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The Healing Book

The Healing Book: A Collection of Short Stories, authored by Dustin Grinnell, is a poignant anthology that takes readers on a journey alongside diverse characters as they confront personal challenges and seek a deeper sense of purpose. Comprising thirteen compelling short stories, this collection delves into various themes, ranging from the discovery of one’s own voice to providing solace to someone who may not be healed.

A standout story in the collection, titled The Healing Book, tells the tale of Dr. David Mitchel, a surgeon grappling with his wife’s cancer diagnosis. As he exhaustively explores every possible avenue to help her combat the disease, from conventional medical treatments to holistic practices and the transformative power of literature, he eventually comes to terms with the painful reality of her passing. Through this story, Grinnell masterfully captures the emotional turmoil faced by countless individuals affected by cancer.

The author’s writing style strikes a delicate balance between scientific grounding and a thought-provoking exploration of morality. Drawing upon his background in Western medicine, Grinnell deftly showcases the complexities of the human experience, posing challenging questions and confronting difficult issues with sensitivity and courage. Each short story is thoroughly engaging, marked by well-developed characters and insightful examinations of human nature.

A unifying thread that runs through the collection is the characters’ pursuit of spiritual healing. These relatable, evocative tales will resonate with readers on a deeply personal level. I am pleased to have read this captivating and thought-provoking book, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking empathetic, introspective, and engaging stories.

Growing Down

Growing Down, a story by Michael Tuberdyke, follows two men struggling to find contentment in their sedentary lives. After a friend’s wedding, Sam and Kevin begin to feel like they are “behind” everyone else. The two console each other, argue, and briefly wonder how they can improve their lives. The story shows how they interact with the world around them with their vices. Together, they express their fears and doubts about life while learning more about each other.

The author takes readers on a comedic journey alongside Sam and Kevin that will surely appeal to readers who can relate to the feeling of being left behind. Even though there was little character development, I think this book was written to show Sam and Kevin reflecting on life and written simply to entertain and engage readers with its narrative. The story simply follows two men through their day, from them being intoxicated in the morning to them making it to the evening. Nothing really happened to drive the plot or carry the story toward something meaningful, but seeing them interact with one another was fascinating. The author has a very natural ear for dialogue, and it came off as realistic and easy to follow. Tuberdyke’s vivid descriptions made it easy to picture the scenes described in the story. Additionally, the chapter divisions based on the time of day helped make the events’ timelines clear and understandable.

Growing Down is a comedy that is perfect for readers who enjoy unique humor, and many relate to the feeling of life going by and reflecting on what we have accomplished over the years. I would recommend this thought-provoking read to those who enjoy a lighthearted story.

Pages: 66 | ASIN : B0BWH2BMMQ

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The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster

The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster by Andrea Hahnfeld encompasses the expression “expect the unexpected” in a nutshell. There aren’t many short stories that combine a dog show and a broken marriage with a second-chance grasp at a dream career, all while throwing in a side plot of mystery and suspense – not to mention, it’s got a target audience for all ages.

It’s been five years since protagonist Clement entered the Westminister Dog Show. A gentle character with a big heart and comforting energy, he never expected to be a judge again. However, one thing is clear – something’s brewing. After an unusual decision during the Best of Group event, one way too unacceptable to simply bypass, the board is upset, and it’s Clement’s job to set things straight. In a sticky scenario, the judge who has made the decision is Edith, Clement’s ex-wife. All too soon, the reasoning for Edith’s outrageous judgment comes to light in the form of Irving, who’s the size of a Shetland pony, matted and dirty, from a rare line of hero dogs. The issue: Irving’s dying. He’s also the key to saving Edith’s life from the shadow, a being that stole Edith and Clement’s child in the night and is now set to return at any moment. To accomplish this, Irving must breed with Salvatora – a notorious prize-winning show dog – who comes from a long line of survivors. The connection between Salvatora and Irving is vital, their offspring will save many lives, and Clement is destined to bring about their connection.

Many will connect with and enjoy following Clement’s character throughout the story. I loved that the story was told from Clement’s perspective because I could understand his motives and thoughts. The vivid details immerse the reader into the story, and I feel like I was alongside Clement at the dog show. This unique plot is different but captivating, and I found it hard to put it down because I wanted to know more. The author’s writing is imaginative, making this a read unlike any other.

