Prince Ewald the Brave

Prince Ewald the Brave, by Dylan Madeley, is the story of a young prince who becomes a respected royal. Prince Ewald is the sheltered first-born of the House of Kenderley with two younger siblings, Isabel and Bonifaz. With the help of his family, Ewald discovers who he truly is, what kind of ruler he wants to be, and how to finally stand up to his father.

Madeley begins the novel by introducing the reader to the capital, Bayrock, ruled by King Jonnecht. From the start, the reader can see that the “Great King” is a façade. To the people, King Jonnecht is the almighty conqueror who defeats their enemies, but to his family he is the villain of their story. The conflict that Madeley brews throughout the novel surrounds King Jonnecht and the affect he has on his family. Prince Ewald, being the oldest and heir to the throne, decides he wants to live life before ruling the realm. Ewald is tense and cautious, in part due to his father, but risks everything to experience a world outside of royalty. Princess Isabel helps her brother let loose and be relieved of his responsibility for a short while. These outings enrage the King who then beats his eldest son and disowns his only daughter. Ewald has finally had enough of his tyrant father and devises a plan to save his family and the kingdom.

Madeley has a writing style that effortlessly propels the plot forward. The novel intertwines modern themes of same-sex marriage and family abuse into a poignant fantasy novel. The character development of Ewald throughout the novel is wonderfully alluring. You see a cautious prince turn into a strong and clever regent-designate after confronting his father. Princess Isabel, although not in the spotlight, is a strong character that has fascinating dimension throughout the novel. Princess Isabel was my favorite character to read because she is sure of herself and what she wants out of life. Isabel’s personality and experiences show Ewald that he can choose how he wants to live, who he wants to be, and what kind of ruler he would like to become.

While the novel was entertaining overall, I felt that the war strategies of the King and his commander felt tedious. The choices the King makes throughout the war show he is not level-headed and could lead the realm to its demise, however, they were not that engaging to me.

Prince Ewald the Brave has enjoyable characters and an intriguing plot. This is a story that felt deep and thoughtful. I had a fun time reading this story because, I felt, the author had a fun time writing it. The story screams creativity and uses thoughtful but subtle social commentary to create a very compelling fantasy adventure novel.

Pages: 288 | ASIN:  B092WRZDGX

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