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Fivos Panayiotou Author Interview

User follows a man who struggles with depression and falls for a woman who comes from a similarly dysfunctional family. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I was inspired to write the book User because I felt that at the time I was struggling to grasp what I as a man had endured, the past was haunting me, i recall back in 2014 mid year that I had reflected on what was happening in the relationship, and how I could easily write a book on what I had endured, though I knew that I could not do so, I was still in the relationship, so I let it go, it wasnt until 2018 when my Grandfather who I loved dearly passed, I had known humiliation, isolation, abandonment, rejection and many other conflicting emotions, but I had not ever experienced true grief.

When my grandfather passed, I went to Cyprus and while at the funeral in extreme heat, in my pain I fell to my knees and it dawned on me that I had something to say, and I decided that I would not let anything stop me from talking about what many other men hesitated to discuss. Upon returning I made it my personal mission to frequent the local library every weekend and start writing.

This book is based on true events. What were some aspects of the novel that were fictionalized and what were some aspects you felt had to stay close to the truth?

The aspects of the novel that were fictionalized were very few, but those that were altered were small parts, such as the birth of my brothers first two daughters, the celebrations were made to bring out the Greek culture and bask in the joys of Greek tradition, other examples of fictionalized parts of the story were the relationship with Brondo and his mother that at times may have been on the med and repairing itself, they were always at odds, but to bring some warmth to the story, it needed a nice family touch to bring some strength of support at times.

There were many aspects untold as I did not want to make the story into a personal journal, but rather more a story of interest to keep the reader intrigued.

There were not many elements that were fictionalized unfortunately I laid the bones bare and used the harsh truth bearing the brunt of it all.

The aspects that needed to stay true were the degrading moments in which the character was constantly mocked and lied to, the mind games and manipulations that were relentless, as well as the criminal activity that pursued.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes that were important to explore in the book were mostly touching on the reality of the situation, reliving the entire story as I wrote it, I was transfixed and caught up in the moment, I got to explore key moments and what they meant to me as I went through the motions and experienced many different emotions, this time more on a deeper level because I was able to identify from a writers perspective, and see it differently, rather then the man living it, caught up in a diabolical plot, unable to see from the outside in.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book I am working on are two at current, I recently released a second book which was launched in August, its called beyond the ruins and its based on a true story on the life of me with fictional romance brought in, it is very flexible and has much versatility, with the first book I kept it as harsh true and brutal and one dimensional, the second I decided to test my creativity as a writer and use more imagination, it is currently available through amazon and making magic happens press.

The third and fourth books, one will be a new genre similar to 50 shades of grey and I will test my writing skills writing up on erotic stories as I was encouraged to do so.

The fourth will be a backstory to user as many questions were raised in reference to the decision making of Brondo.

The two new books will be available as early as January 2022 God willing all goes well.

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Brondo Violaris was just a good little Greek church boy who grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne in a traditional Greek family full of loving, but dominant women. On the morning of January 15, his thirtieth birthday, he had decided to kill himself because he suffered from depression and low self esteem, thought he was just a loser with nothing left to live for. Everyone else had the great careers, big houses, flash cars and marriages by the time they were thirty, while Brondo still lived at home with his grandmother Yaya and Uncle, barely able to hold down a job or get a date. That was, until he met and fell for the beautiful, confident Sheena Baxter, who, like him, had come from a family of diabolical dysfunction. He thought he’d won the lottery; life was finally giving him a chance at love. There was just one problem. Sheena Baxter was married. To a gangsta.

This is Fivos Panayiotou’s debut novel and work of truth, based on his shocking real life story.

Fivos Panayiotou grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne in the 80s in a traditional Greek family. As a first generation born of AustralianGreek heritage hailing from Cyprus, he was raised in the multicultural area of Brunswick and ate meat pies and was a devout fan of Carlton football club like any normal kid in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. He has a particular interest in working with the elderly in aged care and is a dedicated uncle, family man and man of God. He is a survivor of domestic violence and strong advocate against psychological abuse and wishes to speak out on this largely unrecognized aspect of men’s mental health. Fivos is currently at work on his second novel, due for publication in 2021.

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