Funny, Sad, And Heart-Breaking

Roger Wilson-Crane
Roger Wilson-Crane Author Interview

Certified follows one man through three milestones in life through three charming and relatable stories. What was the inspiration for the idea behind your story?

I had always wanted to write about the passing of my father and the sad, but farcical, events that surrounded his funeral. I was trying to think how this idea could form part of a book and began to think of other life changing events that had affected me. One of those was recalling the realisation that becoming a father had probably passed me by and the unexpected joy of having a daughter later in life. Once I had those two stories I had the idea of the three life certificates of birth, marriage, and death, linking them all with one man’s journey through each one.

I knew had many funny, sad, and heart-breaking real-life experiences, and events, to engage the reader, making them laugh and cry in equal measure, so once I had this structure, I was off and running.

The protagonist is an interesting and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The main character is basically me. His development was my development through life. I like to think I wrote him as I was, and am, with all my good and bad points through the years.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Once I began to write the book, and draw from life experience, I thought it was important that I covered the painful aspects of my life, alongside the humorous ones. I also wanted the reader to resonate with some aspect of the birth, marriage, and death trilogy as many of us have stories that we could tell about one, or all three, that we have been involved with.

It was important to cover my absent father, how that affected me, but also a toxic relationship that I was involved in when I was in my late twenties that I believe shaped the person I became, in work and relationships, later in life. I felt it might help others knowing that they are not alone.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on the follow up to Certified, with a working title of A Life Retrieved. The book is the story of three Retriever dogs that accompany an owner’s life over a period of 25 years. One of them saves his life, one changes it forever, and one has a penchant for fish food. Three Dogs, Two Decades, and One Heart. To be published in Summer 2022.

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Three tales, following one man through birth, marriage, and death. Inspired by real life events, this humorous fictional memoir takes you on a journey of joy, loss, and heartache, through life’s three certificates.

It is, ultimately, a love story.

One Unexpected Birth: The long road to fatherhood. Missed opportunities, poor choices, a car ride with Bet Lynch, and finally the shock of becoming a dad. A story of heartache, elation, and Peter Beardsley.

One Hapless Wedding: The pressures of matrimony. Inept friends, false promises, an encounter with armed police, and finally the relief of “I do.” A story of love, commitment, and a stranger, Wally, and his camper van.

One Bizarre Death: The sadness of loss. Confused emotions, life re-evaluation, £25k in ceased bank notes, and finally saying goodbye. A story of regret, family reflection, and Morrisons, the supermarket.

A book to stir the memories in us all.

The realisation we have all been certified.

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