Overall The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster is a well-written and original mystery with an unanticipated collision of themes and genres. I highly recommend this brilliant story with a well-paced plotline and strategic depth embossed into each character, to everyone, especially dog lovers.

Pages: 39 | ASIN : B091BJXMKC

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Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons

Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons by Melissa Owens will take you on an evocative and scandalous journey through a series of short stories about relationships and life choices that have expected and unexpected outcomes. This provocative compilation of narratives will be relatable to many and shocking to most. Should you keep quiet about inappropriate affairs in the workplace? Can you ignore the red flags with the new boyfriend? Is your gut feeling about someone reliable? Should you act upon passion driven impulses? These are the questions the characters have to answer for themselves and live with the consequences: good, bad, or indifferent.

2 Imperfect People threw me for a loop and was a story that I did not expect. Author Melissa Owens sets a quick pace with this story and I wanted to read more. From there the stories took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I found myself rolling my eyes and rooting for the main character for sticking up for herself. I feel many of these stories will be relatable to many readers, especially women. The sex scenes were incredible; many of the characters in the stories were having sex for three hours! The author created vivid scenes that are filled with passion and yearning and sometimes that ended in disappointment for one of the characters, mostly the women. Country Carlton Has Taught Me a True Valuable Lesson in This Thing Called “Life” is another short story that surprised me because of Carlton’s behavior.

Author Melissa Owens has provided readers with a collection of intriguing stories about women and their experiences with dating, having sex, and regretting many decisions with the men that they choose. This is a captivating read and, while relatable, the last story in the book gives hope to many that there are still good ones out there.

Pages: 122 | ASIN: B09B4F7SS4

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Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike is an entertaining short story by author Jah-Femi Telewa. It is a tale of a soldier named Killsmani and how he struggles to serve his king. One day the fictional northern lands of Nottally receive visitors from their southern neighbors. Bearing gifts and riches for the king, they are welcomed with open arms. Killsmani then has a peculiar dream where his sword becomes enchanted with what may be a blessing or a curse. He goes on to fight many successful battles for his king until some unrest comes to the land. Killsmani’s decisions will impact Nottally for the years to come.

Vengeful Strike reads like a fable or fairy tale, with a moral lesson of choosing between right and wrong. The setting is medieval/fantasy, the characters are mysterious, and the feats are mighty. There are the bones of a good fairy tale here, but as it is laid out, the consequences are more matter-of-fact than cautionary, as one traditionally expects in a fable or fairy tale. Killsmani’s choices are thrust upon him, and he reactively responds to certain situations rather than thinking about the consequences. The other characters are there merely to prop up the tale of Killsmani and his plight.

The audiobook version of Vengeful Strike was quite entertaining. The production value was extremely high quality, included some pretty good sound effects, and the narration was lively. In addition, I thought the story, while predictable at times, was a pleasant tale.

Vengeful Strike will captivate fantasy readers and draw them into the kingdom of Nottaly. Readers who enjoy fables and folktales will really enjoy this short story. I also feel like this is an excellent outline of what could be a compelling full-length novel about Killsmani and his enchanted sword. I would also like to see more adventures in the kingdom of Notttally and the surrounding lands.

Pages: 26 | ASIN : B0BH36DRRJ

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Enthusiasm To Imagine Stories

Lee Ching Kai Author Interview

The Red Eyes & The Curse is a fascinating collection of supernatural stories for middle-grade readers. What was the inspiration for the setup of your stories?

I got the inspiration from having the enthusiasm to imagine stories which belong to the supernatural genre. I have always wanted to write stories which can intrigue middle-grade readers by letting them feel immersed in the fiction of supernatural world where things are mystical. I like to keep young readers continuously enthralled by the things that cannot be explained by natural causes or the sciences, and also by the suspense at the very end of each chapters that hook them to go on to the next chapter.

