The Assassin

The Assassin by [Thomas Bauer]

In Thomas Bauer’s The Assassin we follow the character of Umberto Guardo. He’s a lonely baker’s son who resides in a small village located in Italy and desires more for his life. Umberto’s dreams may have the potential to come true when a mysterious cloaked man visits his village. The mysterious man can offer a life and legacy to Umberto that he can’t refuse, but at what cost?

Writing is truly an art form, and Bauer has a firm grasp of it! I appreciated his ability to write simple dialogue that had an impact. Many newer authors feel that if the subject matter is complex, the words have to be as well – this is simply not true. Bauer understood he could use other writing methods besides fanciful language to get his point across. Along with his fantastic but simple writing style, Bauer is stellar at setting the scenes in his book. And I am not merely referring to the actual surroundings in a scene, such as buildings and people. I am referencing how he sets the tone. He conveys the energy of his characters using the show don’t tell method. He shows us how the characters are feeling through their actions, not just through their words. The words solidify the mood, but they do not determine the mood. And last but certainly not least, I have to commend Bauer for his great attention to detail when it comes to human behavior and analysis. One could argue that it’s the primary theme of the book. He dives deep into the world of human desire, especially of those who, by society’s standards, have less than exciting lives. When Umberto travels into the nearby larger city, you feel his longing. This main plot point added an enjoyable and relatable aspect to the novel.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced historical fiction novel that will make you think about life and the people around you then you have to pick this up. I read The Assassin in one afternoon and couldn’t put it down!

Pages: 222 | ASIN: B097CFY4PG

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  1. Thomas Bauer

    Thank you for your generous and perceptive review.


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