A Sense Of Wonder

Author Interview
Rosemary K Tompkins Author Interview

The Zodiac Traveller follows a teenage boy on a quest to prove his claim as the heir to the Kingdom of Adastra. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for my story, I guess, came from Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of the Rings’. I’m probably one of his biggest fans, and while I didn’t even try to compete with Tolkien (not many authors can) in my opinion anyway he is one of the best. So I went ahead and gave it a shot. And the other is my great interest in astrology.

What was your favorite character to write for and why?

Oh definitely Galaxius. I particularly liked writing about Boris the character in Scorpio, among others.

What was your approach to writing the interactions between characters?

My approach to writing the interactions between the characters came mainly from a sense of wonder and innocence something you don’t see much of these days.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am 3/4 way into writing my next novel which is totally different from this one. It is romance fiction, I haven’t named it yet. ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ Maybe?

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After his father had been killed, a teenage boy discovers that he is the true heir of the Kingdom of Adastra. He bears the task of a long journey which takes him through the lands of the twelve zodiac signs.

As his father lay dying he handed Galaxius an Amulet with three missing stones.
“Take this and wear it always”, his father had croaked. “You must locate the missing stones and the Tablet, it will prove who you are.”
Little did Galaxius know what lay ahead of him after setting off to fulfill his fathers last dying wishes.

Along the way he meets a dragon, a donkey and a friend named Starlet.

Galaxius soon learns how valuable the Amulet is when they are pursued by an enemy in the form of a shape shifting crow, the enemy that killed his father.

Can Galaxius fulfill his fathers dying wishes or will he also die trying, just like his ancestors before him?

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