bye; a long journey, to die, divorce; a long sulk carrying heavy bad feelings for long. All these can damage your heart, your feelings and throw you toward a new and completely different way. Sometimes, there is some hope in goodbye and the future in front of you and freedom. Though there might be confusion, feeling blue, loneliness.I open my eyes while I do not really know for what purpose I have to. By waking, the first thing that always my brain asks is “what day is today” but what I just know is the sun has risen and the day has started. The global calendar says today is just a day with no prefix. The world has completely lost its attractions and, more importantly, its luxuries and all your stuff, like your expensive clothes, the precious rugs, and furniture, charming accessories, all seem worthless and useless. As if the death angle is around the corner. It is a sign and power of death. Our world was paralyzedI am walking in my city; among ruins, Stinky stagnant waters, the old ugly crows, and the rats chewing the bottom of bases in my city. The trees have been growing, but with distress, have spread their branches. Taking all these together, Covid-19 has devastatingly spread itself over my city.

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm by [John C Hill]

Tales about animals, their ways of living, and their characters are always fascinating to me. In the book FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm, John C. Hill writes about a group of foxes and how they live. He narrates their adventures, the challenges they go through and the love they have for each other. One can almost visualize the foxes in their habitat when the author writes about them. I like that the author made the animals adapt some human characteristics. By doing this, he gets the reader to reflect on some traits human beings have and how they affect those that they live with.

This is an impassioned and thought-provoking work of literary fiction. The story is engaging and easy to follow and, rarely if ever do I mention the wording of a novel but, the diction here is excellent. FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm is the kind of book you would read and share with others as the stories are not only engaging, but also fun and funny. John C. Hill’s is accessible, I think, to different groups of readers; avid readers will appreciate the captivating narration, young readers will surely be enthralled with the animals, and literature enthusiasts will appreciate the subtle but profound depth of this book.

There are several themes and lessons that are explored in fascinating ways throughout the book. Major themes include family love, loyalty, dealing with foes, working hard, the power in unity and choosing one’s battles. Lessons on being the best version of yourself, honesty and being mindful of what you do are also displayed in the book in fresh ways.

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm is a short read that could easily be completed in one sitting, but is nonetheless entertaining. FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm introduces readers to some compelling animal characters that find themselves in some humorous situations on a farm that any reader will enjoy.

Pages: 99 | ASIN: B08WCGTC98

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