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Pizahn, by Axel Schillton, is set in a future in which humans have gone extinct and anthropomorphic animals rule over the world. In Atum, a city ruled by the Pharaoh Balthazar, Prince Pizahn gets ready to properly enter adulthood, but he is clouded with worries about his youngest sister, Nebet, having been kidnapped. Deciding that she has to be rescued, he sets off on a perilous journey to find her, alongside Zina, his other sister.

Pizahn is a thrilling adventure story that is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The characters were intriguing and well developed and their connections were deeply endearing. Whether it be a long term attachment, like Zina and Pizahn’s bond, or a short one, as with Chap and Pizahn, each felt real and important. In addition to that, the characters introduced later on in the story were well developed and felt realistic.

While I enjoyed the adventurous romp, I was a bit confused with the timeline. Nebet’s kidnapping happens before the story begins. The point of view shifts regularly, keeping readers on their toes, but it also lends to some important events happening elsewhere.  Still, there are many moments that left me feeling close to the characters. The plot harkens back to classic fantasy adventure stories and provides plenty of creative imagery. I wondered about Nebet, about her kidnapper and the motivations behind this action; and when the truth came about, I was not disappointed with the answers. The dialogue was sufficiently engaging, and it was complimented by the inner thoughts of the characters, which we were given access to thanks to the regular changes in point of view. Those were done masterfully, not leaving the reader confused as to who was speaking. I was curious about the choice of keeping human religions in the story. It was a unique creative choice for a post-human society to still be using human-created religions — although I’ll admit that the Ancient Egyptian pantheon felt very fitting considering the nature of the characters.

Pizahn is a lively adventure story that uses a highly imaginative plot to deliver a riveting story that fantasy fans will surely enjoy.



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