These Days

These Days: Short Stories, Scenes and Sketches by [Nick Fuller]

These Days: Short Stories, Scenes and Sketches by Nick Fuller is a collection of short stories that depict the chaotic contrasts that are present in the modern world. Each chapter contains a new short story related to a specific aspect relevant in today’s age. Be it poverty, exploitation, homelessness, immigration, climate change or a pandemic, Nick is able to showcase the very important human problems that have engulfed the lives of so many across the world.

Our current fast-paced way of living has taken its toll on people’s lifestyles and has left a lot of us behind. The emergence of serious problems, like modern slavery, are illustrated throughout the book in such a way that it is hard to ignore the pain that it must be causing. Fuller, through his short stories, displays brilliantly the humanity caught in these grim, modern realities and the desperation and need for survival that people so constantly feel in their lives. This is a book that everyone, in every part of the world, can relate to, given the fact that the problems described in it are global.

The book also exposes the current division that is present in many countries: racial, political and economic divisions. These Days is able to capture and portray these problems in a concise yet though-provoking way. Each new chapter brings a new set of characters through which one can see the hurt and pain that have been a direct result of these modern crises. Compassion and empathy is immediately felt for them, but also worry, for these people are real and are out there all over the world.

These Days is a call for reflection. A reflection that demands urgency. Despite the many societal imperfections that are described in every story, the book also depicts the beauty that humanity posses and how that beauty lives inside every single one of us.

This is a collection of impassioned short stories that are intellectually invigorating and emotionally stirring. These Days is a necessary read that will put our lives into perspective. The unheard voices of so many are carried in this book and leads us to acknowledge the need to protect our humanity at all costs.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B099X4XC8C

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