Siggy the Soccer Dog

Sigmund, the dachshund, lives in Somerset with his family, the Barker’s. Sigmund goes by the name Siggy. One morning he was sleeping and having an amazing dream that he was playing in the FA Cup Final. The crowd sings his praise, they cheer him on, and he makes his way out on the field. Siggy races down the field, ready to score the winning goal when he is hit from the side. The team must regroup and try again to win the game. Injured Siggy still plays and encourages his team and spreads his message of kindness to all.

Siggy the Soccer Dog by author Brian Frederick is a heartwarming picture book about Siggy the dachshund who looks for ways to share his message of kindness in everything he does. This imaginative book teaches children about soccer, going over some of the rules and explaining the gameplay. Siggy focuses on teamwork. There are a lot of mentions of the team working together to try and score a goal. While Siggy is the star of the game in his dream, he never lets that go to his head. He shares the success with his team.

My favorite parts in this entertaining children’s book were the two chants that are sung for Siggy. Using the tune of Chim chim cher-ee and Happy, children can easily identify the rhythm and sing right along with the characters in the book.

When reading through this story, the illustrations by Vivien Sárkány jump off the page with the excitement of the characters playing on the field. The whimsical artwork integrates well with the words on the page. They are not separate entities; instead, they flow together, creating a well-composed image that will captivate and keep young readers engaged.

Siggy the Soccer Dog is a beautifully written picture book that shares the message of kindness with young children. This joyful book is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and young elementary readers. I can easily see a teacher reading this in front of their class, entertaining and educating students.

Pages: 27 | ISBN : 978-1-7399064-9-8

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