Shit Isn’t a Dirty Word

Karin Nahmani’s Shit Isn’t a Dirty Word: An Unorthodox Approach to Colon and Digestive Health is an informative book that every adult who is conscious about their health should read. Karin Nahmani writes based on facts and research. She focuses on gut health and related topics as it is something that people dismiss. As a reader, you get information about your digestive system, the colon, and many other things about your body that you had no idea of. The author knows how to write on this topic in an approachable and considerate manner. When talking about digestive conditions, the author does not instill fear in the reader. She gives full information and talks of how illnesses and colon conditions can be managed.

This book is not just about health. It is also about taking care of ourselves by minding what we consume. The author talks about eating habits and behaviors that can put people at risk. Karin Nahmani is here to educate her readers in using facts and not scare tactics. What encourages one to keep reading more is the testimonials from her clients. The author had a few of her former clients write about their experiences with her and their words were inspiring. Karin Nahmani is known for helping people manage their ailments not just by prescribing treatments, but by how she interacts and really listens to them.

Reading about bacteria, detoxing, and poop is not something many would enjoy. Karin Nahmani however made the reading worthwhile. She knows which words to use, which examples to give and how to make the reader get the point home. What’s not to love about an author that refers to herself as ‘the shit whisperer’, ‘the ass doctor’, and the ‘butt doctor’? There are a few light moments after every few pages in the book, which was a great concept even with the serious discussions in each chapter. The author included their own personal experiences in life, including intimate and deep moments in her life, which allows readers to relate with some of her struggles.

Karin Nahmani is engaging throughout the book. Her writing is excellent and the advice she gives top notch. One feels safe just by reading this book. As a reader you will be convinced to stop taking things for granted and take care of your health by the end of the reading. This book should be purchased by everyone that wants to improve their health.

Pages: 75 | ASIN : B09KZ7ZWBN

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