The characters in both stories were interesting. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The characters in the stories are both very young, and yet, they possess the boldness of soaring eagles and the determination of charging bulls. In these stories, the characters start off by being pure and innocent, and it is not until the strange things have happened as the stories flow that the characters begin to challenge their limits. I intend to let the readers savour the radical transition of the development of such characters as the stories unfold, and to let middle-grade readers feel inspired by the courage of such characters.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in these stories?

The plot twists and the captivating ending of every chapters in the stories are the uniqueness of the book. The stories are laid upon the foundation that there are myriads of suspense and mysteries that make the readers want to explore more as the stories unfold. The themes of the story revolve around the supernatural happenings that transpire in every chapter, and they let the readers continuously wonder what is going to happen next. Other things that revolve around the themes are freshness, creativity, and dynamism.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Currently, I am not yet working on the next book, but I have already published 7 books. All these books can be found in my social media such as Facebook, Website, Instagram, and Amazon Author Central Page.

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Daring. Will and his brothers are brave, very brave. But that is before their pet dog, Chester, comes into their house. Before Will finds the red eyes. Before he starts to explore things he should not have.Things start getting weird, and they seem so strange, and even so unpredictable. Will should not have explored the abandoned house, because he is now encountering something awful. Something hungry. Something eerie.Have Will and his brothers encountered ghosts? Or are they controlled by death? Death might be coming, and everything is just a little too weird, a little too creepy…

You Are a Bird

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a caged bird? In You Are a Bird you will experience the longing, hope and frustration of a bird that desires more than its metal confines. This is a thought-provoking novella with a unique concept. It is written in the second person and the writing transports you into a world we think little about, despite being surprisingly similar to our own in many ways. Throughout the book, the reader feels what the bird feels as it observes its unnatural environment and fights to live as it was intended- to spread its wings and be free.

What seems like a simple book at first, contains so many different angles. First of all, it is an eye-opener for anyone considering owning a pet bird. As humans, we often think we are caring for our pets when, in fact, we are doing the exact opposite. We laugh at our pets’ funny habits, not knowing the real message they are trying to convey.

You Are a Bird also serves as a metaphor for our lives and as inspiration to never give up hope of realizing our dreams. No matter how low or out of touch with reality we feel, we must maintain optimism. Author Breezy Van Lit cleverly ties everything into a simple, yet highly emotional book. Some parts of the story are upsetting, but these are also stark reminders of the damage we are capable of inflicting upon others.

You Are a Bird is unlike any other book I have read before. This evocative novella had so many different layers to it, that I wouldn’t hesitate to heartily recommend it. The ending of the book is beautiful and left me with a strong motivational feeling. I would urge readers to overlook any initial doubts about the unconventionality of the story, as this is certainly worth the read.

Pages: 159 | ASIN: B0B5PHYY19

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Music from a Strange Planet

Music from a Strange Planet is a visionary collection of short stories that explores thoughts and emotions that will work their way into your mind and your soul. Each short work of art gives the reader a glimpse into another world, some human, some insect, some a dreamlike state that cannot be contained in a physical form. To the attentive reader, the profound meaning of each story will give them an opportunity to reflect and ponder their own vulnerabilities.

This is a collection of thought-provoking short stories. Each is different in plot but similar in their well-crafted narrative and thoughtful commentary on life. From the first story, “Mastering Surface Tension,” to the last, “The Sheen of Ice On Snow.” Several have titles that give a hint as to what they are about, like “ Night People.” Other titles make you wonder what the short story will be about. Each one gives a different creative perspective on several issues that many people will be able to relate to. The stories cover several genres, including romance and horror.

This is a fascinating and memorable collection of stories that makes it difficult to pick a favorite. Two stories that stood out to me were, “Music From a Strange Planet” and “So Sorry For Your Loss.” The first is about a girl named Lucky Bee and her peculiar talents and gifts of prophecy. I loved how she used her talents to help those around her and the general feel-good vibes it gave. The second story contains an alluring mystery and is brimming with intrigue. I love a good thriller and I felt this one was perfectly executed.

Music from a Strange Planet is a collection of captivating short stories that range from light-hearted stories to gripping thrillers, while others touched on deeper subjects. Going from one to the other makes it so readers are kept on edge, unsure of what author Barbara Black has in store next.

Pages: 183 | ASIN : B0B1L11BD6

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